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PLAYMOBIL Rainbow Castle in the Clouds

Climb up the rope ladder and join the princesses in the Rainbow Castle.  Find a seat on the rainbow merry go round or look out on the horizon through the telescope.  You and a friend can sit on the swing while enjoying some tasty treats.  Pegasus will roam close by.  Play with this set on its own or combine it with other PLAYMOBIL Rainbow Castle sets (71360-71364) for even more fun. The set includes two figures, Pegasus horse, castle with cloud platform, swing, ladder, telescope, serving cart with assorted food, merry go round plus other accessories. Recommended ages 4-10. This will surely be a hit this holiday!

Retailer:    Retail Price: $99.99

Love this Bento box for lunches!

From meal prepping to baking, Dreamroo has that covered! I love the Bento box which is great for either children or adults! I like the quality and it’s the perfect size for lunch on the go! Available at dreamroo.comAmazon, HomeGoods.

BIPOC, Women-owned, Veteran-owned, eco-conscious brand Dreamroo creates practical and functional products to help keep up with the demands of modern life.

Groovy, Retro Inspired Clothes for Modern Kids.

Strawberry Jam Kids has a unique collection of groovy, retro-inspired clothes designed to let kids express their creativity and individuality while embracing the colorful and vibrant spirit of the past.

What Sets Strawberry Jam Kids Apart:

  • Authentic Retro Vibes: Our designs capture the essence of the ’60s and ’70s, featuring bold patterns, bright colors, and funky prints that were synonymous with these eras. Your kids will love grooving in our bell-bottom pants, graphic tees, and flower power dresses.
  • Quality and Comfort: We understand that kids need to move and play, so we prioritize comfort without compromising on style. The majority of our collection is made from quality cotton-spandex fabrics to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Mom Owned: Strawberry Jam Kids is owned by a Mom who understands what kids need from their clothes. Comfortable materials and fun designs to keep them confident and happy. I received an adorable toddler dress and it is so stylish!

About Strawberry Jam Kids: 
After having an Etsy shop for many years, founder, Caitlyn, launched Strawberry Jam Kids in 2020 and quickly grew a following of vintage-loving moms. Our pieces at Strawberry Jam Kids are designed by myself or with the help of print designers under my direction. We extensively research vintage children’s styles, silhouettes, prints and colors to create one of a kind styles inspired directly from the 60s and 70s.

Say goodbye to unsafe and harmful children’s clothing fabric and hello to Bellabu Bear’s organically grown and chemical-free bamboo clothing. Awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association, Bellabu Bear has a mission to dress every child in a pajama that is safer and more comfortable for bedtime. They pass all the tests from having YKK zippers (choking proof zippers) and Oeko-Tex Certification with pinch-free and worry-free garments. Each design is hand drawn and an original work of art that through much effort becomes the beautiful prints you see displayed on our bamboo baby clothes. Gift your new mama-to-be with Bellabu Bear’s baby clothing and know she can go to bed at night worry-free! Price: $39. Available on Amazon and Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdales.

Available on Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, and more!

Through Leveret’s classic designs and high quality blend of cotton, this brand is able to rise to the occasion. With families and comfort at the forefront of their vision, they carefully craft their pajamas with high quality cotton fibers, making for lasting comfortability and breathability.

Kiddietotes Scooter Luggage 

This next one is just the coolest for kids and travel this holiday season! Kiddietotes Scooter Luggage is a must-have for kids and families taking a trip around the world or an upcoming road trip! These luggage pieces are TSA and IATA compliant and fit in overhead bins. The scooter deck folds up into the back of the luggage and can be pulled like traditional luggage with the handles extended. Kids will have so much fun riding this lightweight scooter luggage. The light-up LED wheels are smooth-rolling, and the luggage is made from waterproof plastic that won’t crack or lock up. In fun colors and styles like Robot, Space Boy, Unicorn and Race Car. 110-pound weight limit and recommended for children 4+. Available at and

Voice of the Vanishing

Voice of the Vanishing puts its money where its mouth is with sustainable activewear that directly saves endangered species.

It’s time to swap fast fashion for activewear with an environmental edge. Voice of the Vanishing is the clothing line that serves as a catalyst for ending wildlife extinction. Where designers combine on-trend, effortless looks with eco-friendly, high-quality materials made in the US and unique graphics, Voice of the Vanishing delivers on its mission daily to save near-extinct wildlife.

I love this comfy hoodie with an important message!

What is Ark 15? Ark 15 is a Voice of the Vanishing initiative that steers the brand’s resources to save 15 species found on the critically endangered species list. Critical endangerment classifies animals that will be completely wiped out in the next few years if nothing is done. So, Voice of the Vanishing is doing something by donating 51% of its profits to support the animals on its list. The money is donated to conservation organizations around the world to develop nature reserves, combat poaching, spread awareness, and more.

Ark 15 includes: Blue-Throated Macaw, Malayan Tiger, Black Rhino, Forest Elephant, Cross-River Gorilla, Brown Spider Monkey, Bornean Orangutan, Hawksbill Turtle, Kakapo, North Atlantic Right Whale, Northern White-Cheeked Gibbon, Panama Golden Frog, Philippines Eagle, Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth, and the Sunda Pangolin.

Through each purchase of Voice of the Vanishing’s sustainably sourced, ethically manufactured activewear apparel, customers support reputable organizations on the front lines of species preservation. Voice of the Vanishing specializes in women’s, men’s and vintage kids’ styles with all the staples, from tees to hoodies and accessories.

To shop Voice of the Vanishing, check out their online shop. For more information about Voice of the Vanishing, visit them online and follow on Instagram.

I love this pillow!

Give the gift of comfort, wellness and peace of mind this holiday season!

 A new standard of warmth, safety, energy efficiency and cost savings with Beurer’s Nordic Collection of heating pads, pillows and blankets that go under the mattress pad, thoughtfully engineered as well as the groundbreaking Menstrual Relief with Heat and TENS technology, a one-of-a-kind wearable, offering soothing warmth and targeted Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), providing relief during the menstrual cycle.

You can find more information and gifts at: and on Amazon,, and other national drug stores and independent retailers.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples of the above items. Images were also provided.

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