Tips to Buying Romantic Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Photo by Y Tink on Unsplash

Choosing an anniversary gift isn’t always easy, no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship. Many couples choose to stay with the traditional anniversary gifts. However, some of these aren’t very romantic. Here are some ways to remain traditional without losing the romantic gesture. 

Stick to the Theme

It might seem impossible to stick to the traditional themes each year. However, the first year is paper. So you can start this off with a bang. Paper doesn’t have to be money (Actually, money is cloth.) It doesn’t even have to be expensive. For example, create a few special IOUs to give to your partner on your first year anniversary. The IOUs can be sweet, romantic, or a little naughty. You can also mix all three notions to spice things up and create a fun surprise for your partner. Ideas include a card for a candlelight dinner, breakfast in bed, or a sensual massage. 

However, there’s nothing wrong with spending a few extra dollars. Tickets to a band you both love are paper, and dancing to your wedding song live is as romantic as it gets, even if there are a few thousand strangers with you. Another “paper” idea is plane tickets. Go away for a weekend or a week and re-experience your honeymoon. After all, who doesn’t need a vacation for two every year or so?

Look Outside the Box

On the surface, you can see the second anniversary is cotton. At first, you may think this is boring and hard to turn into anything romantic. But if you open it up a little, you’ll see that it covers a wide range of gift ideas. A canvas print is a cotton. Purchase a handcrafted painting of something meaningful to your beloved wife or husband. An ideal option is something with your anniversary number and date to mark the occasion. You can also be silly with your second-anniversary present and order a custom T-shirt with the image of your choice, such as a wedding photo. 

Show How Well You Know Each Other

Show your significant other how well you know them with a personalized gift. The third anniversary is leather. There are many ways this can go. Leather represents security and shelter and building your life together. If your loved one is a horse lover or motorcycle enthusiast, that’s not going to be difficult. A new saddle or a pair of boots will make your horse-loving spouse hit the moon, and a new motorcycle jacket, vest, gloves, or boots are enough to send any husband or wife into bliss. However, not everyone loves riding horses and Harleys. 

Don’t worry. There are plenty of other options. You don’t have to love horses and motorcycles to enjoy a new leather jacket or boots. Additionally, you can skip clothing altogether and check out some high-quality, hand-stitched wallets. Plus, jewelry is still an option with leather. Even in the digital era, with everyone having cellphones and smartwatches, plenty of people love the feel of a watch with a leather band around their wrist. 

Choose a Handcrafted Gift

Order a handmade present that’s both meaningful and unique. If possible, find a way to engrave the anniversary information on the gift. Year four is fruit or flowers. It’s your choice. You can buy chocolate-dipped strawberries, and a bouquet of roses or a basket of fruit and a handful of daisies picked from the field down the road. Consider making this a two-part present. Start with fresh fruit or flowers. 

Next, up your game with something that’ll last a lot longer. For example, a handcrafted miniature glass rose is beautiful and can last a lifetime. Take a step higher and engrave your wedding date on the delicate glass flower. Are you looking for something more hands-on? Try a crafting kit that helps you preserve the flower’s petals and leaves in a frame. Mark the anniversary date and place it on the wall. Next year, add a new wall hanging. 

Get Creative

Some traditional gifts are easy to pick out for your loved one. Others require a bit more creativity to stick to the theme, keep it romantic, and make it enjoyable. The fifth-anniversary present is wood. There are many creative ways to incorporate wood into any gift. For example, hand-carved items, both large and small, make excellent presents. To always remember the details of the anniversary, carve the date on it. For more traditional anniversary gift ideas from the heart, click here.

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