Attention all avid and amateur chefs! Do you love to match taste with presentation? Not sure how to keep your cookies from spreading too thin? Are you looking for tips on the easiest way to peel garlic or make a fabulous chocolate torte with just four ingredients? I know that I have personally wondered these things!

Then, check out the new and exciting way to get (and give) topline guidance and inspiration on the ONLY social media network that connects people with their pursuits:


Binteo ( is turning social networking upside down. It isn’t about connecting based on WHO you know, but WHAT you know – or want to learn about it. The site has several interest groups forming now, including cooking, with top experts in the field, as well as other enthusiasts like yourself, to offer great advice. The Binteo cooking community is where you can lead meaningful conversations, in real-time, with others that share your common interest. Is cooking breakfast more of your forte than making dinner entrees? You can connect with others who thrive on making top notch omelets rather than Pasta Bolognese!

Because the Binteo communities are specialized with people seeking specific topics, there is finally an online space where you can take your knowledge to the next level and help others, too, without fearing that your cooking questions or food pics are boring others (such as your Facebook pals).

You can even join sub-groups for specific cooking discussions – such as Mediterranean style cuisine, Italian style, BBQ tips & tricks, cupcakes and more – or start your own! The Binteo community has great communication options such as private chat/calls/video, public posts, group chat, video, photos and news feeds. Experts provide members with insights Q&A, one-on-one sessions and more!

Become one of the newest Binteo cooking community members to be automatically entered to win a $100 gift card to Chef Central, the culinary superstore!

 When you think of, think Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all combined into ONE fabulous social space based on your specific interest, hobby or passion.  Currently the site is offering cooking, gardening, photography and Autism advocacy communities, but if you don’t see a group you want to join now, sign up and click on YOU DECIDE and tell us what you’d like to see next. Binteo will be launching many interest groups in the coming weeks and months as the new platform rolls out.

Learn more about Binteo in our short video:


You can sign up now at and help Binteo reach its new member milestone while it is still in beta! I just signed up and it really seems like a great new website!


Self Disclosure: Binteo sponsored Feature. I did not receive any compensation to feature.

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