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Need to get those Wrinkles out of your Clothes? Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is a Must!


It has been a long day and you left the laundry in the dryer..all day! You have a meeting and need to change but all your clothes in the dryer are wrinkled! But, with Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus, there is no need to worry! You really don’t! I love how this works so well! I like to spray on my clothes before I put them in the dryer and it really helps with wrinkles!I like that it has a light scent too. This one is also great for travel and comes in a travel size. I love this because I so do not like to take an iron with me when I travel!  This truly is a must-buy item this busy holiday season!

It is easy to find too! I recently saw it at Target and at Walmart so it will be on my shopping list!

Look for it at a store near you!


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The Loch Ness Monster Is Back In The News, Just In Time For The Release Of Family Movie “Nessie & Me,” Available On DVD & VOD Courtesy Of Vision Films!


Looking for an inspirational family movie? 

The Loch Ness Monster has been back in the news following a recent sighting and resurfaced pictures, just in time for the release of family movie “Nessie & Me,” which is now available on DVD & VOD, courtesy of Vision Films!


When 9-year-old Jamie moves to a beautiful lakeside village, he befriends a grumpy old sea captain who tells him of the lake’s mythical creature named Nessie. The townsfolk don’t believe him, but Jamie wonders if Nessie can be the solution to save the town from a greedy mogul who is buying up land around the lake… if only he can prove that Nessie is real. But sometimes it takes a little bit of magic, and with the help of a mermaid, a treasure map and an unlikely friendship with Nessie the Sea Monster, Jamie and the people of Lake Applelog learn that anything is possible if you just believe!


Starring Michael Pare (“Eddie and the Cruisers”), Toni Hudson (“Places in the Heart”), John Henry Richardson (“Sniper: Special Ops”),Corey Landis (“My Sweet Valentine”) and introducing Walker Mintz, “Nessie & Me” is an adventure movie suitable for all ages, that will leave you feeling elevated and inspired by the end.


“Nessie & Me” is a perfect film for the whole family, with one of the most captivating legends attached to the story that has fascinated children across the world for decades. It is a tale of friendship, teamwork, adventure, and magical possibilities!


Directed by Jim Wynorski and produced by Joe Gaudin’s G&G Motion Pictures, “Nessie & Me” is available on DVD and all major VOD platforms in North America.

I received a copy of the DVD to review and I love this magical film! It is just perfect for the whole family this holiday season! It is entertaining and I love that it truly shows that anything is possible if you believe!

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Glinda is Pet of the Week!


Glinda loves to dress up and preen! Here she is, a 6-year-old miniature gray poodle, all ready to take her place in the holiday festivities. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch her rip open her gifts that hopefully include a couple of puppy pinafores? Do you have a stocking for this sweetheart? If so, meet Glinda at Animal Care Services on the shelter side of the P.D. Pitchford Animal Village, 7700 E. Spring St., Long Beach, (562) 570-PETS. Ask for ID#A578998. Remember: Pets aren’t presents–a forever home is your gift to them.


(The usual suspects contributed to this rescue)


Credit: Courtesy of Animal Care Services on the shelter side of the P.D. Pitchford Animal Village.

Jennifer Paskow Make A Circle A Celebration of Life, Love & Connection for Children & their Families


Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Jennifer Paskow is hooked on volunteering to perform at hospitals, special ed schools, and benefits for causes she believes in because each experience reaffirms the ability of music to uplift, heal, and empower. Her CD was released in September of this year.

Jennifer Paskow has inherited some of the heart and soul and indeed the passion of singer-songwriters of the ’60s and ’70s who have inspired her since childhood.  Born of a mission to bring light, love, and beauty into the world, Make A Circle introduces children to the idea that learning to love and accept oneself is the first step to loving and accepting others while embracing everyone’s differences.

Freely admitting her admiration for Raffi and his child-honoring philosophy, and inspired by the spirit of her favorite album from childhood, Free to Be … You and Me, Jennfer Paskow’s objective with Make A Circle was to make a recording that would feel like a hug for humanity.  Produced by Don Boyette (Michael Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Gary Clark, Jr.) and mixed and mastered by Robert Carranza (Jack Johnson, Beck, The Mars Volta, Los Lobos, Ozomatli), the album achieves and far surpasses Jennifer’s goal.

Make A Circle leads off by showcasing Jennifer Paskow’s rich, honeyed voice on “Make A Circle,” whose central message is to extend your love to others by learning to love yourself.  “On The Inside,” an anthem to self-esteem, encourages young people to look within to discover their intrinsic value.

“I Am A Tree” connects us to one another and Mother Earth by presenting the metaphor of a tree connecting to the earth as an emblem of the oneness of all things, while “Celebrate This Day” urges physical movement to express the sheer joy of life. Continuing the celebration theme, Jennifer Paskow’s version of “This Little Light of Mine” is a manifestation of traditional hand-clapping gospel exuberance.

Celestial bodies receive their due in the wrap-up of this beautiful album.  The soothing sounds of “Hello Moon” depict the wonder of being connected to nature and the universe, while “Long Time Sun” is an Irish blessing that Jennifer Paskow sings at the end of every children’s yoga class she teaches.

A trained music therapist and children’s yoga teacher, Jennifer Paskowhas been an exponent of healing since she was a child.  When not recording or performing publicly, Jennifer can be found teaching yoga to kids living in shelters and sharing her music with hospitalized children and their families as a volunteer with the acclaimed organization The Art of Elysium. Says Jennifer, “Singing for kids in the hospital is a real highlight for me.  I always walk away feeling joyfully inspired and rooted in my purpose.  I’ve been doing community service since I was nine years old, and hte ideas of giving back and supporting my community are deeply ingrained in my being.  I believe in the interconnectedness of all life and that, as we give, we are receiving.”

This is a CD young children will enjoy! It also is soothing and would be great for children to listen to before napping and going to sleep.~ SoCal City Kids.
Make A Circle will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.

Visit Jennifer Paskow’s website HERE.

Jennifer Paskow on Facebook

Jennifer Paskow on Twitter



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Looking to Teach Your Young Child Spanish? Spanish for Kids: The Ultimate Collection from © Whistlefritz is a Must-Try!


Looking to teach your young child 1-7 Spanish?  Spanish for Kids: The Ultimate Collection from © Whistlefritz has you covered! The animation is great and it includes a great combination of live action, animation, and festive Latin music to teach children Spanish. I had my nephew try this one out and he really enjoyed it! He is 4-years-old and already knows Spanish but he thought that this was really fun. He also loved the music! The three Spanish for Kids CDs is really lively and makes the learning fun! When my son was younger we looked into different CDs and DVDs to learn Spanish and did not find any that seem as complete as this collection.


This is a fun way to learn numbers, letters and so much more!

To order and also see other great products go here!

French is also available!

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Sporting three Parents Choice® Awards in her hip pocket and adored by a legion of families nationwide, independent children’s musician Vanessa Trien and her band The Jumping Monkeys showcase their special brand of acoustic folk-pop with a world flavor on Wonderful YOU, a new album for kids and families released on October 14.

Musically vibrant and diverse, with guest spots by kindie music luminaries Alastair Moock, Rani Arbo, Barbara Brousal, and Mister G(Ben Gundersheimer), Wonderful YOU has an underlying theme of “community.”  The album gives a musical hug to the listener — YOU — as it celebrates neighborhoods, family, and friends coming together to play, work, live, and of course, sing and dance.

Vanessa Trien is a first-class composer of original melodies that are artfully crafted, while at the same time displaying a natural quality that makes them easy for kids to sing along with and recall. Reminiscent of Woody Guthrie’s children’s songs, every number on Wonderful YOUhas a compact message, style and flavor that is effortlessly comprehended and remembered by children and adults alike.

Wonderful YOU kicks off with Vanessa Trien dueting with Alastair Moock on “One Foot in Front of the Other.”  Explains Vanessa, “Observing Alastair’s family support one another when they faced a major health challenge, I was filled with inspiration.  With thoughts of them ‘pulling each other through’ those hard times, I wrote the chorus to ‘One Foot in Front of the Other,’ and I’m honored that Alastair agreed to sing it with me.”

“Round and Round We Go,” a reggae-style exhortation to take care of our planet, features a duet with Barbara Brousal, who was for many years a key member of Dan Zanes and Friends.  With guest vocals and fiddle by Rani Arbo, “Chi Chi Bom Bom” has a real Western Swing feel and tells the tale of a child who marches to her own drum, wears her clothes backward, and does the twist with frog and toad!  Rani Arboand Mister G join Vanessa Trien on her terrific version of the 1958 Bo Diddley-style Johnny Otis tune, “Willie and the Hand Jive,” imagining a town falling for a new dance craze.

Other highlights include a cover of the Beatles’ “All Together Now,” with Barbara Brousal in a cameo role, while Vanessa Trien’s kids and their friends add their voices to the chorus; “Feeling Thankful,” a sweet country waltz sung in harmony by Vanessa Trien, Barbara Brousal, and Rani Arbo (with Rani Arbo on fiddle); and the celebratory anthem, “Fireworks,” which envisions people coming together from all over to sing on the Brooklyn Bridge, as fireworks explode gloriously overhead.

I really like the different styles of music on this CD and highly recommend for young children! It would make a great gift suggestion this holiday season!  Perfect for ages 1-8.

Wonderful YOU will be available online at,, and iTunes.

Vanessa Trien’s website HERE.

Vanessa Trien on Facebook

Vanessa Trien on Twitter

Vanessa Trien on YouTube



Self Disclosure: I received a free CD to facilitate this post and photos and info was provided.