Looking to Teach Your Young Child Spanish?


Looking to teach your young child 1-7 Spanish?  Spanish for Kids: The Ultimate Collection from © Whistlefritz has you covered! The animation is great and it includes a great combination of live action, animation, and festive Latin music to teach children Spanish. I had my nephew try this one out and he really enjoyed it! He is 4-years-old and already knows Spanish but he thought that this was really fun. He also loved the music! The three Spanish for Kids CDs is really lively and makes the learning fun! When my son was younger we looked into different CDs and DVDs to learn Spanish and did not find any that seem as complete as this collection.


This is a fun way to learn numbers, letters and so much more!

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French is also available!

Self Disclosure: I received a free or heavily discounted item. No other compensation was received. Photos were provided courtesy of © Whistlefritz.

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