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Two St. Louis dads put their heads together to produce brainskinz™ interchangeable-shell helmets These are Super Cool!


Do your kids dislike wearing the traditional bike helmets for biking and skateboarding?

Maybe it is time to try a new one!

After five years in the making, Brainskinz Helmet Systems, LLC has officially launched its line of brainskinz™ interchangeable-shell helmets. Combining safety and style, brainskinz™ helmets have been thoughtfully designed with kids in mind.


“I kept seeing kids, time and again, riding without helmets all over the neighborhood,” said founding partner, John Polansky. “They’d often have their helmets with them, but dangling from their handlebars. I eventually started to question them on this and was continuously told that they either didn’t like the way their helmets looked, or they didn’t like the way they felt. I was determined to figure out a way to make kids want to wear their helmets while out biking or skateboarding, and knew that it was a matter of combining function and form with a bit of personal expression.”


Industrial design engineers at Fred Sparks (, along with Polansky himself, designed both the “Base” helmet which brainskinz calls “function,” as well as the decorative “Shells” which brainskinz calls “form.”


The base helmet is comfortably outfitted with soft, satiny padding, an adjustable clasp-style chinstrap, and a dial-fit that perfectly conforms to a child’s head. The base helmet meets safety testing requirements for bicycling and skateboarding, and can be worn with or without a shell. “The shell, however, is kinda the whole point,” said partner Brad Gilmore. “Choosing and changing the shell is where the fun comes in. Kids love being able to express themselves, changing out the shell based on whatever mood or style they’re feeling that day.”

SoCal City Kids received samples and I love the designs of them! I had a few of our younger testers try them out and they were a big hit! The kids loved the designs and also said that they are comfortable to wear! I think it is important that kids like them because well..otherwise they just may not wear them!

More About brainskinz:

brainskinz™ are fun, changeable helmets that your kids will love to wear! brainskinz™ are colorful, playful, and just plain fun. brainskinz™ can be worn pretty much any time your kids are in motion, and when they get tired of a design, they can simply detach the current Shell and choose another from their collection. Keeping it fresh means keeping them on their melons!

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Photo was provided.

ABC Monsters: Party in Capital Castle! Starring MNOP


KIDS FIRST! Adult Reviewer Ruth A. comments, “Kids ages 3 to 6 will simply love ABC Monsters: Starring MNOP because the episodes are quick paced, entertaining and fun!  Meanwhile, their parents will embrace these video episodes as a tool for helping children increase their pre-reading skills such as letter recognition, letter formation, visual tracking, and vocabulary recall. Learning the letters of the alphabet and developing pre-reading skills is always easier when it feels more like play rather than effort! Watch along as friendly talking monsters in the shape of letters make learning fun by using repetition, word games, brightly colored animation and age appropriate songs.  Throughout these 4 stories, cartoon characters Alice, Brian and Cherry Berry work together to find missing letter monsters and return them to their home in Alphabet Gardens in the Capital Castle.  This DVD focuses on the letters M, N, O and P. Very enjoyable, but I would have like to seen a more racially diverse group of human characters represented.”  KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Morgan B. comments, “This animated cartoon adventure has the perfect blend of silliness, singing, puzzles, mysteries, exercise and games. I enjoyed the colorful animation and all the different activities that keep your mind entertained. The letters are all adorable.” See her full review below.

ABC Monsters: Starring M N O P
By Morgan B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11


What would the world be like without the letters M N O P? Chaos! We use these letters every day and, in this DVD, preschoolers and kindergarteners help solve a mystery to find a different missing letter in every episode. This is a fun filled show containing four episodes, each one about the relationships of letters and how important they all are. Each episode focuses on a specific letter and uses words from that letter throughout the show.

This animated cartoon adventure has the perfect blend of silliness, singing, puzzles, mysteries, exercise and games. I enjoyed the colorful animation and all the different activities that keep your mind entertained. The letters are all adorable. It teaches children how to spell, write, count, directions, phonics and the importance of letting peers know where you are.

My favorite episode to watch is Odd Jobs and Octopuses. I love this episode because it is silly. I like all the fun words that we learn and it is really cute. I love the way that it incorporates many different ways we use the letter O. The letter O is very quirky.  The way he solves the problems with all his odd jobs is original. All the letters get together to help O. This episode also teaches teamwork and that is a very important lesson for children to learn.

The voiceovers are quite believable and easy to listen to.  The voices vary enough to make it easy to see differentiate between the letters. All the character are adorable and make you want to play along with them, sing the catchy songs, exercise, dance and do the fun games.

My favorite character is Alice because she is so adorable, sweet and helpful. I love the ways she supports her friends Brian and Cherry Berry while they try to find the missing letters. Brian is very funny and just too cute for words. I love how he assists Alice and Cherry Berry by telling them what words mean. Cherry Berry is a magical fairy with a jester stick that is friends with Alice and Brian. She is very helpful and is willing to help Alice and Brian find the missing alphabet letters.

The graphics are bright, silly and colorful. The directors, Au Loong and Cheong Siew Wai have created a fast paced, entertaining show that captures your attention from beginning to end. You are sad to see it end.

I recommend this show for ages 3 to 7. Older kids will likely enjoy watching it too as it reminded me of being younger and reinforced that learning can be fun. Cute, singing Monsters always make people smile. This really is one cute, adorable, quirky and fun learning experience all rolled up into one DVD of four episodes. I give this DVD 4 ½ out of 5 ABC Stars.



Tylenol want to help you celebrate your baby’s first year of triumphs

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Dr. Tanya, along with TYLENOL® are inviting all parents to contribute to the Operation Smile fund that will help restore smiles in children with a cleft lip or cleft palate. Every three minutes a child is born with these facial deformities and Operation Smile believes every child suffering from this deserves access to exceptional surgical care and deserves to live a better life.

TYLENOL® Operation Smiles Donation

  Parents can take pictures of their baby’s first tooth and create personalized e-cards on For each share of the e-card, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to Operation Smile, an international medical charity that has provides free surgeries for children in developing countries who are born with cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities.

Self Disclosure: I received a TYLENOL® kit to facilitate this post.

Hydration for Pregnant Moms and Babies and children of all ages!


When it comes to providing the best care and resources for your baby, parents should be aware that offering filtered water instead of tap is the safest option.

Contaminants such as lead are even more detrimental to pregnant women and children under six years of age, causing developmental delays, slowed growth, learning disabilities and more.  Using filtered water that removes lead and other impurities is the better option when taking care of a baby.

I have found that ZeroWater is a great way to go!

ZeroWater is the only water filtration system to receive NSF endorsement for its reduction capabilities in chromium-3, chromium-6 and lead. ZeroWater’s products range from a 6 Cup to a 23 Cup pitcher and dispensers, all employed with the patented 5-stage filtration technology that removes 99.6% of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) offering superior filtered water.

ZeroWater high performance water filtration through a patented 5-stage filter compared to most on the market that are only 2-stage.  All devices implement the five-stage filtration system to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your tap water and deliver you great-tasting water in just minutes.  ZeroWater is one of the only pour through filtration systems on the market that is NSF certified to meet standards for lead removal as well as other heavy metals.  In addition, Good Housekeeping Research Institute findings reveal that ZeroWater filters remove more pharmaceuticals and chemicals than Brita and PUR.

ZeroWater’s products range from a 6 Cup to a 23 Cup pitcher and dispensers, all employed with the patented 5-stage filtration technology that removes 99.6% of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) offering superior filtered water. MSRP Starting at $19.99 and available at major retailers across the US and Canada.


I love that they have so many different options! I have also tried the Pitcher in the past! I just had the opportunity to try out one of the dispensers and am really impressed!  I like that I feel that this is a safer way to drink water and that it is so simple! Lead-Free Water is the best option for children of all ages and adults too!

Find out more at

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. Photos were provided.