How to easily make tofu

Tofu is a well-known protein-rich product. However, it is not only very nutritious but also delicious and full. Because of these qualities, it is a favorite not only of vegans but also of those who could not have imagined their lunch without meat before. Some even make tofu themselves. Sounds like a huge challenge, right? Still, making tofu isn’t as complicated as it may seem at first glance. So, how to easily make tofu?

What to start with? You will need a lemon, some dry soybeans, and filtered water in order to make tofu. Make sure whether you have all the tools for tofu: cheesecloth, a square bowl, a skimmer spoon, and a tray. The last one is to collect the liquid. If you have it all – you’re ready! Let’s start.

Choose the type of tofu you want to make. Before you start making tofu, decide what type of tofu you will make. It can be silken, soft, firm, and extra-firm tofu. For example, silken tofu is usually used in sauces, pies and smoothies because of its consistency. Soft tofu is very similar to a silken one just having been pressed – it has a form of a block. Finally, firm or extra firm tofu holds its shape extremely well and fits best for frying and grilling.

The process of making tofu. First of all, soak the soybeans for at least 7 or 8 hours. Some people leave soybeans to soak overnight, and they can start making tofu as soon as they get up. The soybeans expand twice their size and are easily blended.

So, yes, as you could already guess, the next step is blending. Put the beans into a blender and blend for 15 seconds. Then add some water and continue blending. This time you have to blend until the soybeans become creamy. 

After that pour the creamy mixture into a pot and collect the soy pulp. Make sure that there aren’t any of them. Otherwise, the tofu won’t be good. And then the mixture is ready to be boiled. Stir the boiling mixture from time to time. In the meantime prepare lemon juice. When you see that the milk starts to boil, pour the lemon juice into the mixture and set it aside from the heat. If you stir it, you will be able to see forming curdles. Half of the work is done.

What’s next? Take a cheesecloth and pour the mixture through it. The goal is to drain out the unnecessary fluid. It would be beneficial to have a thing that would be heavy enough to press the cheese easier. As soon as you get rid of all the liquid, you may form tofu into a square bowl. If you want to make perfect tofu, a tofu press may help you a lot. After the main work is done you need to wait at least half an hour. Then it is ready to use in any kind of dish you are going to make! Bon appétit!

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