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Help Save the Music Program for KIPP Academy! Back-to-school shopping with Schoola can help a school in need!

I know it’s almost time to go back-to-school! NOOOO! I don’t want to think about it! There’s still time for the beach, boogie boarding, going to the pool. But, it is time for school shopping and what better way to shop than online while you can also help a school in need? With Schoola you can do that! Really, this is so cool! Have you checked them out yet? We just quickly found 4 shirts online for under $20 and they will be arriving via the mail soon. It doesn’t get any easier that that!




Music helps KIPP Academy reach and engage every child who enters its doors. The slogan on the Music Room wall sets the stage—All of Us Will Learn Music.  No matter what backgrounds they come from or what challenges they face, they learn lessons together that will serve them the rest of their lives.

 Here’s how you can help:
Click on this link!  Schoola will donate $1 to KIPP Academy for those who shop on Schoola. KIPP Academy has a Goal: $25,000 to fund the music program!  So check it out and request a Schoola donation bag. You really will be helping such a great cause!

There is also a 20% discount! 

The code is BacktoSchoola20, and expires on August 20, 2014; please also note there is a limit of one use per customer.

Self Disclosure: Compensation will be received as this is for a paid promotion but it is also a cause that SoCal City Kids strongly believes in.

Summer Reading with a Tech Twist Arbordale Publishing debuts new technology and offers special pricing for summer reading. Giveaway Opportunity!


Picture books are important! Arbordale understands the importance of reading and learning at that young inquisitive stage in life and to help parents entertain and teach this summer the publisher is offering all of their eBooks for 99 cents each through their Fun eReader app until September 30th.


Whether a young reader loves space, cuddly kitties, or found a turtle in their backyard, Fun eReader has a book for them filled with activities and opportunities to learn more. Summer is the perfect time to dive into an Arbordale book with science, nature and math themes an outdoor adventure is in the app. Parents are also able to get involved with the included activities that can be taken from screen to the outdoors with animal matching games or make and play with slime.


In a recent message from the American Academy of Pediatrics, physicians have recognized the importance of reading to children for their development and future communication skills. From the launch of Arbordale’s first book it has been the company’s mission to bring a love of reading combined with an interest in science and math to young children.

This mission was central in the development of the Fun eReader app with dual language selection and native readers when parents cannot sit down and read with their child. However, these features can be turned off when it’s time for a bedtime story.


The Fun eReader app is free to download on Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Kindle. Books are available for purchase within the app or on and app registration allows children to view their purchased books on any device including computers.

We have teamed up for a giveaway! There will be 5 winners!! The Fun eReader is free to download but the 5 winners will win a free code  for 10 free books. To enter, leave a message below telling us one of your children’s favorite books to read! Deadline to enter is August 12th, 2014 at noon. (PST) 5 winners will be randomly chosen from all entries.


About Arbordale Publishing:

Arbordale Publishing provides fun-to-read picture book stories with underlying, but subtle, science and math themes to “light the fire” of inquisitiveness. The books have a “cuddle factor” so that parents can comfortably read the books to children on their lap or at bedtime. Each book includes 3-6 pages of “For Creative Minds” in the back of each book with easy-to-understand activities specifically designed so that parents and adults can become the “teachers” even when they don’t remember the underlying subject. The parents are given the tools they need to answer the “why” questions. The activities are also designed to engage children and are so much more than a list of “fun facts.” Activities may include matching, sequencing, and true/false questions to develop critical thinking skills. These activities make each book so much more than a picture book…the books become tools to get readers (the children AND the adults in their lives) excited about the underlying subjects and to become a “launch pad” for more discussions and learning.

Self Disclosure: No compensation was received to feature except for the giveaway prizes.




Drazil Kids Tea a Must-Have for the Summer! Also great for Back-To-School! By the way...Drazil is Lizard spelled backwards! We think that is so cool!

Drazil-Banner logo

Looking for a refreshing drink for your kids this summer! Something with no caffeine? We received a few samples of Drazil Kids Tea and it is a hit in our house! I like that it is naturally Caffeine Free but my son likes it because it tastes  good! His favorite is the Grape Bliss. Drazil Kids Tea is a brand new healthful solution to children’s juice drinks. It is a caffeine-free herbal tea sweetened lightly with 100% fruit juice. Packaged in a convenient juice box, Drazil Kids Tea is all-natural and is packed with antioxidants and minerals, and has 35% less sugar than regular juice drinks.

Drazil 3D Group 6_25_13

To find out more and find out where to buy, check out the website.

You can also find them on Facebook.

Self Disclosure:  I received free samples to facilitate this feature.