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Crappy Mother’s Day * If You Think Your Family Is Crazy, Think Again!

Three generations of women come together on Mother’s Day. Things don’t go as planned. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Katherine S. comments, “If you think your family is crazy, think again. When three generations of women, Sarah (Kristen Krak), Totie (Jackie Debatin) and Grandma (Vivien Landau) attempt to celebrate Mother’s Day, things go from bad to worse – immediately. From a senile grandmother to whacky uncles to a grandpa who is buried in the backyard, keeping the family together for a single day proves a difficult task, especially when Sarah brings her fiancé into the mix. You don’t need to be a master chef to figure out that this is a recipe for a really “Crappy Mother’s Day.” See her full review below.

Crappy Mother’s Day

By Katherine S, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

Crappy Mother’s Day is sure to get some laughs out of you and it comes out just in time for Mother’s Day.

If you think your family is crazy, think again. When three generations of women, Sarah (Kristen Krak), Totie (Jackie Debatin) and Grandma (Vivien Landau) attempt to celebrate Mother’s Day, things go from bad to worse – immediately. From a senile grandmother to whacky uncles to a grandpa who is buried in the backyard, keeping the family together for a single day proves a difficult task, especially when Sarah brings her fiancé into the mix. You don’t need to be a master chef to figure out that this is a recipe for a really “Crappy Mother’s Day.” 

Director Dan Karlok lets go of the reins and allows slap stick comedy to insert itself at every turn of the movie. Though the comedy is hilarious, some of the scenes are a bit longer than needed and a bit random. The acting is wonderful, making this family look absolutely wacky and wild. None of the relationships seem normal. Kristen Krak, as Sarah, really appears to be the only normal person in the family. Addison Anderson, as James, plays a very fun character that breaks out of his shell as the movie develops. Bill Rutkoski, the crazed fiancé of Totie, is very believable. I certainly wouldn’t want him for a stepdad. Vivien Landau plays the perfect mean, old grandma. John Rutkoski and Mike Rutkoski, as Uncle Lenny and Uncle Donny respectively, nail the Planet of the Apes-obsessed uncles. My favorite characters are Grandma and Aunt Sonny (Marie Lenzie) because they are the most entertaining. They are always arguing and fighting in humorous ways, like two old, senile bats that love tormenting each other.

The message that is your family is the only family you have and, as crazy as you think they might be, they love you. Also, when getting married, be prepared for your newly expanded family and find something in common, even if it’s just Planet of the Apes boxers. There is profanity, some mature topics and heavy drinking.

I give Crappy Mother’s Day 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 14 to 18, plus adults. This film releases on VOD May 4, 2021

George Lopez Brewing Company and Chingon Kitchen Marinated Meats now available at Food 4 Less

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Food 4 Less has partnered with stand-up comedian, television and film actor, talk show host and author George Lopez to  announce the launch of George Lopez Brewing Company’s first four beers, “Ta Loco Cervezas” and Chingon Kitchen Carne Asada and Pollo Asado, available exclusively at Southern California Food4Less grocery stores.

The launch coincides with the release of the first of its kind “Comedy” Non Fungible Token (NFTs that will be available for customers and fans to unlock, collect and share with their friends).

George Lopez’ longstanding passion for authentic Mexican food and beer encouraged him to develop a restaurant brand, George Lopez’s Chingon Kitchen and now the George Lopez Brewing Company.

“I wanted to create beers that pair well with our Carne Asada and Pollo Asado but also taste great when just enjoying a cerveza after work or at the beach,” said George Lopez. “From our Naranja Crema which is an orange cream ale to our Mexican style lager ‘Lil Mexi’ to our grapefruit IPA, there is something for everyone.”

George Lopez Brewing Company’s first four Ta Loco Cervazas available at Food 4 Less include: Naranja Crema, an orange cream ale; Paloma, a west coast grapefruit IPA; Li’l Mexi, an award-winning Mexican style lager; and Agria y Fresca, a hibiscus sour ale. They come in a four pack, with a suggested retail price of $9.99.

Inspired by family recipes, George Lopez’s Chingon Kitchen Carne Asada and Pollo Asado is fresh, never frozen, and produced in the United States. Just tear open the package, throw on the grill and enjoy.  

“The best memories of my grandmother were the times we spent together in the kitchen. Her cooking was exceptional, especially her marinated meats,” said Lopez. “My Chingon Kitchen restaurants replicate her original recipes and we are thrilled to be able to now offer the Carne Asada and Pollo Asado at Food4Less for people to enjoy at home,” said Lopez.

Along with the launch, Food4Less stores will host an in-store promotion for customers and George Lopez fans from April 28 through May 11. By scanning a QR code via phone located on George Lopez Brewing Company displays in-store, customers can unlock an exclusive George Lopez non-fungible token (NFTs), a collectible digital asset, which holds value as a form of cryptocurrency created and distributed by the GFT Exchange.

The NFTs are a comedic look at a few of George Lopez’s most memorable phrases from “member you ‘member” to “why you crying?“ to the list of everything that goes great with the George Ta Loco Cervezas. There will also be unique and rare digitally signed George Lopez Brewing Company NFTs or the artwork on the can by San Diego based street artist DyseOne. The NFTs will be able to be shared by shoppers everywhere.

“What better way to kick off the Cinco De Mayo holiday than with some new great tasting beers that can be paired with carne asada and pollo asado,” said Eddie Vasquez, Customer Communications Manager, Food 4 Less. “We are also very excited to be utilizing innovative technologies like blockchain and NFTs to engage our customers at the point of purchase.”

“Delivering a George Lopez NFT is a perfect way to support the incredible products and deliver a unique shopping experience for Food4Less shoppers interested in the new and exciting digital medium,” said Mitch Chait, co-founder, GFT Exchange.”


Food 4 Less/Foods Co

Food 4 Less is dedicated to our purpose: to Feed the Human Spirit ™. Food 4 Less/Foods Co is more than 12,000 associates serving customers in 129 price-impact, warehouse-format supermarkets under the banners Food 4 Less in Southern California, Illinois and Indiana, and Foods Co in Central and Northern California. We are committed to creating #ZeroHungerZeroWaste communities by 2025. To learn more about us, visit our newsroom and investor relations site.

George Lopez’s Chingon Kitchen and George Lopez Brewing Co.

George Lopez joined forces with restaurant industry entrepreneur and hotelier Michael Zislis (Zislis Group) in 2017 to launch the George Lopez’s Chingon Kitchen brand in a deal that was brokered by George Lopez’ agency, UTA.  George Lopez Brewing Co., founded in 2019, is based at The Brews Hall in Torrance, Calif. Lopez, along with his expert brew master, carefully develop extremely flavorful recipes designed to appeal to a wide range of discerning palates, many using fresh tropical fruits. Ta Loco means crazy and that is exactly what these outrageous and unique beers are. The recipes are inspired from fond memories from Lopez’s life or classic authentic dishes or cocktails from his family traditions. The latest flavors include Naranja Crema, an orange cream ale; Paloma, a west coast grapefruit IPA; Li’l Mexi, a Mexican style lager; and Agria y Fresca, a hibiscus sour ale and can be found at Southern California Food4Less stores. These flavors along with new creations like the Sauvecito Stout, an Imperial Milk Stout aged on Cinnamon and Cacao Nibs can be enjoyed at The Brews Hall in Torrance. Lopez worked with San Diego based graffiti artist, DyseOne blending traditional styles with innovative approaches to create Mexican street art inspired cans. No beer is released until Lopez says that it is “Ta LOCO!”  More about George Lopez Chingon Kitchen and George Lopez Brewing

About the GFT Exchange

The GFT™ Exchange delivers NFTs that are Authentic Digital Collectibles™ powered by Blockchain technology.  The NFTs introduce a revolutionary way for IP owners to deliver a unique and trusted digital asset that has value for the everyday consumer.  The platform enables IP partners, brands, distribution partners and marketplaces to mint, distribute and reconcile trusted, individually identifiable digital assets to customers.  Through a private/public blockchain hybrid approach and an IP alliance (called the GFT™ Alliance), the GFT™ Exchange enables protection for IP owners and consumers when it comes to provenance, asset security, and secure financial reconciliations.

Self Disclosure: Images were also provided.

Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions!

Looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas? Here are a few of my favorites!

Baked salmon garnished with parsley. Photo courtesy of Oshen Salmon.

 Give a Gift of Wellness Straight from the Ocean, everyone’s Mother Earth! This one is sure to be a hit! How about making Mom salmon for dinner? Oshēn is a vibrant, fresh, and sustainably raised Atlantic salmon that has a perfect combination of healthy omega-3s (DHA & EPA). No hormones or microplastics are included and it is Kosher.  It tastes really good and it’s even good for the environment! Its mission is to continue to provide Ocean Raised, Ocean Loved salmon that is responsibly sourced and thoughtfully packaged with the environment in mind.

If you’re looking for a refreshing & guilt-free alternative dish to serve, on behalf of BluGlacier and Oshen Salmon here are a few exclusive recipes below that we know your Mom will just love! Oshen also arrives in super-chic and cheeky packaging, so if you don’t feel like cooking, it’s a great gift to give her to prepare at a later time as the fish is available fresh or frozen and good to store for up to a year in your freezer.

I personally loved the Fresh Mango Salsa Salmon Kebabs! Oshen Salmon has also created an exclusive discount code for our readers! Simply use  SOCIAL15 that offers 15% off your first order along with free shipping. Now, how cool is that?

Watercolor & Ink Abstract Floral Painting

Want to make something for Mom or with Mom this Mother’s Day? This next idea is for you! Mother’s Day ART BOXES from Art Classes for Kids is sure to be a hit!

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, Art Classes for Kids introduces the Mother’s Day ART BOX, offering fun and educational experiences for artists of any age and their moms. Created by instructor Kim Bavington, each ART BOX includes all the supplies needed to create three cool art projects, along with upbeat video tutorials containing all instruction needed.

“From the memories created while working on these fun art projects to the final works of art moms will cherish for a lifetime, the Mother’s Day ART BOX offers a sweet, enjoyable and bond-building experience for mother and child,” said Bavington, founder, Art Classes for Kids.

The special edition Mother’s Day ART BOX is ideal for beginning and advanced artists to do with their mother, grandmother, aunt or any amazing woman in their life. The ART BOX includes a Watercolor & Ink Abstract Floral Painting, Baked Clay Roses Bracelets and Acrylic on Canvas Garden Painting featuring Mommy + Me in a floral garden.

“Every ART BOX includes educational tutorials designed to introduce kids to well-known painting, drawing and sculpting techniques,” explains Bavington. “The artistic lessons combined with hands-on activities is what makes our projects so fun and educational.”

Baked Clay Roses Bracelets

Priced at $120, the Mother’s Day ART BOX may be shipped anywhere in the United States. Each box contains all the art supplies needed, including watercolor paints, ink, a clay set, various sizes of paintbrushes and canvas for two people. To receive $25 off, use code “MOM25” at checkout. The Mother’s Day ART BOX may be purchased at

Acrylic on Canvas Garden Painting

For nearly 30 years, Las Vegan Kim Bavington, artist, art teacher and founder of the popular Art Classes for Kids, has inspired literally generations of young artists to mine their creativity, refine their fine art skills and grow their excitement for visual art in her private lessons, group classes, birthday parties and school-break camps, as well as on her YouTube channel. Kids and families can enjoy Bavington’s extraordinary art instruction at home via her Art Classes for Kids YouTube channel, her virtual summer art camp, ART CAMP IN A BOX, Monthly ART BOX subscriptions and holiday ART BOXES. For more information, visit or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Art Classes for Kids.

Here is the perfect Mother’s Day Gift for Book Lovers! Corie Adjmi, award-winning author and women’s empowerment activist, harnesses the power and relatability of storytelling to help empower women in all areas of life in her award-winning book, Life and Other Shortcomings. This book illustrates the stories of 12 women, all on a different path in life, with one common overarching theme: the beauty, honesty, and compelling nature of the female experience and what it means to be a woman. Through each character’s intimate journey, specific truths are revealed about what it means to be a woman—in a relationship with another person, in a particular culture and era—and how these conditions ultimately affect her relationship with herself. The stories as a whole depict patriarchy, showing what still might be, but certainly what was, for some women in this country before the #MeToo movement. I truly enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to all women! You can find it on

Looking for something for Mom other than chocolate? This one will be a hit and it comes packaged in a hear shaped box!

 Welch’s Fruit Snacks Heart Shaped Gift Box.

The perfect gift for mom that deserves a little something sweet, the Welch’s Fruit Snacks Heart Shaped Gift Box features a blank canvas for special personalized notes along with 3 Welch’s Fruit Snacks Mixed Fruit pouches – made with REAL fruit and bursting with a delicious combination of fruitful flavors.

This completely customizable Welch’s Fruit Snacks Heart Shaped Gift Box can be delivered right to doorsteps, with availability on Amazon for $13.95.

Self Disclosure: I received samples to post. Images were also provided.

How to Decide Between Full Time Care and Respite Care

When you’re caring for a loved one it can be tough to know whether they will get better overall care in a full time care home, or at home tended to by family members and respite carers.

There is no one right answer, as what works for one family won’t work for another, but there are some factors that you can consider which may help you with the decision making process.

Benefits of full time care

The reason that a lot of families opt for care homes as the way to take care of their loved one is that they get peace of mind from the knowledge that their loved one is surrounded by qualified care professionals who are well placed to keep them safe and healthy.

A good care home will have been designed with the needs of its residents in mind, with everyday life designed in such a way that it promotes health and wellbeing.

For family members, care homes are a great benefit because it means that their loved one is cared for without anyone needing to give up work, which is often an impossible thing to do because people need their work in order to pay for their lives – there are some financial assistance programs available for carers, but they usually won’t compare to a full time wage.

Care homes are beneficial to the health and wellbeing of their residents through the sense of community and opportunities for socialization that they provide. When people are cared for in their own homes, it can be difficult for them to stay connected with the community around them because of issues with transport or mobility.

Care homes are usually designed to facilitate as much social connection as possible for residents, which has enormous mental health benefits for residents and helps them to feel as though they have a sense of purpose and meaning. This in turn benefits physical health.

Benefits of respite care

Respite care is the term used when a carer works temporarily to provide some relief to the primary caregiver who is providing care at home. Respite carers might come and take over caring responsibilities in the home for an agreed amount of time, or respite care can take place in care homes.

The main benefit of respite care is that the person being cared for can remain in their home for the majority of the time, which can be comforting to them.

There is also a lot of flexibility available through respite care because the primary care provider will organize exactly when and where the respite care occurs and will have a say in who provides it.

This type of care also means that the person being cared for is the sole focus of the care provider, rather than having their attention divided between multiple people. This does heighten the risk of burnout for the person providing care, however, because this way of working is quite intensive.