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NurturMe Introduces Yum-A-Roos Organic Dried Fruit and Veggie Toddler Snacks


NurturMe, the first and only family of certified-organic, dried fruit and veggie meals, announced today the introduction of Yum-A-Roo’s, a new line of bite-sized organic dried fruit and veggie snacks for toddlers.

Big nutrition designed for little hands, NurturMe’s new Yum-a-Roo’s organic dry toddler snacks are made from bite-sized pieces of fruits and veggies that easily dissolve in the mouth. Tasty and good for little ones ages 1 year and older, Yum-a-Roo’s are extra nutritious since they contain veggies, in addition to fruit, and are dried – a NurturMe process that preserves the nutrients, freshness and flavor. Kiddos love the taste, and parents love that there’s 1.5 servings of fruits and/or veggies in every pouch. Yum-a-Roo’s are available in four flavors Tropical Twist (Banana, Mango and Pineapple), Caribbean Crop (Pea, Banana and Pineapple), Happy Harvest (Peas, Sweet Corn and Apple) and Bountiful Bites (Banana, Apple and Broccoli).   Suggested retail is $2.99 per each .75 oz. resealable pouch.

NurturMe Yum-A-Roos snack line is certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher and contains no added sugar, salt or preservatives.  Yum-a-Roo’s come in small, re-sealable pouches that are perfect for lunchboxes, picnics, road trips, playgrounds, airplanes and of course, zoos!

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In conjunction with the launch of Yum-A-Roos, NurturMe has created a free iPad and iPhone App starring “Roo” their adorable Kangaroo character.  The fun and educational new App teaches tots about their favorite fruits and veggies.  The Yum-A-Roo App can be downloaded here:

In addition to the new Yum-A-Roos toddler snack line NurturMe recently announced the expansion of their award-winning line of organic dried baby food – including the introduction of a 100% quinoa rice cereal alternative and a new line of blended NurturMeals organic dry meal pouches that combine delicious and nutrient-rich fruit and veggie flavors. The first “stage-free” food for little ones, NurturMe’s new convenient and healthy organic dry meal pouches and fruit and veggie snacks make it even easier for busy parents to ensure their children are getting maximum nutrition with every bite – from infants to toddlers, and everywhere in between.  All NurturMe products are made in the USA from specially selected organic super fruits and veggies that are lovingly harvested and quick-dried in order to preserve freshness, flavor, phytochemicals and other nutrients.

NurturMe products are available for purchase nationwide online, as well as in select Whole Foods, Kroger family and Babies R Us stores across the country. Please visit for pricing and where to buy in your neighborhood.

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NurturMe is having a  contest where you can win a free iPad Mini! Contest link:



About NurturMe

A revolution in feeding little ones, NurturMe is the first and only family of certified-organic, dried fruit and veggie meals and snacks created for children 4 months to 4 years. The first “stage-free” food for little ones, NurturMe’s line of organic dry NurturMeal pouches and Yum-a-Roo’s dried fruit and veggie snacks were designed to meet every yummy need, from infants to toddlers, and everywhere in between. NurturMeals and Yum-a-Roo’s are certified organic, gluten-free*, non-GMO and kosher, with no added preservatives, sugars or salts – only the good stuff. All NurturMe products are made from specially selected super fruits and veggies that are lovingly harvested and quick-dried in order to preserve freshness, flavor and nutrients.

Please visit for pricing and where to buy in your neighborhood. Visit them on Facebook at and on Twitter at for news of special promotions, new product introductions and more.

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Attention all avid and amateur chefs! Do you love to match taste with presentation? Not sure how to keep your cookies from spreading too thin? Are you looking for tips on the easiest way to peel garlic or make a fabulous chocolate torte with just four ingredients? I know that I have personally wondered these things!

Then, check out the new and exciting way to get (and give) topline guidance and inspiration on the ONLY social media network that connects people with their pursuits:


Binteo ( is turning social networking upside down. It isn’t about connecting based on WHO you know, but WHAT you know – or want to learn about it. The site has several interest groups forming now, including cooking, with top experts in the field, as well as other enthusiasts like yourself, to offer great advice. The Binteo cooking community is where you can lead meaningful conversations, in real-time, with others that share your common interest. Is cooking breakfast more of your forte than making dinner entrees? You can connect with others who thrive on making top notch omelets rather than Pasta Bolognese!

Because the Binteo communities are specialized with people seeking specific topics, there is finally an online space where you can take your knowledge to the next level and help others, too, without fearing that your cooking questions or food pics are boring others (such as your Facebook pals).

You can even join sub-groups for specific cooking discussions – such as Mediterranean style cuisine, Italian style, BBQ tips & tricks, cupcakes and more – or start your own! The Binteo community has great communication options such as private chat/calls/video, public posts, group chat, video, photos and news feeds. Experts provide members with insights Q&A, one-on-one sessions and more!

Become one of the newest Binteo cooking community members to be automatically entered to win a $100 gift card to Chef Central, the culinary superstore!

 When you think of, think Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all combined into ONE fabulous social space based on your specific interest, hobby or passion.  Currently the site is offering cooking, gardening, photography and Autism advocacy communities, but if you don’t see a group you want to join now, sign up and click on YOU DECIDE and tell us what you’d like to see next. Binteo will be launching many interest groups in the coming weeks and months as the new platform rolls out.

Learn more about Binteo in our short video:


You can sign up now at and help Binteo reach its new member milestone while it is still in beta! I just signed up and it really seems like a great new website!


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SENG Offers Free Parent/Educator Webinars! In celebration of National Parenting Gifted Children Week, July 21-27


Does anyone really know what you’re going through as a parent of a gifted child? Parents need special understanding in order to raise and advocate for the social and emotional needs of their gifted children. To this end, Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted(SENG) is proud to sponsor, during the third week in July each year, National Parenting Gifted Children (NPGC) Week – an event listed in the National Special Events Registry. NPGC Week celebrates the joys and challenges of raising, guiding, and supporting bright young minds.

This year we are excited to announce a week of free SENG webinars (SENGinars)! From Monday through Thursday during NPGC we will offer one specific SENGinar recording for free each day. These SENGinars are perfect for parents, grandparents and education professionals. Even if you are not sure that your child is “gifted” chances are you will find a topic that resonates.

In order to download your free SENGinar, please visit thestore and find the title below on the specified date (they are listed alphabetically), or follow the link below, and purchase it. It will show up in your checkout cart, for that day only, with no charge! We welcome you to share this offer by telling your friends or posting to your social media sites, but please DO NOT share your downloaded presentation. Free recordings are for single-use only.

Here is the list of free SENGinars:

*Recorded SENGinars are always available in the SENG store for $40 for personal use and $150 for a site license. You can also learn more about our live SENGinars by clicking here.

Last year, SENG coordinated a blog tour of resources related to parenting gifted children. Links to those resources are available on SENG’s website here.

By: SENG ( and Lauren Longworth

Photo Credit:

Disclaimer: SENG is not a sponsor of SoCal City Kids. However, Lauren Longworth, Editor and Publisher of Macaroni Kid Santa Fe (and good friend of SoCal City Kids) is also the Manager of Online Communications for SENG. Please contact Lauren directly if you have any questions.


A Place at the Table KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions,


“A Place at the Table” Will Open Your Eyes to the Harsh Realities of a Food Insecure Nation.

This documentary investigates incidents of hunger experience by millions of Americans every day and proposes solutions to the problem. Fourteen-year-old KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Cassandra reviews it below.

“A Place at the Table” completely transformed my paradigm of America. When I hear the words “hunger” and “starvation,” images of ravenous, malnourished, dying children in Africa instantly pop into my head. However, this poignant, simple, and impacting documentary showed me that “hunger” could be sitting right next to me in school. This 84-minute documentary details with moving austerity how and why even in America, the world’s richest nation, children are going hungry.

Featuring Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges, the founder of the End Hunger Network, “A Place at the Table” follows people, all from different towns and cultural backgrounds, who are food insecure. In other words, they have no idea when and how their next meal is going to come in. 50 million people in America are food insecure. This not only stunts physical development but mental development as well. Take Rosie, a fifth-grader growing up in rural Colorado. She tries to focus in school, but hunger pains cause her to zone out or to imagine her friends and teachers as fruits. Her dream is that one day, her kids can do what they want to do and what they need to do without going hungry.

Another instance is Barbie, a single working mother with two kids. Her toddler son mumbles and has an attention-deficit symptom. This is because of the lack of food for Barbie and her family when he was born. The lasting effects of hunger in a child’s first years impact a child much more deeply in the brain than the body. It’s an emotional moment to see Barbie break down into tears in front of her kids, exhausted of the intense struggle to make ends meet.

The documentary grippingly touches on so many different issues. It clears up myths and breaks stereotypes. A false paradigm that America blindly looks through is that hunger doesn’t exist because children struggle with obesity.  However, obesity, hunger, and being food insecure go hand-in-hand. Because of a low income, families on a very limited budget shop for the cheapest foods in store – chips, cookies, and ice cream. Produce is simply too expensive.

Hunger exists not because there is not enough food. Hunger exists because it isn’t a big enough issue on the political agenda. The documentary is packed with real statistics and visuals that are not just standard, cold numbers, but the toll of hunger is shown in the glimpses of families scrambling to break the cycle of poverty.  This film calls out to audiences to end hunger in America by alerting politicians and the government. “It’s just appalling,” says actor Jeff Bridges. “You know if another country was doing this to our kids we would be at war. It’s just insane and it doesn’t have to be that way.”

“A Place at the Table” will truly open your eyes to the harsh realities of a food insecure nation. I am determined to push forward in this fight of ending hunger, and I believe our nation can rise out of the pit we’ve buried ourselves in. America’s youth has a passion and an unbendable will to fight for what’s right, and if pointed in the right direction, I believe that the American Dream of prosperity can come true. The only thing standing between now and the extinction of hunger is the hurdle of ignorance, clouding youths’ and the government’s minds. Share this documentary with friends and family – I recommend this for all ages. If we act with urgency and boldness, perhaps one day, everyone will have a place at the table.


Reviewed by Cassandra Hsiao, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14