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2ND & PCH Announces Family-Friendly Experiences in May

Outdoor activities include Cinco de Mayo celebrations with Ballet Folklórico de Los Ángeles, PCH Movies & Moonlight, a pop-up makers market and more

Photo by Millennial Media Group

2ND & PCH, Long Beach’s open air coastal retail, dining and lifestyle center invites the community to stay, shop, dine and relax this May with a number of outdoor experiences. Seaport Way continues to be closed to vehicular traffic providing additional common area seating and unique experiences for guests to enjoy responsibly. 

PCH Movies & Moonlight returns on Thursday, May 20th at sunset with a special feature of The Secret Life of Pets in partnership with bark! bark!. Movies are complimentary to the community; self-seating will be available on a first come first serve basis. Guests are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs and blankets. 2ND & PCH offers an array of restaurants, retailers and specialty services within the center for the community to enjoy before, during or after the movie.  

Long Beach Opera presents Philip Glass’s Les Enfants Terribles Friday, May 21st through Sunday, May 23rd at 8:00 pm. Spectators will enjoy a private drive-in opera experience located on the top floor of the southern parking structure. This is a private event, tickets are available with a season subscription to the Long Beach Opera, on sale now at

Creative Communal Makers Market returns on Sunday, May 23rd 11:00 am to 6:00 pm along Seaport Way. This uniquely curated open-air market features handcrafted treasures with over twenty local makers, kids activities, a creative photo op and live music. 

2ND & PCH remains committed to health and wellness and is taking extra precautions to ensure the community feels welcome and safe while visiting the center. For the latest information and details about 2ND & PCH health and safety protocols and a complete list of tenants visit or interact with us via Instagram or Facebook.

Credit: 2nd & PCH.

Jump Into Summer at Newport Dunes This Memorial Day Weekend

Featuring the Summer Opening of the Inflatable Water Park, Radiant Rides SUP Tours & More

Newport Dunes Inflatable Water Park. Photo Courtesy of Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort.

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort is pleased to announce the summer opening of Southern California’s largest inflatable water park and more family-friendly outdoor experiences beginning Memorial Day weekend, May 28–31, 2021. 

“For more than 60 years, Newport Dunes has been a destination that brings generations together to create lasting memories,” says Phil Ravenna, Interim General Manager of Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer our beautiful, beachfront location for friends and families to reunite and enjoy responsible, open-air activities.”

Available for adults and children of all ages to experience and enjoy, Newport Dunes’ Inflatable Water Park is home to more than 15 large inflatables including a 17-foot slide, two trampolines, two climbable icebergs, monkey bars, bouncers, and teeter-totters. The park will be open from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. during the holiday weekend.

The resort’s popular Radiant Ride tours will also resume on weekends by reservation request beginning Friday, May 28. For groups of six or fewer, Radiant Rides offer guests the unique opportunity to tour the calm waters of the Back Bay after sunset on an illuminated stand up paddleboards which sets the water beneath aglow with colorful neon light.

Radiant Ride illuminated SUP tour. Photo courtesy of Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort.

Additional Moe B’s Watersports activities include pedal boats, kayaks, stand up paddleboards and a brand-new fleet of 21-foot electric Duffy boats coming early May. In time for the holiday weekend, Newport Dunes will be launching a contact-free reservation and payment portal for all watersports rentals to be booked online. Watersports summer rental hours are from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. daily beginning May 27. To learn more visit

For those looking for the ultimate VIP experience, Newport Dunes offers private cabanas along the shores for daily rentals. Relax under a breezy, shaded area between dips in the calm waters of Upper Newport Bay. Guests can also enjoy poolside cabanas in the newly remodeled pool complex with four heated pools and spas. 

Guests who stay at the resort are also invited to enjoy Movies on the Beach, held Friday and Saturday nights beginning Friday, May 28.

Moe B’s Munchies, Newport Dunes’ walk-up lunch and snack shop is back Memorial Day weekend and presents a menu of American favorites including hot dogs, pizza, sandwiches and salads along with snacks, beer, wine and signature cocktails. Take food to go for a serene picnic on the beach or enjoy back at camp. 

Experience the luxury of waterfront RV and tent camping sites and cozy beach cottages for the ultimate summer glamping getaway. For those who do not own an RV, Newport Dunes coordinates with local RV rental companies that will deliver a sanitized RV to your site, all hooked up and ready to enjoy. 

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort continues to follow all local, state and CDC guidelines. For more information and to book a reservation, please visit To inquire about Newport Dunes venues for private events including weddings, company picnics, team-building events and more, please call (949) 729-3800 or visit

Credit: Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort.

Tips to Buying Romantic Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Photo by Y Tink on Unsplash

Choosing an anniversary gift isn’t always easy, no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship. Many couples choose to stay with the traditional anniversary gifts. However, some of these aren’t very romantic. Here are some ways to remain traditional without losing the romantic gesture. 

Stick to the Theme

It might seem impossible to stick to the traditional themes each year. However, the first year is paper. So you can start this off with a bang. Paper doesn’t have to be money (Actually, money is cloth.) It doesn’t even have to be expensive. For example, create a few special IOUs to give to your partner on your first year anniversary. The IOUs can be sweet, romantic, or a little naughty. You can also mix all three notions to spice things up and create a fun surprise for your partner. Ideas include a card for a candlelight dinner, breakfast in bed, or a sensual massage. 

However, there’s nothing wrong with spending a few extra dollars. Tickets to a band you both love are paper, and dancing to your wedding song live is as romantic as it gets, even if there are a few thousand strangers with you. Another “paper” idea is plane tickets. Go away for a weekend or a week and re-experience your honeymoon. After all, who doesn’t need a vacation for two every year or so?

Look Outside the Box

On the surface, you can see the second anniversary is cotton. At first, you may think this is boring and hard to turn into anything romantic. But if you open it up a little, you’ll see that it covers a wide range of gift ideas. A canvas print is a cotton. Purchase a handcrafted painting of something meaningful to your beloved wife or husband. An ideal option is something with your anniversary number and date to mark the occasion. You can also be silly with your second-anniversary present and order a custom T-shirt with the image of your choice, such as a wedding photo. 

Show How Well You Know Each Other

Show your significant other how well you know them with a personalized gift. The third anniversary is leather. There are many ways this can go. Leather represents security and shelter and building your life together. If your loved one is a horse lover or motorcycle enthusiast, that’s not going to be difficult. A new saddle or a pair of boots will make your horse-loving spouse hit the moon, and a new motorcycle jacket, vest, gloves, or boots are enough to send any husband or wife into bliss. However, not everyone loves riding horses and Harleys. 

Don’t worry. There are plenty of other options. You don’t have to love horses and motorcycles to enjoy a new leather jacket or boots. Additionally, you can skip clothing altogether and check out some high-quality, hand-stitched wallets. Plus, jewelry is still an option with leather. Even in the digital era, with everyone having cellphones and smartwatches, plenty of people love the feel of a watch with a leather band around their wrist. 

Choose a Handcrafted Gift

Order a handmade present that’s both meaningful and unique. If possible, find a way to engrave the anniversary information on the gift. Year four is fruit or flowers. It’s your choice. You can buy chocolate-dipped strawberries, and a bouquet of roses or a basket of fruit and a handful of daisies picked from the field down the road. Consider making this a two-part present. Start with fresh fruit or flowers. 

Next, up your game with something that’ll last a lot longer. For example, a handcrafted miniature glass rose is beautiful and can last a lifetime. Take a step higher and engrave your wedding date on the delicate glass flower. Are you looking for something more hands-on? Try a crafting kit that helps you preserve the flower’s petals and leaves in a frame. Mark the anniversary date and place it on the wall. Next year, add a new wall hanging. 

Get Creative

Some traditional gifts are easy to pick out for your loved one. Others require a bit more creativity to stick to the theme, keep it romantic, and make it enjoyable. The fifth-anniversary present is wood. There are many creative ways to incorporate wood into any gift. For example, hand-carved items, both large and small, make excellent presents. To always remember the details of the anniversary, carve the date on it. For more traditional anniversary gift ideas from the heart, click here.

Important things to know about Male Infertility Statistics

For many years, there has been misconception regarding infertility, and in most cases, the women were to blame. Research shows that male infertility is the main factor in 30% of infertility cases. The challenge is global, and research on the cause and treatment is an ongoing process. For couples trying to get a second child, statistics show that up to 50%, male infertility is to blame. The woman should also take a fertility test to rule out any possibility that it could be a problem on their part. Men who suspect infertility problems should take fertility tests and seek treatment early enough to relieve them of the discomfort and high cost of future treatment.

 Male infertility test

 One should seek help from a urologist who carries out a physical exam on the semen to determine the quantity and quality of the sperm through semen analysis. The urologist may do two or more infertility tests to check for the regularity of the semen. In case one has infertility problems, the urologist may detect the following;

  • No sperm production in the semen 
  • Low sperm count
  • Sperm motility issues
  • Abnormal sperm structure and form

 Sometimes the above problems may be due to underlying medical conditions. The doctor may further order blood, urine, or other tests to diagnose the exact causes of male infertility.

 What causes male infertility? 

1. Physical organ damage or blockage

 Sperm production and motility becomes impossible due to physical damage of the reproductive organs due to a birth-organ defect, physical trauma, or accidental damage. A reproductive organ birth abnormality may also block the testicles and urethra and cause infertility. Genetic diseases such as chromosomal disorder or cystic fibrosis may also cause male infertility.

2. Varicoceles

 The condition results due to enlarged varicose veins in the scrotum that affect blood flow. 40% of men undergoing male infertility treatment have enlarged varicose veins. It is one of the causes of infertility in men. Symptoms include a dull pain in the scrotum, pain relief when one lies on the back, and pain in case of any physical exertion. One should seek medical attention for proper diagnosis and treatment.

3. Erectile dysfunction

 Sexual problems resulting in premature ejaculation can cause impotence. Such sexual problems may be due to trauma, anxiety, and other psychological causes. It may also be due to medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart diseases. Side effects of medications may also cause erectile dysfunction. Consulting a medical practitioner can help treat such conditions and consequently help treat impotence.

4. Hormonal and autoimmune problems

 Research shows that hormonal imbalance in the thyroid and pituitary glands can cause male infertility. In some cases, autoimmune responses target the sperms and damage them, making them incapable of fertilization. 

5. Infections and sexually transmitted diseases

 Chlamydia and gonorrhea are some of the common diseases that cause male infertility. A doctor can identify any infection-causing male infertility through a medical exam. Treatment of reproductive health infections will cure impotence. Retrograde ejaculation is another medical condition that is responsible for male infertility. The condition causes ejaculation in the bladder instead, and that means the semen does not reach the egg for fertilization hence impotence. Diabetes and some medications may cause such problems, and treatment can help solve the impotence problem. 

6.    Environmental factors

 Stress, obesity, and exposure to environmental hazards such as radiation, lead, and pesticides may also cause male infertility. Excessive strenuous exercises and high temperatures also impact the sperm count because they affect steroid hormones. One should avoid placing radioactive gadgets and laptops on the laps as they affect the groin temperature and lowers testosterone levels. Drug abuse, alcohol, and smoking also affect sperm count. 

7. Nutrition

 Diet affects sperm quality, and one should consider a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to improve sperm count and quality. Caffeine and processed foods high in saturated fats affect sperm production. Reduction or abstaining from caffeine when one is trying to conceive is advisable. Organic fruits and vegetables that do not have exposure to pesticides and other farm chemicals are also advisable.

 Treatment options for male infertility

 A doctor will recommend treatment depending on the cause of the male infertility problems. Sometimes lifestyle change, diet, and psychological counseling helps. Other treatment options are;

·         Assisted reproduction options such as IVF, ICSI, and GIFT

·         Varicocele embolization 

·         Medication and surgery

Remember poor sperm and egg quality, age of the mother, health status of both partners also affects the success rate. A professional medical practitioner should adopt a diverse approach to treating infertility, and one may also consider sperm donation if all other methods fail.