Should you let your dog jump on a bed or not?

As soon as you add a new four-legged friend to your family, you will find that it has a special attraction for your bed. Even if you don’t let your dog into bed, you can often find that your pet was lying in it while you were gone to work. So, anyway, whether you let your dog lie in bed or not – the pet still jumps on it to chill. But should you let it do it? That’s the question. While this may seem like a trivial and even funny topic, it needs to be discussed if you just want your dog to be healthy and happy.

Your dog can get injured. This is the first reason you should not let your dog jump on the bed. Whether the dog is jumping from a lower surface to a higher one or vice versa, there remains a risk to twist or strain. Although a dog that underestimates its capabilities can be injured by jumping from one surface to another anywhere, the bed is a particularly dangerous object due to its soft surface. Jumping from a soft to a hard surface, or vice versa, sooner or later ends in injury.

Jumping is not good for a pet’s joints. Although jumping is a natural move for a dog, their joins definitely get an increased load for this action. How high the load on the joints also depends on the size of the dog breed. Jumping on your bed for a big dog can be a laugh. Meanwhile, for a dog of a small breed, it can be a height that requires special muscle and joint strength to overcome.

Greater risk of developing arthritis. Researchers also note that dog jumping is directly linked to the development of arthritis. Sad statistics show that 60 % of dogs develop arthritis – a painful illness that get worse with age – in their lifetime. Although it is a disease that is more common in old dogs, it can be hazardous for younger ones as well. Especially if their joints are under heavy load due to frequent jumping.

Who is the boss? You have to remember that you are responsible for your dog and knowing that it is detrimental to his health, you can shape the rules accordingly. Jumping is a natural instinct, so your dog will jump out of joy when you see or play. You don’t need to forbid your dog from doing so. Still, unnecessary jumping such as jumping on the bed or couch can be avoided for sure. But how to do that?

Possible solutions. Not letting your dog jump on the bed is not the same as letting him lie on the bed. Therefore, the easiest way to both protect your dog’s health and make life easier for him is to just get a dog ramp. They come in a variety of types, sizes as well as designs. Therefore a dog ramps manufacturer will be happy to help you to find the perfect one for your home.

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