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May the Force Be with You During Star Wars Day at the OC Zoo, June 22

STAR WARS DAY RETURNS TO THE OC ZOO JUNE 22 First 100 Kids in Costume Receive Free Gift and Train Ride Gather friends and family and join the County of Orange and OC Parks for Star Wars Day at the OC Zoo! On Saturday, June 22 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. guests are invited to travel the galaxy during a fun-filled day of animals and themed activities at the zoo. Whether you’re a member of the … [Read More...]

Summer fun! Check out the dogs! A Science Tail Exhibition at the California Science Center!

My son and I love visiting the California Science Center and we love dogs! So, the new exhibit dogs! A Science Tail was a must visit for us! We had a blast checking it out this past May. See, hear, smell, and act like a dog! Through engaging and fun hands-on exhibits, explore the science behind the bond between humans and dogs. Find out how humans and dogs are both wired for social connection, … [Read More...]

Zulily Thrill Fest Starts Tomorrow – deals up to 78% off! Don’t miss it!

Why wait for Black Friday when you can get better deals on your favorite finds during Zulily Thrill Fest? and during Zulily Thrill Fest, the deals just keep getting better! E-tailer Zulily launches a new store every day featuring thousands of products at brag-worthy prices, but during the second annual Zulily Thrill Fest, we’re amping it up so you’ll l find amazing deals for yourself, your … [Read More...]

Dana Point Harbor for Father’s Day Weekend!

Dana Wharf invites all fathers and families to a special Father’s Day Cruise Aboard Dana Pride on Sunday, June 16, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Listen to live classic rock music of Mike Obryan, while eating a delicious, hearty bbq dinner, and complete with a full cash bar. Enjoy this special two hour cruise beneath the beautiful California sunset with scenic views of Laguna Beach and celebrate the … [Read More...]

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SoCal City Kids News

4 Benefits to Couples Counseling

There are many couples who shy away from couples counseling because of the stigma attached to it. They believe and consider it to be a last resort to their relationship problems. You don't need a serious issue or for your relationship to be on the verge of being damaged to choose couples counseling. There are many benefits to going to couples counseling, some of which are listed below. 1. … [Read More...]

Top-Rated Activities for Your Family on a Resort

Resorts are a great place for laying around and not having a care in the world. You might be laying on a beach, a book in hand, listening to the crashing waves and soaking in the sun. But as you may know, kids have the attention span of a flea.  And, when you are traveling with them you need to keep them entertained. Luckily, resorts offer numerous fun activities for families that won't … [Read More...]

New Hampshire Company ‘Buzzagogo Selected to Pitch Buyers at Walmart’s 2019 Open Call Event

founder of Buzzagogo and inventor of 100% natural cold, flu and allergy nasal swab remedy Cold Bee Gone — was notified Friday that her company was selected from thousands of applicants to pitchat Walmart's 2019 Open Call Event, June 18 through 19 at Walmart's headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. The Walmart Open Call is an annual event that allows small … [Read More...]

Snow Summit Big Bear Summer Camp

Credit: Adventure Academy Summer Camp. … [Read More...]


PREMIERED TODAY ON ROMPER.COM r anthem celebrating individuality, whose style will take moms and dads to the Backstreet while also delivering an important message to kids. "Everything that happens teaches you how to develop into the person you were meant to be," says Howie D. "We all know 'just be yourself' is a lot easier said than done. This song will get kids pumped up and … [Read More...]

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Father’s Day Gift Suggestions

Looking for some ideas for Dad this Father's Day? T.O.P Chops Beef Jerky  T.O.P. Chops Jerky is a handcrafted jerky made from American beef with no additives or preservatives, and it’s grown from an at-home hobby to a thriving, national snack brand disrupting the jerky industry—in just six short years. I had a chance to taste samples and I am quite impressed! Check out their … [Read More...]

How T.O.P. Chops Snacks is Disrupting the Jerky Industry

Beef jerky can be known for its tough and chewy texture, but one snack brand believes consumers deserve a more tender experience. And in honor of National Jerky Day, they’re celebrating with 50% off first-time orders. T.O.P. Chops Jerky is a handcrafted jerky made from American beef with no additives or preservatives, and it’s grown from an at-home hobby to a thriving, national snack brand … [Read More...]

Why kids love toys? How do toys help in childhood development?

It’s a fact. Kids love toys. However, do you know why kids get super excited when parents bring new toys for them? Toys are fun. Toys are enjoyable. Otherwise, kids would have rejected toys just like they reject a lot of other things. When you were young, would you have played with your toys if toys were not fun? We all remember our favorite toys. We all buy toys for our kids. However, this is not … [Read More...]

THE NEW FOOD BOX makes eating healthy fun!

Ashley Tyrner, founder of Farmbox Direct, and her 8-year old daughter Harlow, CEO of Harlow’s Harvest, are bringing families together through food. Ashley has gone from being a single mom on food stamps to the CEO of a national brand that aims to eradicate the overwhelming food desert problem in America. Her company, Farmbox Direct is a door-to-door service that brings the freshest vegetables … [Read More...]

TheraPee Bed Wetting Solutions – Everything You Need to Know

Are you upset and feeling frustrated because of your children going through bedwetting issues? If your answer is yes, then you should give a try to a device manufactured by Dr. Tal Sagie. The name of the tool is TheraPee bedwetting alarm, which is specially designed, keeping in view the issues faced by parents and their children.  TheraPee is considered as the world’s number 1 bedwetting … [Read More...]

Upgrade Your Home in Time for National Moving Month – Tips from Zulily!

A recent survey by e-tailer Zulily, found that whether renting (42.5%) or owning (40%), the majority of Americans agree they would spend the most money on home décor for their living room (over other rooms in their home). Zulily knows a thing or two about designing spaces! We launch a new store every day, featuring thousands of products, and our in-house creative studio team builds 100+ different … [Read More...]

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Summer road trip music roundup! Great for families with young children!

2019 Summer Road Trip Music Giveaway -- 4 CDs! Stream the Summer 2019 Road Trip Playlist on Soundcloud Can You Feel It? by Jessa Campbell & the Saplings www.jessacampbellsaplings.com Available June 7th from CDBaby: https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/JessaCampbelltheSaplings This golden-voiced singer whose musical career spans from “Dragon Tales Live” to opera to theatrical pop, … [Read More...]

Celebrate the #SuperDad in your life and Win Big!

While raising a child is a rewarding experience, parenting comes with a lot of responsibility. Staying organized, maintaining a social life, and getting enough sleep while attending to the needs of your LO(s) 24/7 is a difficult task! In honor of Father's Day, MAM wants to recognize all of the amazing and hardworking dads out there! Share a story about the #SuperDad in your life with MAM … [Read More...]

Experience dance, music, and cultural artifacts of the Pacific Islands on Saturday and Sunday, May 4 and 5, at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Giveaway Opportunity! Discover and explore the rich and diverse cultures of the Pacific Islands at the Aquarium’s 16th annual Pacific Islander Festival. The festival will include traditional craft demonstrations, educational programs, and an ocean of entertainment, including music and dance performances. Enjoy hula, Tahitian drumming, Hawaiian games, and the work of artisans. Hawaiian, … [Read More...]

Must-Buys for your Easter Basket!

Easter is almost here! What is the holiday without chocolate bunnies? My son is a teenager but I still plan to make him a basket and it has to have a chocolate bunny from R.M. Palmer! These are just perfect for your boy or girl hero! I love that there is a boy and a girl one! My favorites this year are the chocolate bunnies from R.M. Palmer! But, the EAR comes Easter! Decorated Milk … [Read More...]

Media Reviews

Molang: Season 2 – Funny Animated Shorts Following the Adventures of a Chubby Bunny and a Tiny Chick

Join Molang, a round, fluffy, and happy rabbit, and his friend, Piu Piu, a poised, timid, and reserved yellow chick, as they explore everyday life. Despite their many differences, Molang and Piu Piu enjoy a special friendship. They have amazing times together ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary. From finding themselves in the middle of the jungle, going to the circus or enjoying a rainy … [Read More...]

Floogals: Season 1, Volume 1 – Wonderful Series Introducing Kids to How the World Works

Join the Floogals on a mission of discovery as they explore Earth and the funny hoomans who live there!  Each day, Captain Fleeker, First Officer Flo, and Junior Boomer encounter something that sparks their curiosity, setting in motion the day's research project and triggering an exciting adventure.  Includes 26 Super Adventures! KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Will C. comments, “Floogals: … [Read More...]

Sesame Street: Awesome Alphabet – Fun Songs and Parodies for Each Letter of the Alphabet

It's time for A to Z with Sesame! Little ones will love to learn their ABCs with classics such as "The Beetles Perform Letter B" and "C is for Cookie" plus animation, parodies, and the best from recent seasons covering all 26 letters. Celebrating the alphabet alongside their furry friends are Norah Jones duetting with the letter Y, Tori Kelly trying a little kindness, and Pharrell Williams belting … [Read More...]

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Beauty and Fashion Corner

Burke Williams Celebrates Moms with Luxurious Mother’s Day Gift Card Packages

Burke Williams offers gifts of love this Mother’s Day with three special Gift Card Packages. Celebrate mothers this season with the gift of a transformative Mother’s Day experience they will never forget. Each package includes a collection of Burke Williams signature treatments that are sure to make mothers feel valued and appreciated. Packages are available now at all ten spa locations. Standard … [Read More...]

Spring Fashion Essentials! Yes! Sunglasses!

Love this style and the color!! Spring time is here so that does mean sunny days here in Southern California! I love Spring fashions and colors are lighter and brighter and must-buy accessories are sunglasses! Discountglasses.com has some great styles for women this Spring! I love the Westend Brookside Woods in pink and the Westend glacier ridge in black. They are so stylish and affordable … [Read More...]

Beauty Experts Angelo David and Jacob Guttman Introduce The Flex Brush™: The Ultimate Detangling Brush for Wet and Dry Hair

The Ultimate Detangling Brush for Wet and Dry Hair World-renowned celebrity hair stylist Angelo David Pisacreta, owner of the elite Angelo David Salon in New York City, and hair-tool veteran Jacob Guttman, founder and CEO of Creative Pro Hair Tools, introduce The Flex Brush™—an all-purpose tool that safely detangles hair, massages the scalp and promotes health and hair growth. … [Read More...]

Indulge in Self-Care This Valentine’s Day with Colgate Optic White!

Looking for a brighter smile this Valentine's Day? Treat yourself to a sparkly white smile with Colgate Optic White Platinum High Impact White Toothpaste. This Colgate Optic White product delivers 4 shades, visibly whiter teeth in 6 weeks, starting in just 3 days*.   I actually tried this and was quite impressed with my brighter smile! Colgate Optic White High Impact White Toothpaste … [Read More...]

Pet Corner

Felicity and Sophia, June 20th Pets of the Week!

Kate KarpJun 19, 2019, 2:10 PM (1 day ago)to bcc: SoCalCityKids It’s a known fact, and not a mere opinion, that orange cats are special. What may not be generally known is that only around 20% of orange cats are female! So, 7-week old Felicity and 6-week-old Sophia are extra-special! Felicity loves to flirt with people and uses her playful wiles on them, while Sophia is … [Read More...]

Chance, June 12th Pet of the Week!

It’s so tempting to say “Take a chance on Chance.” But if you ever met him face to face—or more like face to tongue—you’d know that Chance is a 100% guaranteed love match! He’s a 4-year-old pit bull who loves to play chase and fetch and then just be a snuggle bunny. Meet Chance, not merely by chance, at the P. D. Pitchford Companion Animal Village, 7700 East Spring St., (562) 570-PETS. Ask for … [Read More...]

Olive Juice, May 6th Pet of the Week!

When you mouth “olive juice” to someone across a room, it looks as if you’re saying “I love you.” Whether you call Olive Juice by name—because that’s what we call this lovely 10-year-old tortie—or just say “I love you” to her, she’ll understand it either way, and you’ll mean the same thing in no time. This senior is as easy to love as she is on the eyes. She’s affectionate and would … [Read More...]

Joey, May 30th Pet of the Week!

Pal Joey: easygoing, affectionate and fun in general to be around. Joey is a 3-year-old male pit bull with a shiny metallic-gray coat. He was brought to the shelter as a stray. The staff soon found out what a sweetheart he is! From playing with toys to watching TV on the couch with you, you’ll have a pal in Joey! Meet him at the P. D. Pitchford Companion Animal Village, 7700 East Spring … [Read More...]