Whole Foods Market for Halloween and Pumpkin Goodies too!


Looking for Halloween goodies? Whole Foods Market is the place to go!

I visited the local store in Redondo Beach today and left with some delicious goodies!


They have candies including delicious chocolate pumpkin lollipops and chocolates in cute Halloween decorated wrappers. These will surely be a hit this Halloween!

But, Whole Foods Market has much more than candy! They have ghost shaped chips called Boo Chips and yes, they are really shaped like little ghosts! I just had to pick up a couple bags of those!  There is also Candy Corn that is Naturally Flavored, has No artificial flavors and is Gluten Free! Now, how cool is that?!

img_4300        img_4301

They also have pumpkin goodies! I saw some delicious pumpkin flavored items and even pumpkin pie! But, I had to buy some Pumpkin soap that smells really good!  You seriously have to look for this soap!

And, I know that I can always find my favorite peanut butter cups at Whole Foods Market!


So, what are you waiting for? Run to Whole Foods Market this week!

Happy Halloween!


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