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How can a gooseneck kettle benefit your kitchen?

Loyal coffee lovers are interested in coffee preparation methods of the highest quality even at home. However, after testing many alternatives, it has been observed that gooseneck kettle may be a sufficient tool, which would give the opportunity to control the temperature of the water. But is it really an excellent choice? And how can gooseneck kettle benefit your kitchen? Let’s find out!

Stylish accent in your kitchen. First of all, this gooseneck kettle stands out for its design. You can choose this tool made of different materials and colors. If timeless design is relevant to you, it is worth choosing a minimalist style. For example, a stainless steel gooseneck kettle without any other additional details would be the most suitable choice. Properly maintained kettle will look new even after many years and will impress with its simplicity of design.

Keep your kitchen clean. The gooseneck kettles offer precise pouring which lets not only to keep your kitchen tidy but also to maximize the flavor in your cup of coffee. It also makes it easier to control the speed at which you pour the brewed coffee or water over the coffee grounds. In other words, a gooseneck reduces the chance of spilling coffee. Furthermore, an airtight lid also helps to avoid the potential spills as well.

Compact size. Another advantage of this tool is its size. This is especially significant for people who live in small apartments, where every single inch matters. Therefore, if a person lives alone, it is neither convenient nor practical to use a large kettle indeed. Meanwhile, gooseneck kettles come in a variety of sizes. Depending on your needs, you can also choose a kettle that is perfect for making only one or two cups of coffee. However, if you need a kettle to make coffee for a larger number of people, it is more practical to choose a larger one.

Long lasting tool. Gooseneck kettles are known for their durability. These kettles are made of the highest quality materials, with the aim of making the tool to last a long time. As electric kettles have been found to be less durable than stovetop kettles, choosing stainless steel stovetop kettles probably would be the best choice for those who expect to get a practical and long-lasting tool for their kitchen. Also, when choosing a kettle, you should pay attention that the handle of it should be heat resistant and comfortable to use.

Can be used with all types of stovetops. If you prefer stovetop kettles more than electric ones, you can be sure that it will definitely fit all types of stoves very well. What is more, they are equipped with thermometers very often. They let us know the perfect time to brew the coffee. At first glance, something like the temperature of the coffee may seem insignificant. However, if you taste the coffee you make normally and compare it to one that is prepared between 195 and 200 degrees, you will definitely notice a difference.

How to easily make tofu

Tofu is a well-known protein-rich product. However, it is not only very nutritious but also delicious and full. Because of these qualities, it is a favorite not only of vegans but also of those who could not have imagined their lunch without meat before. Some even make tofu themselves. Sounds like a huge challenge, right? Still, making tofu isn’t as complicated as it may seem at first glance. So, how to easily make tofu?

What to start with? You will need a lemon, some dry soybeans, and filtered water in order to make tofu. Make sure whether you have all the tools for tofu: cheesecloth, a square bowl, a skimmer spoon, and a tray. The last one is to collect the liquid. If you have it all – you’re ready! Let’s start.

Choose the type of tofu you want to make. Before you start making tofu, decide what type of tofu you will make. It can be silken, soft, firm, and extra-firm tofu. For example, silken tofu is usually used in sauces, pies and smoothies because of its consistency. Soft tofu is very similar to a silken one just having been pressed – it has a form of a block. Finally, firm or extra firm tofu holds its shape extremely well and fits best for frying and grilling.

The process of making tofu. First of all, soak the soybeans for at least 7 or 8 hours. Some people leave soybeans to soak overnight, and they can start making tofu as soon as they get up. The soybeans expand twice their size and are easily blended.

So, yes, as you could already guess, the next step is blending. Put the beans into a blender and blend for 15 seconds. Then add some water and continue blending. This time you have to blend until the soybeans become creamy. 

After that pour the creamy mixture into a pot and collect the soy pulp. Make sure that there aren’t any of them. Otherwise, the tofu won’t be good. And then the mixture is ready to be boiled. Stir the boiling mixture from time to time. In the meantime prepare lemon juice. When you see that the milk starts to boil, pour the lemon juice into the mixture and set it aside from the heat. If you stir it, you will be able to see forming curdles. Half of the work is done.

What’s next? Take a cheesecloth and pour the mixture through it. The goal is to drain out the unnecessary fluid. It would be beneficial to have a thing that would be heavy enough to press the cheese easier. As soon as you get rid of all the liquid, you may form tofu into a square bowl. If you want to make perfect tofu, a tofu press may help you a lot. After the main work is done you need to wait at least half an hour. Then it is ready to use in any kind of dish you are going to make! Bon appétit!

Should you let your dog jump on a bed or not?

As soon as you add a new four-legged friend to your family, you will find that it has a special attraction for your bed. Even if you don’t let your dog into bed, you can often find that your pet was lying in it while you were gone to work. So, anyway, whether you let your dog lie in bed or not – the pet still jumps on it to chill. But should you let it do it? That’s the question. While this may seem like a trivial and even funny topic, it needs to be discussed if you just want your dog to be healthy and happy.

Your dog can get injured. This is the first reason you should not let your dog jump on the bed. Whether the dog is jumping from a lower surface to a higher one or vice versa, there remains a risk to twist or strain. Although a dog that underestimates its capabilities can be injured by jumping from one surface to another anywhere, the bed is a particularly dangerous object due to its soft surface. Jumping from a soft to a hard surface, or vice versa, sooner or later ends in injury.

Jumping is not good for a pet’s joints. Although jumping is a natural move for a dog, their joins definitely get an increased load for this action. How high the load on the joints also depends on the size of the dog breed. Jumping on your bed for a big dog can be a laugh. Meanwhile, for a dog of a small breed, it can be a height that requires special muscle and joint strength to overcome.

Greater risk of developing arthritis. Researchers also note that dog jumping is directly linked to the development of arthritis. Sad statistics show that 60 % of dogs develop arthritis – a painful illness that get worse with age – in their lifetime. Although it is a disease that is more common in old dogs, it can be hazardous for younger ones as well. Especially if their joints are under heavy load due to frequent jumping.

Who is the boss? You have to remember that you are responsible for your dog and knowing that it is detrimental to his health, you can shape the rules accordingly. Jumping is a natural instinct, so your dog will jump out of joy when you see or play. You don’t need to forbid your dog from doing so. Still, unnecessary jumping such as jumping on the bed or couch can be avoided for sure. But how to do that?

Possible solutions. Not letting your dog jump on the bed is not the same as letting him lie on the bed. Therefore, the easiest way to both protect your dog’s health and make life easier for him is to just get a dog ramp. They come in a variety of types, sizes as well as designs. Therefore a dog ramps manufacturer will be happy to help you to find the perfect one for your home.

Corporate gift ideas to wow your clients

Nowadays, corporate gifts sent from businesses to the clients they work with are seen as a key element of customer retention. They can be a great way to remind people of who you are, and if you choose the right gift, they can foster positive feelings towards you and make it more likely that people will work with your company again. The difficult part is knowing what to choose, so read on for some advice and ideas to help you out.

Factors to consider when choosing gifts

Picking gifts for people is often tricky, especially when you don’t know them very well—which may be the case with many of your clients. Ideally, you want to personalize your gifts by sending a present that you know the recipient will love, so before buying anything bear in mind what you know about your clients and try to tailor your gift accordingly. Don’t worry if you come up short though, as there are still plenty of options that will suit almost anyone.

Another factor to consider is cost. You don’t want to send anything that looks cheap, but you also don’t want to go overboard—not only is this not financially viable, it can also make the recipient feel uncomfortable. Finally, whatever gift you choose to send, if you can include a handwritten note or card with it this will almost certainly make a big impression and show that you genuinely appreciate your clients.

Corporate gift ideas

Here are a small selection of possibilities to get you inspired:


We usually think of chocolates as a gift for loved ones, but corporate chocolate is a growing industry and a perfect choice to send both to an individual or a group of people in an office. You can have the box personalized with your company logo, or even have it included in edible form on the chocolate itself! That’s sure to get people talking.


For a gift that’s more useful, you could consider some form of stationery. The classic choice is a pen, but if you go down that road be sure to choose a high-quality one—these days, people get so many free pens that they don’t tend to make an impression unless they stand out. Another option is a top-quality notebook branded with your company logo or in your company colors.


If you need a gift that can be shared around a group of people, or you’re looking for an idea that’s more striking, it’s hard to go wrong with a hamper. As they contain a variety of products, there’s sure to be a treat for everyone.

Coffee cups or water bottles

For a gift that’s likely to stand the test of time, try a reusable water bottle or travel coffee cup. Most people use these every day, so they’re a great choice for a gift that’s both useful and always keeps your company on people’s minds. Just be careful when you design them—if it looks too much like an advertisement for your company, your client is less likely to want to use it, so keep your branding subtle!