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The Snoopy Show * Classic Peanuts’ Fans Will Love This. New Adventures; True Characters

The world’s most iconic dog is ready for his close-up. Dive into new adventures with the happy-dancing, high-flying, big-dreaming beagle, who’s joined by best friend Woodstock and the rest of the “Peanuts” gang. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Jude A. comments, “The new hit series, The Snoopy Show! The Snoopy Show has everything a classic Peanut’s fan will enjoy. The show looks incredibly like the original comic series, as if the animators took an old comic strip and put it on your home television! In addition, the writers made an outstanding effort to make every character stay true to their original passions and personalities.” See his full review below.

The Snoopy Show

By Jude A., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14

Time to break out the classic Peanuts dance moves because today we are celebrating the new hit series, The Snoopy Show! The Snoopy Show has everything a classic Peanut’s fan will enjoy. The show looks incredibly like the original comic series, as if the animators took an old comic strip and put it on your home television! In addition, the writers made an outstanding effort to make every character stay true to their original passions and personalities. Instead of making the characters go on the same repetitive adventures (like a lot of cartoons do), The Snoopy Show brings brand new adventures sure to make you want more and more.

The Snoopy Show follows everyone’s favorite beagle, Snoopy (Terry McGurrin), with each episode including different stories surrounding him. Episode stories range from Snoopy writing his own autobiography to exploring the origin story between Snoopy and Woodstock.  Just when you think there can’t possibly be another amazing adventure, The Snoopy Show  consistently delivers new and original stories that all ages can enjoy.

The primary component of this creative revival that made me smile is the animation and art. The art director, Joseph Holt, surpassed any expectations of the show living up to its classic art style by making it authentic and original. The Snoopy Show is also extremely well voice cast because of how each character’s voice sounds like its predecessor. Out of all the Peanuts film content over the years, like The Peanuts Movie, The Snoopy Show really impresses me because of how writers can continue to find new angles to explore the characters and always put them in new entertaining scenarios.

The Snoopy Show is the perfect new show for kids. It has a lot of comedic content in an appropriate way, fun adventures, and lessons/morals for viewers to learn every episode. The show explores themes such as family, friendship, and gratefulness. One of the key morals taught in the show is to always be grateful for the people around you, and to never take people for granted; it also communicates the message that sometimes you just need someone you love to make you smile.

The Snoopy Show soars higher than Charlie Brown’s kite with a miraculous, nostalgic art style and new adventures all ages can enjoy. Similar to how Peppermint Patty scores five out of five goals in hockey, I am giving The Snoopy Show 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend it for ages 4 to 18 plus adults, because who doesn’t love Peanuts? The Snoopy Show premieres Feb 5, 2021 on Apple TV+, so make sure to check it out!

Valentine Gift Ideas for the Kids!

Looking for gift ideas for the kids? Here are a few of our favorite ideas for the upcoming holiday!

Welch’s Fruit Snacks Mixed Fruit Valentine’s Day Heart is a must-buy! Providing a gifting option beyond traditional offerings, the 2021 limited-edition offering features custom Valentine’s Day-themed graphics and are bursting with delicious flavor, just like the fruit snacks you already know and love. Perfect for spreading the love this season, Welch’s Fruit Snacks Mixed Fruit Valentine’s Day Heart is available: 

  • At CVS and Walgreens ($5), where each box features a “To/From” signable panel making it easy to add a handwritten touch for your Valentine.
  • On Amazon ($13.95) and easily shipped straight to your Valentine’s doorstep. The best part? It’s completely customizable! At checkout, simply enter your heartfelt message and it will be printed directly on the Welch’s Fruit Snacks Heart-Shaped box.

I like that they are made with real fruit and contains (3) 2.25oz Pouches of Mixed Fruit, Fruit Snacks in each Heart-Shaped box.

This next option is super cute! How can you go wrong with crazy straws and Valentine’s cards? You can find this super cute set at These are just perfect for all ages! Joyin is known to put joy in every occasion. They have everything from balloons and banners  to bath bombs and tons of fun Valentine’s Day cards to choose from with goodies attached like puzzles, finger puppets, race cars, slime and more! I’m sure you will find some other great gift ideas but I love their Valentine Gift Cards with colorful loop reusable drinking straws! You can find them here.

Looking to get crafty with the kids? Mom and’s lifestyle editor, Bethany Braun-Silva, has some adorable ideas (using items you likely already have at home) that parents can do with their kids to let their creativity loose! Check out her site here.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this holiday post. Images were also provided.

Downtown Santa Monica Celebrates Black History Month on Third Street Promenade

Photo provided courtesy of Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.

This February, Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (DTSM) will recognize and celebrate Black History Month on Third Street Promenade with art installations by local Black artists and a banner program to honor historic Santa Monica Trailblazers for their significant achievements and contributions to the community.
DTSM will present three public art displays in storefront windows beginning Wednesday, February 10 through March 15, 2021, from A Brilliant Dummy, Shplinton, and Mira Gandy. Each art installation celebrates the Black experience as part of a greater effort in the City of Santa Monica to deepen the community’s knowledge and foster understanding of other cultures and experiences that have been marginalized or overlooked due to a legacy of slavery and institutional racism.
DTSM worked closely with Black Santa Monica Tours and Concierge, Robbie Jones, and the Quinn Research Center, whose mission is to empower community members by being an educational resource that promotes the study and research of Black Family History and Culture in the Santa Monica Bay Area, to feature Black Santa Monica Trailblazers on decorative banners along the Third Street Promenade.
DTSM encourages everyone to visit to read more about their contributions in our community and to find a full calendar of Black History Month events produced by the City of Santa Monica.
The Black History Month Art Installation Project was made possible by “Art of Recovery,” an initiative of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs, #DTSMBlackHistory  #ArtofRecovery #ArtSaMo #SantaMonicaShines
DTSM remains committed to ensuring the health and safety of the community, visitors, and staff. Face coverings are required when visiting the art installations on Third Street Promenade and all guests are encouraged to practice physical distancing. For more information on the new health and safety guidelines as well as details on what to expect when visiting the Third Street Promenade, please visit
Wednesday, February 10 – Monday, March 15, 2021

Installations are viewable at three locations along the Third Street Promenade.
Shplinton – 1201 Third Street Promenade
Mira Gandy – 1344 Third Street Promenade
A Brilliant Dummy – 1343 Third Street Promenade
Parking is widely available in the downtown structures including the Santa Monica Public Library or Parking Structures 9 and 10 just north of Wilshire Boulevard. Biking, walking and public transit are encouraged.
For more information, visit or follow @DTSantaMonica on Instagram and Twitter or DowntownSantaMonica on Facebook.

Credit: Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (DTSM, Inc.)