DON’T WASH WINSTON is silly and relatable picture book about childhood anxiety

love this book!

We’ve all been there… A bit of a spill, an overenthusiastic leap, one mud pie too many, and OH NO! our beloved stuffed animal friend suddenly has to be (gulp) WASHED!

From Ashley Belote, the celebrated illustrator of Frankenslime, comes DON’T WASH WINSTON (Feiwel & Friends, 3/26, ages 4-8), a new, all too relatable picture book from creator Ashley Belote about a dirty stuffed animal, a scary washing machine, and what it means for the child who’s anxious about their favorite bear going through a spin cycle. 

When Winston, Liam’s favorite teddy bear, gets muddy, Dad decides that Winston needs to be washed. But the washing machine is big and loud and scary! Liam decides that the only solution is to hide Winston away from this terrible fate.

Ashley Belote’s humorous and heartwarming tale, DON’T WASH WINSTON, allows anxious toy-protectors to gleefully follow along with Liam’s teddy-hiding plans, while also, in the end, leading them to the realization that sometimes it really is necessary for even the most beloved friend to be washed.

My Winston is my Snoopy!

Self Disclosure: I received a free copy of this wonderful book to facilitate this post. Images are my own.

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