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MyAllergyTest® First & Only At-Home Allergy Test! Giveaway!

If you are someone who suffers from allergies, chances are you may not know for sure the exact cause of those allergies.  Rather than suffering, living on allergy medications without knowing what triggers your allergies, or worrying you may have to get rid of your beloved pet cat, it’s time to find out with MyAllergyTest®.  It is the first and only at-home allergy test that will allow you, with one tiny finger prick, to find out if you are allergic to any or all of the 10 most common allergens it tests, including specific foods, animals, inhalants, or environmental allergens. In just three easy steps, MyAllergyTest provides the information and awareness needed to help you stop suffering from allergies.  MyAllergyTest provides everything you need to get this important information, and the cost of the kit includes the components for the collection of your blood sample, mailing it to the lab (postage paid), your lab test results, and a personalized allergy plan based on those results. I received one of these quick and easy home tests to try out for myself and facilitate this review and really was amazed at how simple it was to use! 



MyAllergyTest is available nationwide at Walmart, Walgreens, and Meijer in the pharmacy’s diagnostic kit section for a suggested retail price of $49.95. It is also covered under Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).   For more information, visit

Would you like to win your own MyAllergyTest? We are having a giveaway! One subscriber will win their very own At-Home Allergy Test! Simply tell us below why you would like to win! Then go to their Facebook Page and “like” them! You can tell them we sent you! Don’t forget you must be a subscriber to SoCal City Kids! If you aren’t, it is really simple to subscribe! Deadline to enter is May 20th, 2013 at midnight! One winner will be randomly selected from all entries!

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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Delivers 7 benefits of a Salon Manicure In 1 Bottle


Looking for a Salon manicure you can do at home? Sally Hansen has this answer this Spring! The ultimate salon-caliber polish gets a gel-shine finish and enhanced chip-resistant power. I received a few of these great new nail polishes and am so impressed at how long my manicure lasted! This really is a breakthrough way to maximize your manicure. As the ultimate color authority, Sally Hansen has always been at the cutting edge of nail innovation. First, Sally Hansen introduced the first-ever polish to deliver five steps of a professional manicure with the Complete Salon Manicure collection. Now the nail care leader is upping the ante with two additional benefits– gel-like shine and chip-resistance–for the ultimate 7-in-1 formula. I love the shine! It is also easier to polish my nails with the Precision Brush. It is rounded to fit the curve of your cuticles and is perfectly shaped to hug the contours of your nails. With an 800-bristle count, shorter brush length, and precision product pickup, the brush promotes better application for better wear. My favorite from the ones I tried out is from the Earthy Delights line-up and is called Pink Pong. (see image below)


Other line-ups include: Metal-Morphasis, Barely Blush, Garden Party, Fruity Florals, Red Desire and Under the Sea. Each line-up has shades that you are sure to love! They retail for $7.99 each and can be found where Sally Hansen products are available at chain drug stores and mass retailers nationally. For more information, check out Sally

Self Disclosure: I received products to facilitate this review.


Anne Hathaway 2013 Met Ball May 6, 2013 Laura Mercier sponsored Feature


Breuchaud gave a subtle nod to the event’s punk theme by creating a bold, “electric blue” smoky eye to complement Anne Hathaway’s flawless, porcelain skin.

FLAWLESS FACE: A flawless, “clean” face was the perfect canvas for the look


EYES:  Breuchaud went with a “bold smoky” eye to pay homage to the “punk” theme


LIPS: Fresh, natural lips complemented the dramatic eye

Keep Out! Build Your Own Backyard Clubhouse by Lee Mothes No Grown-ups Allowed!


As soon as they hit a certain age, kids start to crave a little privacy, a place of their own where they can read comics, write in a journal, draw, and dream. A place for playing games, cultivating friendships, and nourishing their own communities. A place to indulge their developing sense of independence, where they can decide who to let in — or Keep Out!

 And what better place than a clubhouse they’ve built on their own (or perhaps with just a little help from mom and dad)? Storey Publishing is proud to announce the release of Keep Out! Build Your Own Backyard Clubhouse, providing kids with all they need to know to build their own close-(but not too close)-to-home getaways.

At a time when many children spend their afternoons and weekends in front of the TV or the computer, author Lee Mothes shows kids and their parents the joy and achievement building a clubhouse can bring. Alongside friendly step-by-step illustrated instructions for building and customizing a small backyard structure, Mothes shares stories of his own clubhouse-building adventures, as well as profiles of clubhouses built throughout the ages.

Anyone who can swing a hammer can build a clubhouse! All that is needed are a few inexpensive hand tools, basic building supplies — many of which can be found and recycled for free — and some simple building skills, which Mothes teaches as the clubhouse project progresses. After detailing the nine essential tools and a few basic techniques for safe building practices, Mothes leads readers through the steps of planning for and building a small backyard structure, including drawing a plan, finding materials, building the foundation, framing the walls and roof, and putting on the finishing touches. He goes on to discuss ideas for customization and making the clubhouse your own.

If you’re an adult and looking to build a small backyard hideaway, Keep Out! is for you, too, and includes plans that are a bit more elaborate, for a grown-up retreat. Whether you’re 10, 12, or 82, undertake the adventure and experience the satisfaction of building a clubhouse of your own.

We received this book and I was quite impressed with the Simple instructions. We haven’t built a hideaway yet but when we do, we will fully rely on using this book! Love that the instructions are fully illustrated too.


Lee Mothes is an artist and high school teacher who has fond memories of his own childhood clubhouse. He studied architectural design and has worked as a full-time carpenter, taught various hands-on carpentry courses, and built many small structures over the years. He lives in Kaukauna,Wisconsin.

Keep Out!

Lee Mothes

Storey Publishing, April 2013

224 pages; 8″ x 9 1/4″

Full-color; illustrations throughout

$18.95 paper; ISBN 978-1-61212-029-4