Holiday Must-Buy if you Celebrate Christmas!

Guess this mystery doll?

Looking to start a new tradition with your little ones? This next one is a new favorite of mine and I don’t even have a little one. Have you guessed who the doll is on the left? It’s Santa! I know! He isn’t completely in all his Santa Claus gear but that’s because I’ve decided to play along! Each day we are adding a new clothing item!

As a parent you have likely heard this question a lot: “How many more days until Christmas?” Now Santa himself is here to help kids count down the days. Santa Clothes Doll is a super soft, adorable, plush Santa toy who is only missing his clothes and then he will be all ready for the big day! Santa Clothes® Doll is a fun way to build the excitement leading up to Christmas Day. Each night, beginning on December 12th, kids dress Santa by adding one article of his clothing before bedtime. The remaining clothes on Santa’s clothesline are a visual aid for kids to see just how close Christmas is getting. Kids can count the clothing on the line to know exactly how many days are left until the big day arrives.  For more information please visit:

You hang up his clothes and each day you add a new piece of clothing to Santa!
This really is one of my most favorite products that I have received this holiday season!

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this holiday featured post. Photo Credit: SoCal City Kids.

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