Enjoy the Last Taste of Summer with Yogurtland’s Three New Flavors! New Flavors for August Include Dairy Free Coconut Cream Pie, Nectarine Peach Orange Tart and Strawberry Rose

This August, Yogurtland, the ever-popular, industry leader, is expanding its flavor offerings to include three new handcrafted flavors plus two new toppings.

Beginning August 6th, and available for a limited time while supplies last, the Yogurtland flavor lineup will include Dairy Free Coconut Cream Pie, Nectarine Peach Orange Tart and Strawberry Rose frozen yogurt.

Yogurtland’s Coconut Cream Pie is the second time Yogurtland is offering a flavor with a dairy free base made from coconut milk. Combining traditional graham cracker and mouthwatering pie flavor notes in a coconut milk base, this flavor gives fans an opportunity to create a delicious dairy free treat.

The Nectarine Peach Orange Tart flavor offers a burst of fresh tropical flavors. The nectarine and peach provide taste buds with a sensational juicy flavor experience while the orange gives a nice zest, providing a well balanced sweet and fruity tart flavor.

Yogurtland combines juicy California strawberries and floral rose water in a sweet base to create the creamy Strawberry Rose flavor. This light and refreshing frozen yogurt will have fans craving a second serving.

Along with three new flavors, Yogurtland will introduce two new toppings for a limited time. Bringing a different variety of flavors to the topping bar, the scrumptious Cotton Candy Fizzies will have fans enjoying traditional cotton candy flavors with a twist. Additionally, Yogurtland’s craveable Sour Rainbows will bring a spark of color to each cup and a blend of sweet and sour flavors.

I had the opportunity today to try the new flavors with my family and my favorites are Coconut Cream Pie and the Nectarine Peach Orange Tart flavors! My son liked the new candy choices! 


Yogurtland’s flavorologists continually create craveable flavors that keep fans loving their frozen dessert experience. Yogurtland owns its own dairy, and by controlling the manufacturing process, the company delivers the highest quality flavors, setting new standards for the industry and delighting guests each day.

Yogurtland features non-fat and low-fat yogurt flavors, ice cream, and non-dairy and no sugar added choices while using milk that contains no antibiotics or added hormones. Fruit flavors are fortified with Vitamin C for an extra boost.

Presently Yogurtland has more than 320 locations across the U.S., Australia, Dubai, Guam, Myanmar, Oman, Singapore, Thailand and Venezuela. Flavors are always subject to creative change and popular demand. For more information, visit http://www.yogurt-land.com or http://www.facebook.com/yogurtland.

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Introducing the Wunder360 C1 360-Degree Camera! Evomotion’s Wunder360 C1 Incorporates High-end Professional Grade Image Technology Into an Affordable, Easy-to-Use, Compact Camera for the Entry-Level User

Evomotion, LLC, has launched its revolutionary Wunder360 C1 360-degree camera available at www.wunder360.com, enabling anyone from novice photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, professional photographers or extreme-sports athletes, to produce well-edited video clips with easy-to-use, click-to-play in-camera capturing and editing features. What is really cool about it is that it is simple to use and that it has so many features!

Together with the Wunder360 C1, Evomotion introduced ViewPilot software technology which empowers anyone without a professional knowledge base to easily create pro-like video clips. Users will never miss a single unplanned moment with panoramic 360-degree full-scene capturing. In addition, flat clips focusing on selected people or objects can be automatically generated from 360° footage with a few swipes or even just a tap. What’s more, the smart stabilization algorithms keep your perfectly framed videos dramatically sharper and smoother making projects that traditionally take hours, complete in just seconds.

The Wunder360 C1 provides consumers with high-end professional-grade camera technology, high image quality and feature-rich enhancements unmatched by other offerings on the market today. Plus, the camera’s 360-degree capturing does away with the extremely limiting viewfinders and lens angles of traditional cameras

The Wunder360 S1 AI camera, a dual-lens 360°camera with 3D reconstruction, real-time in-camera stitching, and deep learning AI technology that allows AR/VR developers to easily develop 3D content.

The Wunder360 S1 is a compact camera with AI that allows users to easily capture their environment and transform it into 3D models. Avid gamers can download their 3D models and import them into games like Minecraft, allowing them to share their models with other players. The Wunder360 S1 can also be used to develop AR/VR content by allowing users to take their footage and convert it into 3D models. The in-camera stitching also allows VR/AR developers to easily create immersive content without relying on photo stitching software.

Wunder360 C1 Features

With its compact, easy-to-use design, the Wunder360 C1 provides consumers with high-end professional-grade camera technology, high image quality and feature-rich enhancements unmatched by other offerings on the market today. Plus, the camera’s 360-degree capturing does away with the extremely limiting viewfinders and lens angles of traditional cameras.

Other essential features and specs include:

  • 4K still picture
  • 3K 30fps video in-camera stitching
  • 1080p 60fps in-camera stitching
  • Manually or automatically generate highlight focused flat videos
  • Smart EIS
  • Time lapse/fast shooting/timer
  • In-app editing, social sharing & live-streaming
  • In-app filters
  • Beauty cam
  • In-app background music mixer

Other key features include:

  • AI powered image tracking and view-pilot technology
  • Water-proof case
  • Phantom clips computer vision technology
  • 4K still picture
  • 3K 30fps video in-camera stitching
  • 1080p 60fps in-camera stitching
  • In-app editing
  • Smart EIS: 9-axis gyro stabilization technology
  • Interchangeable battery design
  • Compatible mounting accessories including gimbals, selfie sticks and tripods
  • microSD slot
  • Waterproof/dustproof case.

With Wunder360 S1, Evomotion has created a camera that is easy to use and includes the capabilities of traditional 3D scanning products at a quarter of the cost of current devices on the market. By using AI and computer vision, they have successfully created a camera with ease-of-use and a better user experience, meaning Wunder360 users can spend less time editing their footage and allow the camera to do the work for them.


About Evomotion

Evomotion was founded by Lufang Gao in 2015 and is one of the leading deep learning and computer vision combining hardware solution providers in the industry devoted to bringing highly efficient and accessible 3D scanning technology and cloud services to every organization. They currently concentrate on areas including panoramic cameras, AR/VR, 3D reconstruction, surveillance IP cameras and mobile handsets. The team is made up of the very best in computer vision, consumer electronics, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence – from INRIA, NVIDIA, Intel, MindRay, Huawei and China Telecom.

Evomotion has raised more than $5 million backed by top-tier VC’s like NLVC, Fortune VC and ThunderSoft.

For more information, please visit Evomotion at http://www.evomotion.com/en/index.html and https://www.facebook.com/Evomotion2014

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More Summer Must-Haves! Fun & Games for the Kids! Our last Guide for this Summer! So check out these amazing products!

.Summer is still here and hasn’t ended yet! Here are some more of my favorite products for this season!

Solid Wood Chess – Checkmate! Featuring an attractive game board with the familiar checkerboard pattern accompanied by gorgeous wood sculpted game pieces for everyday and anywhere play. Ages 8+

Solid Wood Checkers – King me! Classic board game that has captivated generations of players, this easy to learn and play game furnishes players with everything they need to capture the enemy and crown their kings. Ages 6+. I love how beautiful the game actually is! I received a sample of the Solid Wood Checkers and this would make a great gift!

Both of these games would be great for travel this Summer and also for those days at home when the kids starting saying they are bored!

Have a child that loves DINOS ?


Glitter Dinosaurs from Wild Republic
I simply love the Glitter Dinosaurs! They are so cute! This would make a great gift for both boys and girls!

Wild Republic’s colorful prehistoric beasts come with a rainbow-chrome glitter print that gives them a holographic look. Three different sizes and price points. The line includes a velociraptor, stegosaurus, triceratops, T-Rex, and diplodocus. Large T-Rex and Velociraptor come with plastic teeth!

6-7” range $5.99 MSRP,
12-15” range – $7.99 MSRP, and
18-20” with $14.99 MSRP.
Dino Tego 20Pc Set from Magformers
Watch out! Magformers Dino Tego is ready for action. Click, connect and create this Jurassic beast using new Magformers Tego accessories. This super cool Stegosaurus comes with Magformers squares, rectangles and dinosaur accessories, allowing kids create a moveable dinosaur! MSRP $49.99

Dolce Dinosaur
Dolce Plush Dinosaur is perfect for stimulating your child’s tactile and auditory senses. This cute Dino character has its own Dolce teether, bright contrasting colors in unique fabrics, brightly-colored ribbons, crinkle feet and a dragonfly friend. Designed specifically with newborns and young children in mind, Dolce Dinosaur has a soft velour body that is perfect for cuddling. As your child holds the Dino, they will look at it in a loving and caring way! The waterfall rattle in Dino’s tummy and ribbon neck help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Pull the Dinosaur’s dragonfly friend and feel the gentle vibrations.
MSRP $29.99; all ages

T. Rex Excavation Kit from Thames & Kosmos 

Use the hammer and chisel to go on a hunt for Tyrannosaurus rex, the dangerous prehistoric giant. Excavate the skeleton relief from the surrounding soft plaster block.
$12.95, 7 and up.
Here’s another one great for young children!
Cutie Fruities are the sweetest snack sets that gets kids playing with their food! These scented fruit families and individual slices are the perfect collectors item for any foodie in the making. Get ready for endless amounts of Cutie Fruities fun with over eight full fruit families and 40 individual slices to collect. With two options for your fruit-lover, the Cutie Fruities Basket or Minis Cup, these collectibles are a 100% sweet surprise!

Open the Cutie Fruities Basket for an entire fruit family – Mommy, Daddy, Baby and More! The Fruit Basket comes with four scented plush fruit slices wrapped in a fruit peel, a fruit fortune and sticker sheet. Turn your basket into a fruit themed play set for hours of fruit fun!

The Cutie Fruities Minis Cup is perfect for collectors. Filled with three mystery plush and over 40 to collect – common, rare and limited edition – these cups are the must-have travel sized snack for all collectors!

These can be found at Walmart.com and also Amazon.com. They really are cute and I think that young children will love them!

Celebrate Best Friends with the latest Cutie Stix Collectible Packs!

The older kids will love this next one!

This card game is fun for families with kids 13 years old and older! There is 200 PG-13 friendly (but pretty awful) stuff happens event cards. Yes, there is some messed up stuff on the cards and the idea is to rank them based on how bad they really are. This one is for 2 or more players and would be a hit to take on summer travel with older kids! I find that it is sometimes difficult to find games for kids in this age range and this one is a must! Can only be found at Walmart! Find out more here!

We have teamed up for a Giveaway on this one! To enter, simply leave a comment below! Deadline to enter is August 15th, 2018 at noon PST.


Self Disclosure: I received samples of the games and toys listed in this post. No other compensation was received and I only post products that I recommend. The image was provided for Cutie Fruities and Cutie Stix.



Today is National Root Beer Float Day! Celebrate Family Night with an A&W Root Beer Float!


Summer is going by so quickly! It’s already August and I am so not ready for it to end! Luckily, we still have summer days and nights to enjoy before it’s time for back-to-school! This is such a great time to enjoy all the family time before it’s the more hectic back=to-school time!   In honor of National Root Beer Float Day today (August 6),A&W wants to help celebrate family night with a quintessential summer treat: Root Beer Floats!

Yes, today is National Root Beer Float Day and what better way to celebrate than by making a Root Beer Float! A&W has always been my favorite brand of Root Beer so of course, it would be my top pick! Here’s their awesome recipe  A&W’s Original Root Beer Float.

When my son was younger we used to celebrate Family Nights by having a weekly Movie Night and those were always special nights an I have such good memories of making popcorn, root beer floats and watching movies. We also would have board game nights when my son loved to play Monopoly. Years go by and activities have changed but I still have such special memories of those times. We still have awesome family nights but now they consist of having a bonfire and hanging out. But, one thing hasn’t changed…we still love Root Beer Floats! A&W Root Beer has a long history of creating family memories. I think it is the one soft drink that my family all loves! A&W Root Beer helps create the perfect timeless family night treat: an A&W Root Beer Float! It’s a great addition to family pizza nights too!  For “float how-tos” and recipe inspiration visit, www.rootbeer.com.


Check out A&W on Instagram!

Self Disclosure: The product, information, and gift card have been provided by A&W so that I could try the product and share my thoughts and information about A&W Root Beer. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and do not reflect the opinions of A&W.

Eight O’Clock Coffee Introduces The Great Coffee Break: A Digital Escape Room Game People Can Play to Win a Year of Free Groceries

Eight O’Clock Coffee, America’s original gourmet coffee, today announces the release of The Great Coffee Break: a digital escape room game that people can play for the chance to win a year of free groceries! The Great Coffee Break is the first Augmented Reality-triggered digital game designed by Escape the Room and can be launched by scanning any Eight O’Clock Coffee package with the Shazam app – or by going directly to GreatCoffeeBreak.com. Set in a fictitious animated roastery, players will solve coffee-themed puzzles to help bags of Eight O’Clock “escape the roastery.” The Great Coffee Break will run from June 17 through August 11, 2018, and eight people will win the grand prize: free groceries for a year.*

Since 1859, generations of Americans have been connecting over Eight O’Clock – enjoying rich, smooth coffee as they share conversations, celebrate special moments, and play games together. The Great Coffee Break will provide consumers with a new way to experience their love of coffee and gaming by leveraging the escape room trend that has grown exponentially in recent years.

Players of the Great Coffee Break will explore different virtual rooms within the roastery to find clues, solve puzzles, and complete the mission. Eight O’Clock Coffee’s game is designed to facilitate the satisfying feeling of discovery that players experience in physical escape rooms – which may be the reason that they have grown in the US from 22 in 2014 to about 2,300 today.

“With the Great Coffee Break, we are tapping into one of the hottest emerging trends in a way that is meaningful to coffee drinkers and relevant to today’s lifestyle,” said Michael Scalera, Senior Brand Manager at Eight O’Clock Coffee. “Our fans tell us all the time that enjoying Eight O’Clock Coffee is key to their day – and it’s certainly key to solving the Great Coffee Break. Plus, while people are ‘escaping the room’ they’ll have a chance to escape their grocery bill for a year.”

“Eight O’Clock Coffee has long provided a meaningful way to bring people together, as does Escape the Room – so putting our brands together was a natural fit,” said Victor Blake, Founder and CEO, Escape the Room. “Bringing both of these experiences to life virtually in a way that makes sense for a solo player was my primary inspiration for The Great Coffee Break game. I’m thrilled with how the game turned out, and I think people will really enjoy playing…hopefully with a cup of Eight O’Clock in their hand.”

Scalera adds, “The Great Coffee Break is a game, not a true reflection of the process at our roasting facility in Landover, MD. We have to keep some secrets, after all.”

The Great Coffee Break promotion runs from June 17, 2018 through August 11, 2018 and was conceived and executed by The S3 Agency in Boonton, NJ. The game is being supported by in-store and digital advertising, social media, and public relations outreach.

To play the Great Coffee Break and for complete rules and details, go to www.GreatCoffeeBreak.com.

*Each Grand Prize of is a year of free groceries, defined as $8,000 awarded in the form of a check. No purchase is necessary to enter. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States or D.C., age 18 or older.

I received a sample of their coffee and love the rich smooth taste! 

To learn more about Eight O’Clock Coffee, visit www.eightoclock.com. For more information about Escape the Room, visit EscapeTheRoom.com.

About Eight O’Clock Coffee

An American family tradition since 1859, Eight O’Clock Coffee joined the Tata Global Beverages family of brands in 2006. This beloved brand with whole bean coffee heritage has been brewed with passion for over 150 years and remains a top five brand in the U.S. coffee segment today. Eight O’Clock has a full range of varieties, medium to dark roasts, single origin and indulgent flavors, available in whole bean, ground and single-serve forms. Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Center of Excellence sources its high-quality Arabica beans from the world’s best origins; the beans are then expertly blended, roasted and packaged at the brand’s facility in Landover, MD.  Headquartered in Montvale, NJ, Eight O’Clock Coffee extends the reach of Tata Global Beverages with its national distribution at leading U.S. retail customers.  According to Nielsen Homescan, the brand continues to rank highest in consumer loyalty and repeat among packaged coffee buyers, which is further validated with 4+ star product review scores.  A true original, Eight O’Clock has crafted a coffee legacy by delivering consistent quality, great taste and value.  For more information about America’s original gourmet coffee, please visit www.eightoclock.com and follow us at www.facebook.com/eightoclockcoffee.

About Escape the Room

Starting with one game played in New York City in October of 2013, Escape the Room has grown into what is now known as the premiere live game and entertainment company in the United States. Developed by an all-star team of puzzle designers, theme park engineers and set designers, Escape the Room creates interactive, immersive games rooted in hyper-realistic scenarios with state of the art technology that sets the bar for experiential entertainment. With dozens of “rooms” in multiple cities across the country, including Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Milwaukee, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Scottsdale, St. Louis, and Washington, DC, Escape the Room brings gaming into the real world. For more information, visit www.escapetheroom.com.

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Summertime Must-Have for Families! Protect your family this summer with Dynatrap!

Have a problem with pesky mosquitoes this Summer?

Summer vacation is here and that means staying outside later! The only problem is that with hot summer days and standing water in pools means pesky mosquitoes!

Protect your family this summer with Dynatrap! It is an effective insect trap that is chemical and pesticide free.  I like that it is also an affordable, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly effective insect trap. I recently received the Dynatrap DT600 and was quite impressed with how well it works! It is super easy to set up and most importantly ..it really does work!

You can find it (and other products) at https://dynatrap.com/products/

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. The image was also provided.

Floor Sticky After Mopping? Here’s How to Fix It

Floors go through a lot. They’re walked on, scratched, and collect a lot of dirt and grime which can affect their shine and durability. Because of this, it’s important to mop one’s floor to help keep it strong and beautiful. However, one of the biggest problems that cause many to forgo mopping is that it can cause the floor to be sticky. This can make it not only awkward to walk on, but ruin the finishing of a floor, especially if it’s hardwood.

It might seem like fixing this is hopeless, but the good news is that you can prevent sticky floors easily. This article will explore more behind the many steam mops available and a cleaning solution you can use to help stop this. Keep reading to find out more.

What Causes a Sticky Floor?

The first important thing to consider is what exactly causes a floor to be sticky. The answer to this is that it’s simply left-behind chemical residue.

Cleaning solutions for mops often contain an assortment of chemicals. While these make your floor look shiny, they can leave behind the stickiness that many despise. The solvents might remove the dirt and grime from the floor, but they don’t react well with water. This in return causes the sticky floor problem.

It might seem like a sticky floor is just a hassle, it can actually be a bit dangerous. Because the residue is still on the floor, it can harbor bacteria. This can end up causing particles to collect there and can be irritating to pets or kids who like to play on the floor.


How to Prevent Your Floor from Being Sticky

To help prevent your floor from getting to be sticky, you’ll want to first take a close look at the type of mop you’re using. Consider the type of flooring you have as some mops work better on specific floors than others. You’ll also want to check for things like microfiber pads, which help to get deep into the crevices of the floor, as well as swiveling features in a mop. The swiveling will help you to better move the mop around in order to clean the floor. To check out what’s the best mops brand for you, learn more on thehousewire.com .

The next step is to find a good cleaning solution for it. Ideally, you shouldn’t buy pre-made ones which are usually made up of various type of harmful chemicals. These not only have an unpleasant smell, but can be damaging to your floor. You can actually mix some water and vinegar together to make a diluted solution. This works just as well as store-bought ones and can even work as a disinfectant thanks to the vinegar’s strong ingredients. You can also put some essential oils into this mixture to add a calming smell to your floors. This method is not only eco-friendly, but works well at helping to prevent sticky floors.

It can be a little overwhelming when you’re trying to clean your floors only to have the cleaning products make even more of a mess on them. While it might be easy to grab a bottle of chemical mopping solution, it’s a good idea to look closely at the ingredients to prevent you from making more of a mess on your floors. You can use the vinegar method mentioned above to help with this.

Mopping your floor doesn’t mean you have to leave behind a nasty residue on it. With the tips above, you can be sure that your floors will not only be free from stickiness, but shine. A natural cleaner will help to prevent strong odors. It will also eliminate the pesky stickiness that can linger around when you’re done cleaning.

Vibranelle Fiber Gummies are a hit with my Family!

I was quite impressed with these and I like that they are gluten-free and made in the U.S. They are really easy to digest and I also like the flavor and that there is no bad aftertaste. I would recommend these because I also feel that they are safe to take and love the fact that they are gummies! I like that they come in two delicious flavors which are Orange and Mixed Berry. There is 5mg Fiber + 20 calories per serving. Sometimes it is tough to have enough Fiber in your diet so this is a great way to make sure you are getting enough Fiber. This really is a great source of Dietary Fiber and I also like that they are safe and made in the USA, from a FDA registered Facility. 

You can find them on Amazon.com.


Self Disclosure: I received a free product and may have received compensation after posting. This in no way has any effect on my opinion and I highly recommend.