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Penguin Chicks Will Debut In The Aquarium’s June Keyes Penguin Habitat On Wednesday, August 27


Photo Credit: Hugh Ryono.


 Four Magellanic Penguin chicks born at the Aquarium of the Pacific this summer are getting ready for their debut. 

The public can see the penguin chicks at the June Keyes Penguin Habitat when the Aquarium opens at 9:00 a.m. August 27th. (Media will be attending prior to 9 am) The public can watch the 8:15 a.m. debut on live webcams:


The four baby birds are behind the scenes learning how to be handfed fish and to swim, and two are now ready to go on exhibit. The Aquarium has live webcams in the June Keyes Penguin Habitat, allowing people around the world to tune in to catch a glimpse of the chicks exploring the habitat for the first time and meeting with their parents. Cameras are located above and below the water, giving viewers up-close and candid looks at the lives of the Aquarium’s penguins. The webcams have been provided courtesy of, the philanthropic multimedia arm of the Annenberg Foundation.


The public will also have the chance to help name a chick though the Aquarium’s Adopt an Animal program by adopting at the $100 limited-edition penguin chick level or above before October 31, 2014. The person whose suggested name is chosen by Aquarium staff members will be able to go behind the scenes and participate in a feeding and training session with the penguins.


Native to Argentina and Chile, this penguin species prefers a more temperate climate such as that of Southern California than their Antarctic-dwelling cousins. Magellanic Penguin chicks hatch with their eyes closed and are able to open them about a week later. After about ninety days the chicks fledge, losing their downy newborn feathers, which are replaced with water-tight, sub-adult feathers.



More info:

Starting August 27, 2014, at 9:00 a.m., the public can see new Magellanic Penguin chicks in the Aquarium of the Pacific’s June Keyes Penguin Habitat. The public will also have the chance to help name a chick though the Aquarium’s Adopt an Animal program by adopting at the $100 limited-edition penguin chick level or above before October 31, 2014. The person whose suggested name is chosen by Aquarium staff members will be able to go behind the scenes to participate in a feeding and training session with the penguins. All “parents” at the $100 level will receive an adoption certificate, color photo, fact sheet about the animal, a penguin plush toy, and two aquarium admission tickets. Higher levels include such benefits as Behind-the-Scenes Tours and Animal Encounters. For a full list of levels and benefits, please visit The Aquarium is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily. Aquarium admission is $28.95 for adults 12+, $25.95 for seniors 62+, $14.95 per child (ages 3-11), and free to Aquarium members and children under age three. The penguin chicks can also be seen via the Aquarium’s live webcams. For more information, visit or call (562) 590-3100.


Batman: Assault on Arkham- A Comic-Book Based Film That Follows the Bad Guys! KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions,


If you’re a fan of the game series, then you’ll love this movie. It is extremely violent, just like the games and thus, we recommend for older teens and adults. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic and comic book expert, Keefer B. comments, “The characters are dynamic. As much as I love heroes, I adore villains. A protagonist is nothing without an antagonist and these criminals take the cake.” Anthony A. adds, “This movie is a funny movie but has a lot of violence. It also has a lot of gore and a ton of action.” See their full reviews below.

Batman: Assault on Arkham
Reviewed by Keefer B.

Vigorous! This is your typical entertaining comic book film, only this time you’re cheering for, and looking from, the bad guys’ point of view.

Amanda Waller (C.C.H. Pounder) assembles a team of six criminals, called The Suicide Squad. Their mission is to break into Arkham and retrieve The Riddler’s (Mathew Gray Gubler) cane. However it does not go according to plan.

This film is rated PG-13 for violence, sexual content and language and I admire this film’s judgment. Not long ago, I wrote a blog about the rating system and how leisurely the ratings are letting mature content into PG-13 films without forewarnings. I can’t complain since this film gives us a clear heads up! I will say, one of the film’s characters towards the end says, ”Mother…” and then the audio cuts off. I don’t believe that counts for using the “F” word.

The characters are dynamic. As much as I love heroes, I adore villains. A protagonist is nothing without an antagonist and these criminals take the cake. Batman villains are unlike your regular, “Want to take over the world” bad guys. They are complex criminals that are assassins, deranged psychologically, destined to kill and maim for fun, and sometimes all of the above at once. What’s even better, these characters are lesser known villains such as Killer Shark (John DiMaggio), Captain Boomerang (Greg Ellis) and more – all with their own vendetta both personal and business. This creates engaging conflict between the characters.

The artistry in the animation never ceases to amaze me. Batman’s universe is dark and brooding with lots of shadows and dim lights. Colors like red, green and purple are done in darker shades and tones instead of normal bright tones. The characters all have costumes and designs that define them. Joker (Troy Baker)’s bright colored suit stands out from the rest of the characters while still looking like a part of the world he lives in.

My favorite Character is Deadshot (Neal McDonugh). Deadshot is the leader who only wants to be with his daughter. He’s cunning, a sharp shooter and deadly. He even manages to get into Joker’s mind and outsmart him. That’s impressive.

My favorite scene is when the squad is up against Batman (Kevin Conroy). This takes place in a building full of confiscated belongings from the criminals of Arkham. So if you’re a comic book fan, like me, see how many different Easter Eggs you can spot. Plus this is one of the rare times you see Batman do what he does best.

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars and recommended it to 13- through 18-year-olds. As I mentioned earlier, there is content that is inappropriate for younger kids. This film is out on DVD and Blue-ray now.

Batman: Assault on Arkham
Reviewed by Anthony A., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

This movie is a funny movie but has a lot of violence. It also has a lot of gore and a ton of action. I really enjoyed this movie and I hope you will too.

This movie is all about a squad that is called The Suicide Squad which is a squad of super villains. They have to listen to a government lady named Amanda Waller who wants to kill the Riddler. If anyone from The Suicide Squad tries to run or doesn’t listen or, if they try to kill Amanda they will die. All the members have a bomb in the back of their neck which she will set off and blow their heads clean off if they disobey. So they all go to Arkham to try to kill the Riddler for her.

The main characters in this movie are The Joker (Troy Baker), Harley Quinn (Hynden Walch), Batman (Kevin Conroy), Deadshot (Neal McDonough), Killer Frost (Jennifer Hale), Captain Boomerang (Greg Ellis), The Riddler (Matthew Gray Gubler), Amanda Waller (CCH Pounder), King Shark (John Dimaggio) and Black Spider (Giancarlo Esposito). My favorite character in the movie is Deadshot because he may be a bad guy but he is more like a good guy. He will do anything for his daughter, even if he has to kill a few people. I guess that explains why he is in prison.

My favorite part in the movie is when The Joker gets out of jail and kills a few people because it is really cool and has a good amount of action. It also had a little gore and involves a smoke bomb. It is really cool and since The Joker’s out of jail, no one is laughing but him.

I would recommend this movie for ages 12 to 18 because it has a few bad words, a few inappropriate scenes and has killing and gore. This is available in DVD/Blu-ray now.

Credit: KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions,

Silk is my new favorite especially in recipes! Recipes by Mandy Ingber are perfect for breakfast or anytime!

Silk Soymilk

I have a new favorite drink and it is Silk Vanilla Soymilk! I received free coupons and I actually like both the Vanilla and the plain the best! One of my favorite things to do is make a banana smoothie in the morning, which is simple to do! Simply blend up banana and Silk Vanilla Soymilk and add a dash of cinnamon. Yum!

But, here are a couple of recipes from Mandy Ingber that you just have to try! They really are delicious!




3 Servings


This dish is simple, tasty and fun to make. You can add any fruit you like, but I love the tropical fruits.



Medium-sized bowl of freshly cut fruit such as banana, mango, papaya, berries, avocado or apples

2 tablespoons almond butter (raw)

2 tablespoons tahini (raw)

1 tablespoon agave

2 tablespoons fresh-squeezed lemon juice

2 tablespoons hemp seed oil (optional)

2 tablespoons spirulina powder

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoons sea salt

1 cup Silk Vanilla Soymilk or Silk Organic Vanilla Soymilk

Sprinkle: 1 T chopped almonds, 1 T shaved coconut, 1 T granola, 1 T cacao nibs



In a small bowl, mix almond butter, tahini, agave, lemon juice, cinnamon and hempseed oil together until creamy. Alternate Soymilk and spirulina powder to desired consistency.


Lightly drizzle mix over freshly cut fruit. Garnish with more cinnamon or dried coconut shavings or cacao nibs. The paint doesn’t last long, so consume immediately, share with friends or store in fridge! May be served with chopped almonds or granola for added crunch.

This next one I also tried and loved!




1 Serving


Try this delicious smoothie for a post-yoga energy boost.


1/2 cup frozen mango

1 frozen banana

1 cup Silk Vanilla Soymilk

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1 kale leaf

1 cup of ice (as desired)


Blend all ingredients in a blender until desired consistency. Take several long deep breaths. Set an intention to ENJOY.

So, have you tried Silk Yet? You really should! It’s a hit at our house!

Don’t forget to enter the Yoga Getaway sponsored by Silk! It ends on Monday the 25th!

Self Disclosure: I received free coupons to purchase Silk products for this feature but any opinions expressed are truthful. Photo Credit: Silk/Recipe Credit: Mandy Ingber.

Mike Curato’s debut LITTLE ELLIOT, BIG CITY The first in a three book series about a little elephant looking for friendship and cupcakes in a city a lot bigger than himself.


 Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group introduces Little Elliot, a charming new picture book character with more books to follow in 2015 and 2016.  

Macmillian Children’s Publishing Group will publish debut author Mike Curato’s Little Elliot, Big City on August 26, 2014 (Henry Holt BYR), the first in a series of Little Elliot picture books with more to follow in 2015 and 2016. In this first book, readers are introduced to Little Elliot, a little polka-dotted elephant living in a big city in search of a good friend. Just perfect for children ages 4-8.

We received this book to review and Elliot is an adorable character that children will be delighted with and adults will like him too! The illustrations are quite captivating and loved the simple story of friendship and cupcakes, which is a delightful combination by the way! I can’t wait to see future stories with Elliot the polka-dotted elephant!

Mike Curato is a new artist to watch. His cinematic illustrations, with their gorgeous retro-noir style, are distinctive and beautiful.

Little Elliot, Big City is on sale next Tuesday, August 26! To find out where to buy, check it out here.

Self Disclosure: I received an advanced readers edition of the book to facilitate this feature.


New ways to limit tantrums when traveling with kids Boogie Wipes® Launches Saline Nasal Spray with Scented Schnozzle

BoogieMIstUnscented2oz   BoogieMistGrape2oz    BoogieMistFresh2oz

Traveling on a plane with young kids can be a hassle. You have to pack snacks, games, favorite blankies, toys, more snacks, a tablet loaded with books and movies, a change of clothes in case of accidental spills and you still might not be prepared. The worst situation is when the dry air and pressure makes children’s ears and nose hurt. Now there is an easy solution to this common tantrum causing problem, Boogie Mist. It’s a non-medicated, saline nose spray for kids with a scented nozzle so they think its fun to use while the all-natural saline moisturizes, decongests and soothes their nasal passages helping to relieve head pressure and whiny complaints. 

Yes, as parents we can all relate to the situation mentioned above! I am thrilled to learn about this solution. The Boogie Mist is also perfect for the upcoming cold season too!

We received samples to try out and also received the Boogie Wipes which are Gentle Saline Wipes for Stuffy Noses! I love that these are unscented and made with Natural Saline. They are also soft and just perfect for children. These are a Must-Have for all seasons!

Trying to wipe children’s runny noses when they are tired of having a rough tissue scratch at their faces is nearly impossible. Little Busy Bodies solved this problem with the invention of Boogie Wipes®, the first saline nose wipe for kids. Its fun scents like grape and menthol made nose wiping a game for kids while the saline soothed their tender skin. Now the company is solving another booger-filled problem with the introduction of Boogie Mist, a gentle saline nasal mist with a twist. Instead of a boring spray nozzle, Boogie Mist has a Schnozzle (a scented nozzle) designed to make the nasal spray much more appealing to kids.


Boogie Mist gentle saline nasal mist helps soothe and clear nasal passages with nothing more than the power of non-medicated, all natural saline. Sterile saline helps flush blockage from the nose while moisturizing tender skin. Available in grape and fresh scent Schnozzles, Boogie Mist will have parents and children alike breathing a collective sigh of relief.


Whether inflicted by a cold, flu or simple allergies, Boogie Mist can help cure the sniffles, stuffiness, painful dry nose and general congestion. It can be used as often as needed for relief throughout the day and night.


Boogie Mist is available at retailers nationwide including: Target, Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Walgreens, Kroger and Buy Buy Baby. Boogie Mist has an MSRP of $6.29 per bottle. For more information, visit:


About Little Busy Bodies

The first-ever saline nose wipe, Boogie Wipes®, was invented by two moms as a solution for their kids’ sore, red, stuffy noses. Little Busy Bodies Inc. was founded in May 2007. Sales of Boogie Wipes® reached $1 million in the company’s first year of business and by 2009; Little Busy Bodies tripled its revenue to $3.4 Million. Boogie Wipes® are now sold in 50,000 retail stores across the U.S. and Canada including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and Toys ‘R’ Us.

 Self Disclosure: We received free samples to facilitate this feature. Photo Credit and press info credit:Boogie Wipes.