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Home Chef is a Great Tasting and Easy way to Plan your Meals! Perfect for this busy Back-to-School time!

Looking for a great way to plan out your Meals? You can also receive fresh ingredients to cook these meals. The best thing is that it is all delivered to your door and ready for you to cook!

Home Chef is the Chicago-based meal kit delivery service and they are expanding service nationwide!

I had the opportunity to try Home Chef and have to say, I was pretty impressed! I received two separate meals: Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps and Caramelized Apple Chutney Pork Chops…yum! Both items were low-calorie and I was impressed that I received all of the ingredients and they were fresh. I also was grateful that there are step-by-step recipe instructions, which were super easy to follow.


I like how the recipes can also be kept in a binder for future use. The binder is included.

img_3782    img_3783

My personal favorite was the Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps! They were absolutely delicious! But, the Pork Chops were good too!

img_3790     img_3791


All you need to do is go to the Home Chef site and choose the meals you want using the step-by-step entry form. The subscriptions are simple and I like the variety that they offer in their menu options. They also offer options for low-calorie and no red meat.

To find out more about how it all works, go here.

Self Disclosure: I received two free meals to facilitate this post. No other compensation was received. Photo credit: SoCal City Kids.

Delectables™ SqueezeUp™ with Chicken and with Tuna are a hit with my Cats!


Looking for a treat even the pickiest of Cats will love?

Delectables™ SqueezeUp™ with Chicken and with Tuna are a big hit with our cats! I also have one cat that is very picky and he loves them especially the Tuna!

These treats are a rich, thick puree in a lickable tube that you can hand feed for a fun and delicious treat. if you have a Cat who doesn’t like to be hand-fed, then you can simply squeeze into a bowl or on a plate. Two of our three cats preferred this way.

img_3892    img_3894

HARTZ has really done it this time! All our cats love these treats! I can’t even say which flavor was the favorite since they didn’t last very long at all! I have to say that our cats definitely have a favorite new treat!

Look for them at a store near you!

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Photo Credit: SoCal City Kids.