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Celebrate National Apple Month with Welch’s Fruit Snacks most recent new flavor, Apple Orchard Medley!


Yes, it is October! The time for pumpkin everything but Fall is also a time for apples!

Did you know that October is National Apple month? So, go ahead and take a break from pumpkin spice and everything pumpkin!

Welch’s® Fruit Snacks has a new flavor that my son and I just love! Apple Orchard is a delicious new flavor!  Apple Orchard Medley includes Granny Smith Apple, Pear, Golden Delicious Apple, Red Delicious Apple and Apricot varieties. You just have to try these fruit snacks! I also love that they are Fat Free!

Welch’s® Fruit Snacks are Fat Free, Gluten Free, contain No Preservatives and provide 100% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C and 25% of Vitamins A and E. Welch’s® Fruit Snacks are sure to delight your family with the 11 different varieties, delicious taste and quality that can only be Welch’s®. (MSRP: 10ct Box with 0.9oz Pouches / $2.99)

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Whole Foods Market for Halloween and Pumpkin Goodies too!


Looking for Halloween goodies? Whole Foods Market is the place to go!

I visited the local store in Redondo Beach today and left with some delicious goodies!


They have candies including delicious chocolate pumpkin lollipops and chocolates in cute Halloween decorated wrappers. These will surely be a hit this Halloween!

But, Whole Foods Market has much more than candy! They have ghost shaped chips called Boo Chips and yes, they are really shaped like little ghosts! I just had to pick up a couple bags of those!  There is also Candy Corn that is Naturally Flavored, has No artificial flavors and is Gluten Free! Now, how cool is that?!

img_4300        img_4301

They also have pumpkin goodies! I saw some delicious pumpkin flavored items and even pumpkin pie! But, I had to buy some Pumpkin soap that smells really good!  You seriously have to look for this soap!

And, I know that I can always find my favorite peanut butter cups at Whole Foods Market!


So, what are you waiting for? Run to Whole Foods Market this week!

Happy Halloween!


It’s Halloween time at Disneyland!

wdw2016273566149329_11    img_4148    img_4163

Where is the best place to go at Halloween time? No, it isn’t the pumpkin patch! Although. I have to admit when my child was younger, we did love going there at this time of the year!

But, there is a place that is so much fun and for all ages! Disneyland! I have always loved this “happiest place on earth” place. But, Halloween time is simply my favorite time there!

It’s all the decorations and just being there will put a big smile on your face! I also love the Haunted Mansion at this time of the year when you can find Jack Skellington.

What I really love about Disneyland is that there is so much to do and for all ages! My favorite tends to be It’s a Small World and my son loves the thrill rides! But, even I can handle most of the thrill rides. (Well..most of them!)

We recently visited Disneyland at the end of September and had so much fun! My son is a teenager now (time goes too fast!) and I wasn’t sure if he would still love Disneyland as much as he did when he was younger. But, he still loves the place and I know I always will!

He also does not like to take character pictures as much as he used to! But, he agreed to take one with Tigger!


My son did not want to smile..he really didn’t but as usual…Tigger got a smile out of him!

Check out the Disneyland website for all other information! This really is the best time to visit!

Happy Halloween!




Self Disclosure: I received media tickets to Disneyland/California Adventure to post.

Get “Spooky” with Sally Hansen and Rimmel London

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the time to get your nails and lips “spooked” for the holiday! With the perfect vampy and Orange lip colors from Rimmel London and fabulous orange and black nail colors from Sally Hansen, you will be Halloween ready in no time.

I just love these shades for Halloween! My favorite is the Sally Hansen INSTA DRI in Orange Zest!


I am pairing it off with Black to Black this Halloween!

Look for them where Sally Hansen products are sold! They retail for $4.95 each.

Also available is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Tribal Sun and Blacky-0 ($9.99)!

unnamed unnamed-1

Looking for some great lip shades this Halloween? Rimmel has you covered!

Rimmel The Only 1 Lip color in Oh So Wicked, One of A Kind and Call Me Crazy ($7.25)

unnamed-4 unnamed-5 unnamed-6

These are beauty-must-haves this Halloween!

Look for them where Rimmel and Sally Hansen beauty products are sold!


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Get Set for a SUPER Halloween – The PJ Masks Way!


I am  excited to share a link to the official PJ Masks Halloween Kit! Complete with downloadable PJ Masks decorations, activity sheets, pumpkin-carving stencils, and much more, the kit has everything you and your little heroes need to have a SUPER holiday.

This is a must if you have younger kids!

In other super news, officially licensed PJ Masks costumes, toys and more are now available at Toys“R”Us for even more festive fun!


PJ Masks, airing on Disney Junior, follows 6-year-old Connor, Amaya and Greg, who go to school like kids everywhere during the day. But when they put on their pajamas and activate their animal amulets, the crime-fighters magically transform into their dynamic superhero alter egos and become the PJ Masks: Catboy, super-fast and agile; Gekko, super strong and able to scale walls; and Owlette, with the power to fly and see great distances. Each episode of PJ Masks follows the three pintsized heroes as they embark on exciting adventures and work together to solve mysteries and learn valuable lessons along the way.

Credit: PJ Masks.

VAHDAM Celebration Teas: Premium loose leaf teas gift box is a must-buy! A great gift idea for anyone who loves Tea!

If you are looking for a great  gift for someone who loves Tea, this one is a must-buy!


I love that there is such a great variety of teas in this gift box! Included are: Chai Teas – 1. India’s Original Masala Chai 2. Cinnamon Chai 3. Sweet Cinnamon Chai Assam Teas – 4. Assam Exotic Black Tea Green Tea – 5. Organic Darjeeling Green Tea Darjeeling Teas – 6. Singbulli Organic and Fair Trade tea 7. Clonal Premium Signature Exotic Darjeeling Blend Nepal Tea- 8. Samal Valley FF15 Breakfast Teas – 9. Organic Breakfast Tea Flavoured Teas – 10. Earl Grey Tea.

I like that it comes in such a nice gift box and that there is a variety of teas. It really is a nice selection and would make a great gift for any tea lover! It truly is a wonderful assortment of teas that you can enjoy hot or cold.


You can purchase on

Self Disclosure: I received a free or heavily discounted product to facilitate this post.

The Magical Room on the Broom and Other Halloween Favorites

th-catinhat-halloween   th-catinthehattort  th-chica-halloween   th-doozers-halloween_1


From NCircle Entertainment comes a collection of Halloween DVD that are perfect for the younger kids in your family, from preschool to early elementary. Starting out with the delightful Room on the Broom based on the best-selling children’s picture book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. The story follows a kind witch who invites a surprising collection of animals to join her on her broom, much to the frustration of her cat. When the gang saves the witch from a fearsome dragon she rewards them with a magnificent new broom, which has room for everyone! KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Rohan F. comments, “Overall the film is magical… I like the animation because it is very detailed.  I imagine that it must have taken a lot of hard work to make this film. The expressions of the characters are very amusing and made me laugh.” See his full review below and information about the entire Halloween Collection from N Circle.


Room On the Broom

By Rohan D. Foxe, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 11





This film is very funny and has great animation. I enjoyed that they quote directly from one of my favorite old books, “Room On the Broom” by Julia Donaldson. I also like how the words all rhyme. I watched it with a toddler and he loved the movie because he liked making the WHOOSH noise when they took off. He also enjoyed all the different animals and the repetitiveness. Overall the film is magical.


Room On the Broom is about a witch and her cat. They go on a trip and the witch drops something from her broom. She flies down to get it and a wild animal finds it. When they give it back they ask her if they can come with her. Meanwhile, a scary monster is chasing them, but they don’t know. This happens three times and soon there are so many creatures on the broom that it becomes too heavy.


I like the animation because it is very detailed.  I imagine that it must have taken a lot of hard work to make this film. The expressions of the characters are very amusing and made me laugh. I also enjoyed the music because it sets the mood for each scene.  My favorite part is when the monster has the witch and it seems like she’s doomed. I like this part because it is a twist on the rest of the film. It is also the scariest part of the film. I like this scene because it is action packed and you wonder if they’ll escape.


The cast includes Simon Pegg as the narrator and Gillian Anderson as the witch’s voice. The four animals are played by Rob Brydon, Martin Clunes, Sally Hawkins and David Walliams.


The story is about a witch who meets lot of creatures that become her friends and then save her. The moral of this film is to be kind and make friends and it emphasizes the importance of friendship. Parents could have their children read the book along with the narrator and that would enhance their learning experience.


I give this film 4 ½ out of 5 stars and I recommend it for ages 2 to 8. I think parents would enjoy watching with their younger kids. It is available now on DVD so, go check it out.


Other Favorites in this collection include:


Pocoyo: Boo! – Join Pocoyo and his friends on seven playful adventures. Whether it’s playing a new game called Boo!, enjoying a monster mash party or pretending to be Godzilla & King Kong, every day is fun & engaging with Pocoyo and his friends!


Sid the Science Guy: Sid’s Spooky Halloween – It’s Halloween! Join Sid and his friends as they discover how bats catch mosquitoes, why spiders are expert engineer web builders, and how skeletons make up the foundation of our bodies. The kids dress up to celebrate Halloween at school, and Teacher Suzie leads them in a special Halloween parade song to show off their costumes! With Sid the Science Kid, Halloween can be spooky and scientific!


Cat in the Hat: Tricks and Treats  – A new spooky adventure this DVD brings, with the Cat, Nick and Sally, Fish and the Things. Meet the eeriest critters you’ve ever seen, arrived just in time for Halloween. Therell be lots of tricks and of course, lots of treats, to share with the animal friends you will meet! There’s coconut crab, spider monkeys and bats, and plenty more fun with the Cat in the Hat.


Doozers: Spookypalooza – Welcome to Doozer Creek where the Doozers live! They’re green. They’re cute. They’re three inches tall and they’re full of energy, ideas, and enthusiasm! It’s Spookypalooza! The time of year when all Doozers get together to spook each other. The Pod Squad makes the spookiest pumpkin ever a cool Pumpkin Doozer made by stacking three pumpkins together. But when their new invention starts rolling all around town, the Doozers have to find a way to reign in their spooky creation! Enjoy four STEM-based adventures with the Doozers!


Houdini – Twelve year old Harry has lived and breathed magic since his early childhood.  Unfortunately, his hometown, Appletown, is not the best place for his natural talent to blossom. One day Harry catches the glimpse of a chance: the New York mayor has announced a magic competition due to the official opening of the Statue of Liberty. In order to try out one must be trained by a real magician and Harry doesn’t know one.  Harry’s father runs into the magician, the Great Tesla, in town and Tesla promises to see Harry, spots his talent, creativity and decides to give him a chance.


Chica Show: Chica’s Halloween Adventure – It’s Chica’s favorite time of the year but her indecision on what costume to wear stops her from enjoying all the Halloween fun. Will she be able to make up her mind in time? Find out in Chica’s Halloween Adventure! Then continue the fun with four more adventures in the Costume Coop. What are you waiting for? It’s time to dress up!


The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Halloween! – The Cat in the Hat takes Nick and Sally on a Halloween ride filled with howlers and shockers and scary fandangles, big laughs and music and fun from all angles! Their fright-filled adventure takes them deep into the Oooky-ma-kooky Closet where Nick and Sally discover the very best Halloween costumes ever.




R.M. Palmer Company has Delicious Candy this Halloween! Halloween Giveaway Opportunity!


Halloween is less than a week away! Time to pick out Halloween costumes (if you haven’t already!) and time to buy Halloween candy!

SoCal City Kids has selected R.M. Palmer Chocolate candies as our favorites this Holiday!

I haven’t quite decided which bag is my favorite! It’s a close tie between the Monster Munch Mix and the Trick or Treat Mix! They are both filled with such delicious chocolates! They both have Peanut butter filled pumpkins…yum! My son likes the Double Crisp Monster Munny ones that are in the Monster Munch Mix!  What I really like about the Trick or Treat Mix is that the candies are individually pouched and sealed which is great for trick-or-treating or parties!

They are big bags too! The Trick or Treat package has 38 individual pieces and the Monster Munch Mix has 3 lbs of chocolates! Also available is the Milk Chocolate Flavored Tricky Treats Chocolate Mix and the Mummy Munchies! Each has over 200 pieces and I like that the Mummy Munchies are in a resealable bag!

They are easy to find too! I found out that many of the local stores near me have these yummy treats!

Mummy Munchies, 60 oz. bag  (SRP $10-12)

Trick or Treat Mix, 24 oz. bag  (SRP $5-6)

Monster Munch Mix, 48 oz. bag  (SRP $7-8)

Tricky Treats Mix, 70 oz. bag (SRP $10-12)


Click here to find out all locations!

We have teamed up for a Special Halloween Giveaway with our friends at R.M Palmer! You can win your own Halloween candy! To enter, leave a comment below telling us which bag you think that you would be most excited to try or you can simply tell us your favorite of the following chocolates:

Fudge Filled, Peanut Butter filled or Double Crisp!

Deadline to enter is October 29th, 2016 at noon PST! One winner will randomly be selected via

*U.S. Residents only. One winner will win a gift prize featuring the above chocolates. 

Look for them on Facebook too!

About R.M. Palmer Company
R.M. Palmer Company has been crafting fun, seasonal chocolate novelties since 1948. Today, the R.M. Palmer Company is the 25th largest confectioner in North America and the 82nd largest confectioner in the world. ( <> ). From its headquarters in West Reading, PA, Palmer’s 850 dedicated employees design, produce, package and ship more than 500 unique items to retail locations throughout North America – making Palmer one of America’s largest and most innovative confectioners.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this holiday feature and giveaway.