Nora, Ezra, and Koda, Dec. 9th Pets of the Week

These three little kittens have a lot more on their minds than mittens. They have been working hard on their initial bashfulness so that they’ll be friendly, cuddly, playful, and ready for their new home, or homes! And they are! Actually, boys Ezra (brown tabby scrunched up in back) and Koda (flame-point Siamese-type on right) and their sister, Nora (silver tabby on left), are 8 months old and are not so little anymore, but they’re still kittens and have a lot of years to spend playing with and purring for loving humans. Shelter adoptions are conducted through appointment, so contact to meet the three not-so-little kittens. Ask for ID#A662263 for Nora, ID#A662265 for Ezra and ID#A662264 for Koda.

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)

Hunter, Dec. 2nd Pet of the Week

Here’s Hunter, all leashed up and ready to go! Not hunting, of course, as he isn’t a hunter at all, but for a walk, after which he’ll lie on his side and gladly suffer an extended belly rub. Hunter’s just 2 years old and loves to be with humans. He’s also doing great with dog reactivity, on which the volunteers work with him daily. If you think that a German shepherd is not lap-dog material, think again! Adoptions are now conducted through appointment only, so call 562-570-PETS or email to meet Hunter. Ask for ID#A665323.

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)

Nina, Thanksgiving Day Pet of the Week

Nina looks as if she’s saying, “Thanksgiving weekend is no time for a kitten to be in a shelter kennel!” Nina’s looking for love, empathy and a loving, forever family, and she won’t say no to a plateful of healthy leftovers (no fruitcake, please, she emphasizes). Nina is under a year old and has been at Long Beach Animal Care Services since June. She’s one of the shelter’s adoptables who don’t fit the cuddly and friendly blueprint. She isn’t hostile—she’ll approach people gladly, but she’s afraid to be touched. She needs an adopter who’s willing to accept her for who she is now and work with her to attain her happy housecat state of mind. Do you have a forever place for this beauty? If so, adoptions and fosters are conducted through appointment, so contact to meet Nina. Ask for ID#A658641.

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)

Olive, Nov. 18th Pet of the Week!

As our volunteer Dee put it, sweet old Olive thinks that being in a kennel is the pits. She’s wonky, with bad skin and sad eyes. She was moping around the shelter, and only recently did she crack this smile after a few outings with Long Beach Animal Care Services’ loving volunteers. Someone needs to be the martini to this Olive and let her relax on the sofa with them and really enjoy her golden years. November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, so make it meaningful for Olive. Our shelter’s adoptions are conducted through appointment only, so call 562-570-PETS or email to meet Olive. Ask for ID#A666042.

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)

Brooke, Nov. 11th Pet of the Week!

Ever wanted to be on the cover of one of those old-time children’s storybooks? You know, the kind where someone’s sitting reading in an armchair and a fluffy calico cat is purring away on their lap? Well, Long Beach Animal Care Services has the cat, so you’re off to a good start! Brooke, 5 years old, was found as a stray. She’s affectionate toward humans and loves to be brushed. No matter what your reading material is, she’ll make a warm companion. Adoptions are conducted by appointment only, so email to give Brooke her storybook ending!

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)

Grayson, Nov. 4th Pet of the Week!

Grayson would prefer his tennis ball to just about anything except for a loving, forever home. Grayson’s a Lab mix with a beautiful gray coat and luminous brown eyes. His ideal adopter or foster would have experience with large-breed dogs and be able to keep up with his active self. Grayson’s very smart—he already knows several commands and is always down for a walk! He’s curious about other dogs but is easily distracted by a toy. In all, he’s a wonderful dog, but he’s been lingering at our shelter for eight months. He’s begun to lose weight because of the stress of being in a kennel for so long, with only periods of play with devoted volunteers. If you want the ideal big guy, please come meet Grayson! You can foster him, too! Adoptions are now conducted through appointment only, so call 562-570-PETS or email to meet Grayson. Ask for ID#A655196.

(This rescue was encouraged by the usual suspects.)

Kai, Oct. 27th Pet of the Week

As you can tell by the photo, Kai doesn’t need Halloween candy to get his energy up (and don’t give any candy to him or any dog! Bad for them!) Kai is about 3 years old, and shelter staff and volunteers think he’s a shepherd mix. He’s high energy and needs lots of exercise, but he calms down just fine afterward. You’ll need to keep him secure, though, because the shelter was told that he can jump fences. He’s smart enough to find your car keys and head down to the meat refrigerator at the supermarket. Kai is a loving fellow and needs someone who’s experienced with enthusiastic large breeds and can teach him manners. He’s strong in body and strong in heart! Adoptions are now conducted through appointment only, so call 562-570-PETS or email to meet Kai. Ask for ID#A660880.

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)

Sunshine, Oct. 21st Pet of the Week!

In the autumn of her life, Sunshine needs a soft, forever lap to warm and a home that fits her name and personality. She’s 15 years old and, although she was surrendered to a shelter, volunteers say that she hasn’t had a single mean thought. She beckons you with her call from the kennel, gives you sweet little paw taps, and is tolerant of other cats. Sunshine had some dental problems but they’ve all been attended to. She’s a survivor through and through, fit enough for any TV reality series, but she’d be so much better off in the privacy of a forever home. Shelter adoptions are conducted through appointment, so contact to meet Sunshine. Ask for ID#A664212.

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)