Animal Helpers: Raptor Centers


In the fifth Animal Helpers book meet powerful birds of prey called raptors. Although they have large talons and sharp beaks, the wild is a dangerous place for predators. When birds become injured or sick, raptor centers are called into action to help our feathered friends. Dedicated experts and volunteers care for and rehabilitate the birds which are later released into their natural habitat, or become permanent residents of a raptor center. Learn more bout the techniques specialists use to rehabilitate raptors through the writing of Jennifer Keats Curtis and photographs provided by raptor centers across the country.

The Animal Helpers series is one of my favorite! I love how the books show how important work is being done to protect, care for and conserve our wild birds.

After learning about the importance of raptor centers, children are able to engage in learning activities in the For Creative Minds section. Recommended for grades K-3.

Self Disclosure: I received a free book for review purposes.

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