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I Love You To The Moon and Back Two-Piece Pendant Necklace. VüeJoli® Branded Would make a wonderful gift from Mom!


This is just too adorable! I love the saying/sentiment…I have always said it to my son. I still say it to him today and he is 11 years old. I love how this is a two piece necklace and that the circle with “I love you” completes the moon. It seems to be great quality and would make a wonderful gift especially for a Mom. It is also packaged nicely in a little fabric pouch.


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Devoted Doggy Premium Quilted Dog Seat Cover with Hammock Feature A Real Must-Have for Dog Owners!


I absolutely love this seat cover! I have tried others and have found that they slip and are uncomfortable! My son has hated them too and he sits in the back. This one is really great quality and seems very durable. I really like that it is thick and stays on the seats. It definitely doe snot slip off! It is a hammock style but can also be used as a full type of seat cover, which works better for me since I have a 11 year-old son that also sits in the back. You simply don’t use the upper straps. My favorite thing is that it is waterproof and there are no more muddy paw prints in my back seat! It is also super easy to install. This one is a real Must-Have if you have a pup!

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Animal Helpers: Raptor Centers By Jennifer Keats Curtis


In the fifth Animal Helpers book meet powerful birds of prey called raptors. Although they have large talons and sharp beaks, the wild is a dangerous place for predators. When birds become injured or sick, raptor centers are called into action to help our feathered friends. Dedicated experts and volunteers care for and rehabilitate the birds which are later released into their natural habitat, or become permanent residents of a raptor center. Learn more bout the techniques specialists use to rehabilitate raptors through the writing of Jennifer Keats Curtis and photographs provided by raptor centers across the country.

The Animal Helpers series is one of my favorite! I love how the books show how important work is being done to protect, care for and conserve our wild birds.

After learning about the importance of raptor centers, children are able to engage in learning activities in the For Creative Minds section. Recommended for grades K-3.

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goPURE Lavender Essential Oil 4 Oz - Lavender Oil for DIY Skin Care & Aromatherapy - 100% Natural & Pure Essential Oils


I love the size of the bottle-it really does seem larger than 4 oz. But, really it is just bigger than I expected the bottle to be. I also like that only a little is needed at a time. It is also something that is great for the whole family and I love that it is 100% natural and pure. It really is a great deal and it’s great the a glass dropper is also included. It makes it easier to use. This one really is a beauty must-buy!

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Folk Revival Festival Invites Families to the Wee Folk Village Instrument Petting Zoo, crafts, sing-a-longs, beard & mustache contests JUST FOR KIDS


The 3rd annual Long Beach Folk Revival Festival invites families and folk fans of all ages to enjoy a pure American jamboree with banjos, crafts, beards, beers and more folk than imaginable. The festival will take place on Saturday, September 19 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on the grass lawn of Rainbow Lagoon Park in Downtown Long Beach.

Annually the Folk Festival brings the community together and invites young folk fans to enjoy a day in the interactive Wee Folk Village. The expansive Village will offer folk crafts, instrument making, square dancing, face painting and balloon animals throughout the festival. The Family Stage will present the Hollow Trees “Folk Music for Families” band with sing-a-long songs, stories and more kid friendly folk entertainment.

Kids can make music at the Instrument Petting Zoo and learn to play real folk instruments with members of the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra.  They even have their own Kids’ Beard & Mustache Contest. Boys and girls alike can craft their own beards and mustaches at the festival or bring their own from home and enter to win prizes.

Adult Folk Festival goers also have the opportunity to enter into signature folk themed contests. The annual Deering Banjo Contest will be a showdown of the best banjo plucking in the west. The winner will receive a custom banjo ukulele courtesy of Deering Banjos. Polly’s Pie Eating Contest will return to determine the first person able to eat a whole pie without their hands. The coveted Beard & Mustache Competition presented by the Long Beach Beard Advocates, anticipates nearly 100 entries in six categories including a female category where the ladies can craft their own beards or mustaches.

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The Long Beach Folk Festival brings live music, gourmet food, craft beers, signature contests, the Wee Folk Village and the “Vintage Bazaar” shopping experience to Downtown Long Beach to celebrate community. Tickets are currently on-sale for $20 in advance online. Tickets will be available day of the festival for $30. Admission is free for kids under 12 and seniors over 75. Complimentary bike valet is available, so ride down with the whole family for day of good old fashion folk.

Credit: Long Beach Folk Revival Festival.


The LongBeach Folk Revival Festival showcases popular & emerging folk, roots, bluegrass, and americana musicians with a deeply community-centric vibe. All the music & vendors have been carefully curated to create an authentic experience you won’t find anywhere else this side of the Appalachians. This family-run homegrown music festival is fueled by a love of everything local, builds a sense of community, and proudly supports sustainable practices.