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“Journey to Space: Exhibition and 3D Film” at California Science Center Family 4-pack of tickets to both the film & exhibition! Open to the public beginning October 29!

Journey to Space poster art

The California Science Center will will be opening a new exhibit/film combination: Journey to Space: The Exhibition and Journey to Space 3D beginning October 29th, 2015.

I will be attending a Media review event this coming week, so stay tuned for the review!

Here is more info about the film:

Through visually stunning imagery, and in collaboration with leading space experts, Journey To Space showcases the exciting plans NASA and the space community are working on and the challenges they must overcome to carry out missions, once considered science fiction, and now science fact, such as landing astronauts on Mars. The film calls attention to the reality that the space program did not die with the end of the Shuttle Program in 2011. It is instead, vibrantly alive.

Through brilliant narration by film and television legend Sir Patrick Stewart and extensive interviews with NASA astronauts Chris Ferguson and Serena Aunon, the film captures the spirit of human exploration and describes how it is at the core of our own DNA. The new Giant Screen Format Film will start playing on October 29th at The California Science Center.. Journey To Space will also be released in additional IMAX(R), Giant Screen and other specialty theaters in 2D and 3D throughout the U.S. and worldwide (primarily via science centers and museums) in the coming months.

“No longer science fiction, a human mission to Mars is in the planning stages, and major steps are being taken to make it a reality within a generation,” said Bob Kresser, CEO of K2 Films “Our goal in making this film was to tie together the actual hardware being built with the tremendous planning under way that will make the next steps in space exploration the most far-reaching in our history.”

The names of the new machines that will carry out these missions will soon enter our lexicon.

  • “Orion” is NASA’s first spacecraft designed to carry humans on long-duration deep space exploration missions. Orion will take humans to interplanetary destinations beyond low Earth orbit and return them safely back home. For instance, a round-trip to Mars via Orion will take two-and-a-half years as compared to the Apollo trips to the moon, which took 12 days.

“Olympus,” an inflatable transportation habitat, is an early concept 45- or 50-feet diameter module that would provide astronauts the work area and living space necessary for long-duration missions. Smaller versions have already flown in space, and a full-scale version is shown undergoing ground testing. The Space Launch System, or “SLS,” is the giant rocket that will carry both of the previously mentioned spacecraft and provides the enormous lift necessary to send them on many historic missions. SLS will also carry the needed Mars landers and ascent vehicles to get astronauts to the surface of Mars and back up to the Orion mothership for their return trip to Earth. SLS will generate over nine million pounds of thrust and can launch hardware into orbit equivalent to the weight of 22 elephants.

Journey To Space also gives a fitting tribute to the Space Shuttle Program and the 355 astronauts who flew on the 135 Shuttle missions. This historical chapter in the film is in the first one-third of the movie and describes how the Shuttle took many of the big steps that helped us understand how to live and operate in space. In fact, it’s the lessons learned during those many steps that have enabled the future missions covered in the film.

The film also gives a strong overview of the Shuttle’s last major project – the launch and assembly of the International Space Station (ISS). The ISS is a joint collaboration of 15 nations and is operating 24/7 providing a true home and science lab in space like no other. ISS crews’ tours of duty have averaged six months, and NASA will begin one-year duration missions starting in 2015. Researchers expect the one-year mission to yield beneficial knowledge on the medical, psychological and biomedical challenges explorers may face as they venture to an asteroid, Mars and beyond.

Overall, Journey To Space provides a timely review of how NASA has been transitioning from the end of the Space Shuttle Era to a much more ambitious future that will forever change how we live and operate in space as a species.

Sounds pretty amazing to me! I can’t wait to see it next week!

We have teamed up for a Giveaway! One winner will win a Family 4-Pack of tickets to the Exhibition and the Film! To enter, tell us your child’s favorite Space fact or favorite planet! Deadline to enter is October 29th, 2015 at noon PST. One winner will randomly be selected via

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Rustic Crust Pizza Crusts and Sauce is a great suggestion this Halloween! And, October is National Pizza Month!


Did you know that October is National Pizza Month?  It is and Rustic Crust Pizza Crusts and Sauce are great to use for Family Pizza Night!  It can be tough to find food that everyone in the family can agree on! What I like about the Rustic Crust Pizza Crusts and Sauce is that everyone in the house can make their pizza the way they want to! Halloween is also a great holiday for pizza! The kids are usually so excited about trick-or-treating but pizza is a great solution for dinner!

RC_cheesy herb_0724small      Sauce_Pack_3D_rev_0528ssnew_rustic_crust_logo_0926

I received samples and I love that they are easy to make pizza quickly and that they are an healthier pizza option!

All Rustic Crust ready-made crusts are:

  • Made using traditional, Old World baking methods: Hand formed and double proofed for flavor
  • Use delicious, all natural ingredients: Select herbs and spices, no GMOs or artificial ingredients
  • Healthy for the whole family: Unbleached whole grain flours, no trans fats and no added sugar
  • Convenient ready-made pizza crusts that are ready to enjoy in minutes
  • Oversized Rounds for extra value
  • Made in the USA

 Tips and Tricks for a Successful Pizza Party: (Courtesy of Rustic Crust)

1. After cleaning your countertop surface, place the Rustic Crust pizza crusts on top of some flour (gluten free is an option!)

2. Get in the cooking spirit, providing the kids with chef hats to decorate and wear while they cook

3. Put all ingredients in small bowls and arrange them around the crust so the kids can pick and choose what to put on their own pizza. Below are some of our favorite ingredients:

Mozzarella cheese (lots of it!)

Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Shaved Parmesan


Grilled Chicken

Diced ham


Crumbled sausage



Chopped spinach

Diced scallions



Diced pineapple

Assorted olives

Sundried tomato

Artichoke hearts



4. Use one all natural Rustic Crust sauce bag per pizza crust- help little kids by spooning it onto the pizza for them and let them have fun spreading it

5. Add toppings and create your family’s favorite pizza combinations. Check out our Rustic Crust recipes here:

You can shop online or use their store locator to find out where to buy near you.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. The samples were so yummy, that my family forgot to take photos! Photos provided courtesy of Rustic Crust.

New Baby Sitter™ Infant Development Cushion Helps Strengthen Core Muscles as Babies Master Early Gross Motor Skills

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Since the American Academy of Pediatrics began its recommendation that infants sleep on their backs, there have been 50 percent less incidents of sudden infant death syndrome. Unfortunately the side effect is that most infants are not getting the tummy time needed to develop their neck, trunk and core muscles causing delays in gross motor skills like sitting up, crawling and walking. Child development expert, Diane Gowaty has partnered with Slickview Studios to address this common problem with the launch of the Baby Sitter™ infant development cushion.

Differing from an infant positioner which supports a baby’s back but restricts their overall movement, The Baby Sitter is a firm doughnut-shaped cushion that promotes and facilitates the natural process of a baby’s gross motor development skills. When the infant is placed in the center well of the Baby Sitter, they are encouraged to push or kick against the interior wall which helps strengthen the core muscles required for sitting up, crawling and eventually walking. The circular flat surface can also be used for tummy time to help strengthen the neck and back muscles supporting the baby and allowing them to look out. Once the child has mastered sitting up on their own, its soft yet firm design provides a support as they pull themselves to a stand.

The Baby Sitter infant development cushion is 5-inches tall and 24-inches in diameter with a 12-inch cutout circle in the center. It is constructed of flame retardant polyurethane foam wrapped in a soft flannel fabric. It also includes three round inserts which fit snuggly in the cutout for use during different developmental stages. With all three inserts, the Baby Sitter can be used as a changing surface for infants or as a play mat for toddlers or preschoolers. When one insert is removed, it offers support for an infant whom is just starting tummy time or still requires neck and head support.

“One of the best attributes of the Babysitter is its ability to find new uses with the help of mothers and babies everywhere”, said Diane Gowaty, inventor of the Baby Sitter. “What I love is its versatility as the cushion’s life span grows from early development for newborns by providing a safe place for propping up, and even has found its way to being used as a play space and floor cushion with older kids.”

Gowaty also uses the Baby Sitter in philanthropic support to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The company recycles the excess materials from production to create stuffed animals which are available for purchase with 100% of the proceeds donated to the JDRF.
The base Baby Sitter cushion is available for $60. The complete Baby Sitter Gift Set includes the base cushion, three foam inserts, and a removable fabric cover for $85. Additional removable and washable fabric covers are sold separately ($25MSRP).
The Baby Sitter is available for purchase online at and will soon be available at various retail stores.

The gift set sells for $85 and you can buy an extra fabric for $25 to keep the product clean and have a spare while one is in the wash. You can always have one on, which is really convenient!  Plus at $110 you will get Free Shipping!

Visit and for more information and to purchase!

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Try Hot Pockets Snack Bites to fuel up for Halloween!



Can you believe that Halloween is only about a week away?! If your children are anything like the ones I know..getting them to eat a good dinner before trick-or-treating isn’t exactly the easiest of tasks.

Candy doesn’t have to be the only treat in store for your family this Halloween! Fuel the fun and start the night right, by feeding kids a quick, high protein meal they love, like Hot Pockets Snack Bites, before they head out trick-or-treating.


Snack Bites provide a deliciously hearty snack in just over one minute. They come in four irresistibly hot flavors: Pepperoni Pizza, Four Cheese Pizza, Hickory Ham & Cheddar and Cheesy Beef Nacho – so there is a flavor for everyone in the family! They are made with 100% real cheese, are a good source of protein with 7 grams per serving and do not contain any artificial flavors.

I received free coupons to try these our for myself and these are definitely a new hit in our house! My favorite flavor is the Cheesy Beef Nacho and my husband prefers the Pepperoni Pizza.

Look for them at a grocery store near you! I found them at out local Von’s.


To find out more information, check out their website.

Self Disclosure: I received free sample coupons to try this product. No other compensation was provided. Photos were provided courtesy of  Hot Pockets.

There’s still time to buy Halloween Costumes at! Creative, fun and great prices!


Halloween is just a little over a week away but there is still time to buy costumes at I know that my son changed his mind quite a few times before deciding to go with Pac-Man. We received this cool costume and I like that it is actually a pretty simple design, and although it doesn’t include the pants and is really easy to find pants and shoes to go along with it. What I really like about is that there really is a costume for everyone!

The CostumeExpress® Top 10 Lists feature the season’s top trending costumes, which include characters from the biggest TV and movie releases this year, for the following categories:

  • Adult Costumes
  • Kids’ Costumes
  • Girl’s Costumes
  • Boy’s Costumes
  • Tween Costumes
  • Group / Family Costumes
  • Pet Costumes
  • Yard Decorations
  • Porch Decorations
  • Indoor Decorations


Savvy shoppers are encouraged to sign-up for e-mails from at to gain early access to sale items, exclusive offers and secret surprises surrounding the sale. offers shoppers the following peace-of-mind this Halloween season:

  • The best prices guaranteed.
  • A great selection.
  • An accurate size every time.
  • Easy exchanges.
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery.



Many of the costumes are on sale right now and you still have time to receive them before next weekend. Just check the shipping!

Self Disclosure: I received a free costume to facilitate this post. No other compensation was received. Photo courtesy of








Halloween Costumes for the whole family! Even your pups! Great Pet Costumes from Costume Express!

batman-dog-costume-cx-6132    star-wars-yoda-dog-costume-cx-18842


Looking for Halloween Costumes for your furry friend? has such cute costumes! I received a Batman Dog Costume and a Star Wars Yoda Dog Costume. My favorite is the Batman Dog Costume and can’t wait to take out dog Bink out wearing it in the Dog Halloween parade next week.

  • Includes: Chest piece, heroic cape, head piece and coordinating belt.

I like this one because I actually don’t think there will be a problem with putting this one on our pup. I think that Yoda is really awesome too but think I may have some trouble getting my pup to cooperate with wearing this one. But, I do know many other dogs that would have no problem and they would look super cool!

To find these and many other great pet costumes, go to  There is still time to order and receive before Halloween! Check the shipping options! By the way, Batman is on sale right now!

Savvy shoppers are encouraged to sign-up for e-mails from at to gain early access to sale items, exclusive offers and secret surprises surrounding the sale. offers shoppers the following peace-of-mind this Halloween season:

  • The best prices guaranteed.
  • A great selection.
  • An accurate size every time.
  • Easy exchanges.
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery.



Self Disclosure: I received free product samples to facilitate this Halloween post. No other compensation was received. Photo Credit: Courtesy of

Modern economy

We have seen many changes in last couple of years. Globalization has taken its toll and US is no longer as dominant as it was previously. The fact that many counties opened their markets, as well as the sudden rise in price of commodities led to creation of new economic forces. At the same time, many industries that were previously dominant lost their position. We are slowly starting to turn towards cheap, natural solutions instead of those that are playing to our ego.

Americans are not driving cars as they used to. Nor do they use plains as they did before. In a sense, this is caused by our desire to have cleaner environment. We have become conscious of things around us and we are trying to do our best to make it better. There is another, perhaps even more important thing that led to this. Prices of gasoline went up. Given the unemployment and lowered living standard, people cannot afford this luxury. As a result, all involved industries are suffering enormous loses. To make things even worse, quality of vehicles have dropped significantly as companies try to compensate by lowering production costs. Pricey products that were regarded common items for every household are nowadays luxury. Because of this, everything that can be perceived as additional expense, is no longer popular consequently brining down industry that is making said product.

When it comes to finances, commodities are the most important resource we have at our disposal. Investors, uncertain of economy, are no longer thrilled to put money into stocks and bonds. Furthermore, no one is prepared to take the same risks and overinflate assets as they did before the crisis. As a protective measure, people started converting money into gold. To top it all off, companies started combining traditional services with precious metals. This is how we got commodity IRAs (individual retirement account). If we were to trust Rosland Capital reviews, prices will only go up which means that people who are putting money into these accounts can expect nice profit when it becomes active.

Pharmaceutical and medical industries will also experience growth. Both of these are highly dependable on innovations. However, research and development will not bring necessary profit. The reason why these industries will grow is due to our demographics and the fact that each year, we are paying more and more for medical bills. This shouldn’t surprise us given that our population is constantly growing older. It is the same case in some other developed countries such as Germany and Japan. At the same time, young people are suffering from numerous illnesses such as high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues etc. All of these are caused by our lifestyle. As we become more service oriented, workers are spending good part of the day behind a computer. Only a handful of professions require active physical work. Similarly, diet is becoming worse and worse forcing people to buy supplements as a way to replenish lost matters and protect their health.

Aladdin – One of Disney’s Greatest


The Aladdin Diamond Edition is available now on DVD/Blu-ray/Digital. Climb aboard for a magical carpet ride with nonstop laughs, action-packed adventure and Academy Award(R)-winning music that will make your heart soar (1992: Best Music, Original Song, “A Whole New World,” Original Score). Now for the first time ever, a whole new world of Disney’s ALADDIN is revealed in a whole new way on Blu-ray and Digital HD — with never-before-seen bonus! With the help of a hysterically funny, shape-shifting, 10,000-year-old Genie, street-smart commoner Aladdin and clever, confident Princess Jasmine join forces against the evil sorcerer Jafar to put an end to his plans to take over the kingdom! Starring Robin Williams, Linda Larkin and Scott Weinger. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Gerry O. comments, “…one of the greatest is Aladdin with flying carpets, magical Genies, giant talking sand monsters. Aladdin is beloved by me along with millions of others and it will be loved by many more with this new Diamond DVD.” Haley P. adds, “Aladdin has so many jokes that it makes you laugh, but also has quite a few dramatic scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat with relationships sprouting into wonderful romance. And, it is all wrapped together in one fantastic adventure.“ See their full reviews below.



Aladdin (Diamond Edition)

By Gerry Orz, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 13



Disney has so many classics, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, but one of the greatest is Aladdin with flying carpets, magical Genies, giant talking sand monsters. Aladdin is beloved by me along with millions of others and it will be loved by many more with this new Diamond DVD.

Aladdin has so many jokes that it makes you laugh, but also has quite a few dramatic scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat with relationships sprouting into wonderful romance. And, it is all wrapped together in one fantastic adventure.


The story begins when a Middle Eastern princess decides she had enough of being stuck in her palace and goes out into the city for once in her life. She goes to the market and gets in a little bit of trouble, thanks to a poor young man named Aladdin. Sadly, he is accused of kidnapping the princess. Now in jail, he and another man manage to escape to go find a massive treasure and most importantly – a Genie bottle. The Genie (our favorite Robin Williams) comes out and grants Aladdin three wishes – now Aladdin can decide what he wants to do.


Aladdin is such a fantastic and entertaining film. The animation is just mind blowing. How good it is, considering that it was made over 20 years ago, how full of emotion the voice actors ate, it is quite different than many other famous Disney animations. With such a famous cast, it is truly a masterpiece. And, quite nostalgic to hear Robin Williams’ so recognizable voice as this is one of his most iconic roles. It really shows how he entertained the world with laughter for so many years. The soundtrack in Aladdin is incredible. Each song is catchy and kind of gets stuck in your head (I will show you the woooorld!) and so many of them are now classic songs that people of different generations sing.


This special Diamond edition of Aladdin comes with quite a few bonus features. In one of my favorites, conversations with the casts, I found out a lot of interesting facts such as Scott Weinger, the voice of Aladdin, actually didn’t know how to sing when he auditioned for it at the age of 15! There are also several deleted scenes, showing how different they originally planned the film and even a deleted song that was done by Jafar, (Jonathon Freeman)!


My favorite scene is when Aladdin releases Genie for the first time and he quickly gets out of his small bottle (he is rather big). I love his first line, “10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck!” I love this scene because instead of ranting about something, he just does his first line as a pretty funny joke, which forever brought this lovable special character into our lives.

Aladdin has something similar to the other Disney animated films in that they are meant for the whole family. So, I recommend it for ages 7 to 18. I wouldn’t show it to kids younger than seven because there are a few dramatic scenes that might be frightening for then. It isn’t exactly bright and fun throughout the whole film. I give it five out of five stars because this is truly a classic and I love every aspect of it, especially our wonderful Genie who we miss every day.



Reviewed by Haley Powell, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 12



Aladdin is an amazing classic and one of my favorites.  It is a wonderful fairy tale that makes you want to see more even after it is finished.


This movie is about a boy named Aladdin (Scott Weinger) with his pet monkey named Abu (Frank Welker) who are considered street rats in the town.  Then there is the Sultan (Douglas Seale), his daughter, Princess Jasmine (Linda Larkin), his evil advisor, Jafar (Jonathan Freeman) who live in the Palace and also a genie (Robin Williams).  The Sultan tells his daughter, Princes Jasmine that she has to find someone to marry. She is tired of being forced to stay in the palace and wants to live her life without her father telling her what to do and who to marry.  She sneaks away from the palace.  When she gets into trouble at the marketplace, Aladdin rescues her and they run off together.  However, Aladdin gets thrown in jail by Jafar, and caught up into his evil plot to take over the land with the help of a genie in a lamp.

My favorite part is when Aladdin rubs the lamp and the genie appears.  He starts singing a song about all the things he can do.  I also liked the part where Jafar steals the lamp and wishes the genie to turn him into a Sultan.  The parrot then shoves crackers into the original Sultan’s mouth as payback.  It was hysterical.


My favorite character is Abu because he is always saving Aladdin when he gets into trouble.  He is an awesome sidekick, even though he keeps trying to steal everything.  All the characters do an amazing job of playing their parts. The animation was fabulous. It really made the movie come alive!  The moral of the story is no matter how many lies you tell, the truth will always come out.


There is even a bonus feature that shows a deleted song made for Jafar named “My Finest Hour.”  The producers and directors discussed for a while about a part in the movie where Jafar would have his own song.  However, they decided not to use it.  I liked song because it puts more emphasis on how evil Jafar really is.


I think this movie is good for ages 5 through 18. Both boys and girls will watch this movie because it has the fairytale for the girls and the action for the boys. If you don’t have this movie, you will be missing out on something special.  I give this movie a 5 out of 5 dazzling stars. Aladdin is now available on DVD/Blu-ray/Digital so check it out.