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NEW Birthday Book from I See Me! This is a must-buy for all young children!


Looking for a great birthday gift idea for a young child? This Birthday book from I See Me! is a must-buy!

I just love how you can personalize it and include a photo of your child on the cover and through out the book. This is such a cute book with beautiful illustrations! I had the opportunity to receive one for my niece who will be soon turning two-years-old and can’t wait to see her face when she sees this book!

It’s your child’s birthday and word is getting around fast! In this entertaining and whimsical storybook, your child wakes up to a special birthday greeting from Buzzy the bird. The adventure builds and the birthday celebration just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Buzzy spreads the news to your child’s family and friends, throughout your child’s town, throughout the nation, around the globe and even into outer space! Your child will feel extra-special on his or her birthday with this uniquely personalized book.

“It’s My Birthday!” can be personalized with your child’s name, photo, birthdate, age, town and more! You can even choose the color of the cover.

Visit I See Me! to order your own birthday book!


Self Disclosure: I received a free book to facilitate this book. Photo was provided.

New Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins multi-brand location in Orange County will commemorate milestone with special giveaways, sampling and more DUNKIN’ DONUTS TO CELEBRATE ITS 100TH DD GREEN™ ACHIEVEMENT RESTAURANT NATIONWIDE IN FOOTHILL RANCH ON OCTOBER 4

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Dunkin’ Donuts, America’s all-day, everyday stop for coffee and baked goods, and Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, are bringing Orange County’s first Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins multi-brand drive-thru restaurant to Foothill Ranch on October 4. The establishment, located at 26722 Portola Parkway, will open at 5 a.m. and offer a full array of both Dunkin’ Donuts’ freshly brewed coffee and delicious baked goods, and Baskin-Robbins’ premium ice cream and frozen treats.


The Foothill Ranch Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant is also the brand’s 100th DD Green™ Achievement location, designed with energy efficient and sustainable elements. A milestone originally planned for the end of 2016, Dunkin’ Donuts is ahead of schedule with integrating this program into its new restaurants nationwide. The Foothill Ranch establishment will feature specialty lighting to reduce energy use, high-efficiency mechanical units, water reduction features and more.


The days surrounding the milestone opening will be full of special festivities and giveaways. The first person in both the drive-thru and walk-in line on October 4 will earn a $250 gift card, and the first 200 people in both the lobby and drive-thru will receive a free Dunkin’ Donuts tumbler or a Baskin-Robbins campfire mug. Throughout the day, customers can collect a branded keychain by signing up for DD Perks®, Dunkin’ Donuts’ guest rewards program.


Additionally, attendees will have opportunities to take photos with Dunkin’ Donuts brand mascot, Cuppy, in a photo booth onOctober 8. Furthermore, the local women’s roller derby team will be passing out delicious beverages as well as Baskin-Robbins ice cream cakes for guests in line on October 4 and 8. To continue the celebration throughout opening week, Dunkin’ fans will receive a free medium hot or iced coffee offer with the purchase of a dozen donuts at this new location from October 4 to 11.


The Foothill Ranch location will be operated by Precision Hospitality & Development. Precision Hospitality & Development became a franchisee in 2014 and has since opened Orange County’s first Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant located in Laguna Hills, as well as a location in Irvine. The group has plans to develop several additional Dunkin’ Donuts locations in both South Orange County and North Los Angeles in the coming years.


“While every Dunkin’ Donuts opening has been a memorable experience, this new restaurant is especially exciting for us,” said Joe Haupt, Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee and owner of Precision Hospitality & Development. “It is a milestone not only for Dunkin’ Brands and our franchise group, but for the community as well, as this is only the second Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins multi-brand restaurant in the entire state. We can’t wait to delight our guests with both brands’ delicious lineups of menu items.”


Dunkin’ Donuts will mark the occasion with a ceremonial ribbon cutting at 10 a.m., which will be attended by Lake Forest dignitaries. In an effort to contribute to the surrounding area and enjoy the day with community members, the franchisees will also donate $1,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Lake Forest during a check presentation on grand opening day.  The donation will further the organization’s efforts to support children’s activities in Lake Forest.


To learn more about Dunkin’ Donuts, visit or follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( for real time updates. To learn more about Baskin-Robbins, visit or follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( For media inquiries, contact


  Dunkin’ Donuts

Founded in 1950, Dunkin’ Donuts is America’s favorite all-day, everyday stop for coffee and baked goods. Dunkin’ Donuts is a market leader in the hot regular/decaf/flavored coffee, iced coffee, donut, bagel and muffin categories. Dunkin’ Donuts has earned the No. 1 ranking for customer loyalty in the coffee category by Brand Keys for 10 years running. The company has more than 12,000 restaurants in 44 countries worldwide. Based in Canton, Mass., Dunkin’ Donuts is part of the Dunkin’ Brands Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: DNKN) family of companies. For more information, visit



Named the top ice cream and frozen dessert franchise in the United States by Entrepreneur magazine’s 37th annual Franchise 500® ranking in 2016, Baskin-Robbins is the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops. Baskin-Robbins creates and markets innovative, premium hard scoop ice cream and soft serve, custom ice cream cakes and a full range of beverages, providing quality and value to consumers at more than 7,700 retail shops in nearly 50 countries. Baskin-Robbins was founded in 1945 by two ice cream enthusiasts whose passion led to the creation of more than 1,300 ice cream flavors and a wide variety of delicious treats. Headquartered in Canton, Mass., Baskin-Robbins is part of the Dunkin’ Brands Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: DNKN) family of companies. For further information, visit

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Soarin’ Over Equestria – Wonderful Stories, Fantastic Morals


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Soarin’ Over Equestria offers a compilation of five episodes from the popular TV series following Rainbow Dash’s quest to join the elite team of Pegasus called Wonder Bolts. Joined by all your favorite winged Ponies, they show you Equestria the way it was meant to be seen… from above! KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Gerry O. comments, “…there have been many great episodes. Some are adventurous, some funny but always entertaining. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Soarin’ Over Equestria has five episodes from all six seasons that truly demonstrate hilarious moments, wonderful stories and fantastic morals.” See his full review below.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Soarin’ Over Equestria
By Gerry O., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 14


After six years of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoons, there have been many great episodes. Some are adventurous, some funny but always entertaining. The DVD, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Soarin’ Over Equestria has five episodes from all six seasons that truly demonstrate hilarious moments, wonderful stories and fantastic morals.

This series is mostly an adventure but there are many more elements to the show. There is very mild and child friendly drama, as well as a good amount of humor that will make audiences laugh. On top of that, there is the occasional action scene that is child friendly, but exciting. These genres are truly shown in the five episodes on this DVD.

Even though all the episodes are from different seasons, they all follow the story of one of the characters, Rainbow Dash (Ashleigh Ball) trying to accomplish her dream of joining a very elite team of Pegasus, called the Wonder Bolts. There isn’t a central plot related to the main story of the show, so those who haven’t seen the show before do not have to worry about being able to follow the story.

Despite there being six seasons, over 100 episodes, multiple movies and more, the show is still fresh and exciting. There are many big plot reveals in the latest seasons and it never loses its charm. This can truly be seen in these five episodes because, despite some being six years apart in release, they all still have an even level of quality, from colorful but detailed animation, to spectacular voiceover work. The DVD also comes with a sing-along bonus feature that younger kids will enjoy. The biggest part about this DVD is, of course, the morals about friendship. Each message is different, from getting over fears, to don’t make wrong assumptions or don’t fall to peer pressure. All of them are good morals that both kids and adults could learn from and are important ones that should be followed in life.

My favorite episode is Testing Testing, 1, 2 ,3. In this episode, Rainbow Dash needs to take a test to sign up to be part of the Wonder Bolts. The main problem is she has never really studied for anything before, so all her friends attempt to help her study in different ways. I like this episode because it talks about how everyone studies differently and the plot of this episode is a perfect example. Some people like flashcards, while others like little films about it. Another great feature about this episode is that it’s hilarious and the story has an unexpected ending.

This DVD is meant for young children and I recommend it for ages 4 to 18. Younger kids may not appreciate it fully and I know plenty of older ones who are still fans. I give this DVD 5 out of 5 stars for its beautiful songs, colorful animation, emotional voice acting and complex but entertaining plots. This DVD is available now.




Amazing ideas for your tiny bathroom

Bathroom is our comfort room.

When we get home after a long day, there is nothing better than soaking your body into a hot bathtub. But, if your bathroom is too tiny, you won’t have the opportunity to have a bathtub in the first place.

Having a small bathroom presents some other issues as well. Traditionally, we are used to keeping a lot of different cosmetic and hygienic products within it. In a way, it is a storage room where we are able to perform all the beauty procedures. But, if you are limited by space, it will be very problematic to turn around, to look in the mirror from different perspective or to, let’s say, dry your hair.

Luckily for us, there are certain things that you can do with a bathroom making it more functional.


  1. Planning ahead

Needless to say, whenever you buy a property, make sure that it has a descent bathroom. As we mentioned, most people do not even realize how much of an issue having a small bathroom can be until they start using one themselves. If you are thinking about renovating, make sure that bathroom is properly planned. Trust me when I say this, you can decrease size of certain rooms such as the living room and nobody will notice. However, there is no way to reduce your bathroom and still feel comfortable. Biggest issue with this space lies in its function; in other words, if it’s too small, you are bound to notice. That being said, plan ahead before any renovation work. Place bathroom on top of priority list.

  1. Adding windows

Windows are detrimental for your bathroom. Not only do they help you ventilate the room, but they also give a feeling of spaciousness. Oftentimes, bathrooms can be claustrophobic. Even if you have a big one, it will probably be one of the smallest (if not the smallest) room in your house. With windows, you are able to expand that space. Albeit, it will still remain the same room as it was before but now, you will feel much better mentally.

  1. Placement of objects

Many people think that they should store everything in bathroom. Stuffing this room will be disastrous for its functionality as you soon realize that you cannot even rotate your shoulders within it. Yes, traditionally bathroom is the part of our home where you put your make-up, do your hair and perform other cosmetic procedures. It is usually the best option as everybody has a mirror inside. In case of a tiny bathroom, this is more of a luxury. It is much easier for you to get a new mirror, place it somewhere in the house and move all your make-up nearby. You don’t have to do make-up and hair in bathroom just because you are used to it. This small and simple alteration will save you a lot of space. There will be no more need for gigantic cupboards and cabinets. Instead, all you will need in bathroom is soap and towel holder and you are set. It is a big compromise but it is one you have to make if you have limited space.

  1. Placement of washing machine

This is something that doesn’t pertain to US. In many parts of the world, such as Europe, it is normal to have a washing machine within a bathroom. This can be an enormous problem in small apartments. If you have the option, it is better to place your washing machine in the kitchen or some other room where it will make sense.

  1. Higher positioning

Ok, if you followed instructions so far, you probably decided to move most of your stuff to other rooms. Nevertheless, several items will still have to remain inside. Here, I am mostly referring to shelves and other holders where you can keep the bathroom necessities. Generally speaking, even though they can be very small, they still reduce the available space for you to move. Due to this, it is best if you place all these shelves and accessories on a higher level. By installing them above your head, there will be much more space for your body. At the same time, this makes it harder for kids to reach cosmetic and chemical products. It’s a win-win situation!


These are just a few tips that will help you with a claustrophobic bathroom. As you can see, it all comes down to optimization of space and removal of anything unnecessary.

Although most of us regard bathroom as a safe haven, it is necessary to make compromises if you do not have enough space. These cuts may be painful but they will help you a lot.

What is your biggest issue with your tiny bathroom? Share it in the comment section bellow!

Credit: Emmerey Rose.

Short bio: Emmerey Rose is a pool maintenance expert at 4 Pumps Pty Ltd

  4 Pumps Pty Ltd (4 Pumps) is Australia’s largest online pump store. 4 Pumps is an Australian company that focuses on the national distribution of its comprehensive range of quality pumping products.


Fifty Years Later – Gumby Still Entertains and Teaches Valuable Lessons


Gumby and Pokey return for fun-filled adventures in this new 60s set of 40 re-mastered claymation episodes from the late 60s. These cleverly written stories engage both children and adults with enduring themes that captivate today’s audiences as they did when first released. Special features include the art film The Clay Peacock, a special behind the scenes photo gallery, the re-mastered Have a Heart animated theme song, a never before heard Gumby song and super fun clay animated bumpers. Some of the animators who worked on these episodes share their experiences and many went on to animate more than sixty iconic films including Star Wars. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Gerry O. comments, “The Adventures of Gumby: The 60s Series Volume 2 not only contains spectacular stop motion animation, but also has fantastic and fun adventures that kids and adults of all ages can greatly enjoy.” See his full review below.

The Adventures of Gumby: The 60s Series Volume 2


By Gerry O., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 14


Fifty years ago, before computer animation, we had hand drawn animation and stop motion animation. The Adventures of Gumby: The 60s Series Volume 2 not only contains spectacular stop motion animation, but also has fantastic and fun adventures that kids and adults of all ages can greatly enjoy.

This series is meant to be an adventure but it doesn’t hold back on humor and will make you laugh time and again. It also has some mild action and even a slight bit of intensity, but nothing to be too concerned about. Even those intense scenes are full of light and good nature.

Each episode focuses on a different story. Some may focus on an adventure into a dinosaur world or into space or even into a micro world where germs live. Each episode follows Gumby and his friends and what happens during their adventures while teaching kids some valuable information. Most episodes have some sort of moral message and, since there isn’t a continuing, viewers can watch at any point of the series and understand what is going on. I enjoy the fact that, despite most of it being pretty fantasy-like, it intertwines actual science and real-world knowledge to the point where I found myself learning stuff about economics, which was a pleasant surprise!

My favorite episode is Shady Lemonade. In this one, Gumby and his friends go to a lemonade place and discover that the owner scammed them. Later that day, they save a man’s cat and the man gives them a very large reward. They decide to use that money so people can get lemonade at a cheap price and not worry about getting scammed. I picked this episode because, despite it not have some fun adventure, it is still a unique and fun story which kept me entertained. On top of that, the moral of the story is great – for every action there is a reaction, just like it shows in Shady Lemonade.

The Adventures of Gumby: The 60s Series Volume 2 has so much to love about it. Stop motion animation is sadly a dying art and, in this series, you see what makes it so fantastic. This is an art form that has more of a human touch. In hand drawn animation, you draw pictures with pen and paper. In computer animation, you type on a keyboard. With stop motion, you physically touch the characters and alter them at will. On top of that, the voice acting is wonderful as are the songs. There is some background music in many episodes, which isn’t too noticeable but adds to the flow of the show. Despite it being over 50 years old, I still greatly enjoyed it and laughed throughout every episode. I also admire the series because its creators don’t ever talk about morals or try to explain them, but you still learn a good lesson from the fun, easy-going stories.

This series is designed for kids and parents have nothing to worry about. I recommend it for ages 4 to 18. I believe adults will enjoy this show too, even though it is a kid’s show, because it sparks your imagination and its out of this world stories will make you laugh. For spectacular stop motion animation, wonderful voice acting, fantastic songs and perfect stories, I give it 5 out of 5 stars.




Tiffany is Pet of the Week!


You’re cordially invited to breakfast with Tiffany. This lovely year-old brown tabby is affectionate and ready for a playful romp. There’s nothing she’d like more than a seat by your table delicately nibbling at her kibble as you sip coffee, eat a muffin, and look at her lovingly. Meet Tiffany at the Companion Animal Village at 7700 East Spring St., (562) 570-PETS. Ask for ID#A562027.


(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)


Credit: Courtesy of the Companion Animal Village.

Universal Studios Hollywood’s All-New California Neighbor Pass Moves into Town

MEGATRON and OPTIMUS PRIME Transformers. Bart, Homer, Marge and Maggie Simpson.  Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor dinosaurs.  Gru and the Minions.  Walkers.  Wizards and wands…just a few of the most fun neighbors around sharing one awesome residence:  Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal Studios Hollywood, on the heels of its billion dollar-epic transformation, rolls out the welcome wagon with its all-newCalifornia Neighbor Pass, inviting neighbors from across the Golden State to visit The Entertainment Capital of L.A. and experience a completely reimagined theme park. 

Representing Universal Studios Hollywood’s single largest investment ever made, this sweeping makeover has had an astounding effect on the destination.  With over 75 percent of the area completely transformed, residents from Southern to Northern California are invited to visit and experience as if for the very first time with the new California Neighbor Pass.

Chock full of benefits, the new pass enables guests to choose any day for their first visit and return to enjoy Universal Studios Hollywood for more than 200 select days and weekends for only $119.  Discounts on general admission tickets for friends and family to the theme park and popular “Halloween Horror Nights” and at participating CityWalk locations as well as special events and sweepstakes opportunities are also included in the California Neighbor Pass program.

As the world’s largest movie and television production studio, theme park and behind-the-scenes Studio Tour, guests can escape the everyday to play hooky with some of Hollywood’s giant stars and take a spin on the park’s compelling thrill rides and immersive lands, including “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™,” “Transformers:  The Ride 3D,“ “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem,” Super Silly Fun Land, The Simpsons Ride, Springfield and “Fast & Furious: Supercharged” on the world famousStudio Tour

To learn more about this new 9-month pass and other Annual Pass options, please visit  Additional information is available at Like Universal Studios Hollywood onFacebook and follow @UniStudios on Instagram and Twitter

Universal Studios Hollywood, The Entertainment Capital of L.A.SM, includes a full-day, movie-based theme park and Studio Tour; the CityWalk entertainment, shopping and dining complex, the Universal CityWalk Cinemas and the “5 Towers” state-of-the-art outdoor concert venue. World-class rides and attractions include the renowned, behind-the-scenes Studio Tour featuring the intense “King Kong 360 3-D” attraction and the all-new “Fast & Furious—Supercharged” thrill ride as the Studio Tour’s grand finale.  Other popular rides include the 3D-HD adventure, “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem” and immersive “Super Silly Fun Land,” the critically-acclaimed mega-attraction, “Transformers™:  The Ride-3D,” “Revenge of the MummySM—The Ride,” “Jurassic Park® —The Ride” and “Springfield,” hometown of America’s favorite TV family, adjacent to the award-winning “The Simpsons RideTM” and the “Nighttime Studio Tour” which runs on select evenings.

Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood.