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Lucy is Pet of the Week!

LUcy, August 14 Pet of the Week

With a cat named Lucy, the most obvious thing to say is—well, we do love Lucy! And you will, too! Lucy’s owners surrendered her because they said that they had no time for her. And the girl’s only a year old and has plenty of time! She’s been spayed and will make someone who does have time a very happy companion. Come love Lucy at the shelter side of the Companion Animal Village at 7700 East Spring St., (562) 570-PETS. Ask for ID#A553435.


(The usual suspects contributed to this rescue)


Credit: Companion Animal Village.


Jaha App Launches as the Ultimate Way to Bring Locals Together to Participate in Sports and Fitness Activities From running, hiking and tennis to golf, volleyball and yoga, Jaha is the easiest way to find and connect with others sharing the same workout, sports and lifestyle interests

Jaha Logo


For anyone looking to meet up with others in their area for sports and fitness activities, Jaha, a new iOS app that launched today, is the easiest way to bring people together.  Jaha is a location-based app that helps find others in the users’ neighborhood to exercise, play a sport or work-out, together.  With Jaha, it is easy to find a running/hiking partner, a tennis game, a fourth player for golf, a pick-up basketball/soccer/volleyball game, a yoga/Pilates partner, or another person for any other sports and fitness activity.  Users fill out a profile section to identify their interests and can interact with other people to connect to participate in sports activities together. Jaha is the app where fitness people meet.
Jaha for iOS is available for free on the App Store at:  The Android version of the app will be launching later this year.
Jaha delivers an easy-to-use, “fitness friend finder” that helps local people of all sports and fitness levels connect, from the casual to the serious sporting enthusiast.  The app provides a fun way to experience fitness, combined with a simple interface.  Users can chat with those they have connected with via the app, create customizable challenges for friendly competitions, and track their progress.
Users connect via Facebook and can search for partners within a certain distance, age range and gender, providing the perfect match for their fitness needs.
With many people exercising alone, Jaha provides a safer alternative, as users can easily find others in their area with similar interests and skill levels.  For example, two people running together is safer than running alone, however many people may have a hard time finding someone to join them on their workout, until now.  With a range of up to 100 miles, it is easy to find people close to a user’s home to join together.  It is also a motivational tool, as everyone connecting via Jaha can encourage their new fitness partners to active and meet their goals.
“We know there are many times people don’t exercise because they don’t want to do it alone and it can be challenging to find a fitness partner. Jaha changes that with a one-of-a-kind app to connect people via fitness,” said Gary So, co-founder of Jaha.  “With Jaha’s GPS technology and easy to use interface, it is simple to find others in your area for whatever type of fitness and sports activities that interest you.”
Jaha also provides the user a wide range of fitness information and resources such as the ability to track steps taken and distance traveled, all viewable in the stats page of the app.  Users can also set daily goals based on steps or distance and know where they stand at any time, as they try to reach their goal.  By competing with fitness friends via the app, users can set challenge parameters to see who reaches the goal first and message each other “to talk smack” on the Smack Board and encourage each other to do their best.
The app can track a users’ workout statistics and via Jaha’s proprietary algorithm will suggest potential fitness friends nearby. Because these statistics can’t be forged, Jaha ensures that matches are the real deal and are good “fits” for a user’s fitness level and interest.
To be able to track additional statistics, Jaha has teamed with its first hardware partners, SOUL, and the company plans to integrate with other popular fitness trackers such as Fitbit and Jawbone to allow the millions of people using these devices to enjoy the full features of the app, as well as connect with the people in the area that use these various trackers.
Credit: Jaha.

Barista Break and Bake scones Truly Delicious!

20150716_103811      20150716_104713

Barista Break and Bake scones – These are truly delicious and easy to make. They come in 3 flavors – orange cranberry, blueberry, and strawberries and crème – so you’re certain to have a flavor everyone will love. They are perfect for breakfast, brunch, dessert, or an anytime dessert.


I had the opportunity to receive a free coupon to try out these delicious scones! I found them in blueberry at my local Walmart and they are super easy to make! The best thing though is that they are really delicious! Some scones seem rather dry but these ones are quite moist and didn’t last very long in my house! I know that I will be trying to find all the other flavors! I’m really on the look out for the Strawberries and creme!

Look for them in the Dairy Aisle at Walmart!

Self Disclosure: I received a free coupon to facilitate this post.