Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island by Michael Phillip Cash

Stillwell book cover

Looking for a story not for the kids? I know I love reading and every once in a while I love to read a good story with suspense! I recently received a book called Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island by Michael Phillip Cash and couldn’t put it down! I actually read it all in one night. It’s full of suspense! It starts out with the main character, Paul Russo’s wife passing away after being ill with cancer. Paul must not wallow in grief too long because he has to get his family back on track. But, is his wife’s spirit at peace? No, and it’s Paul’s job to figure out all the clues dating back hundreds of years to set his wife’s soul free. His fate is intertwined with an old haunted mansion called Stillwell Manor.Those who have lost a loved one, will relate to the emotions and the feelings of Paul.If you are looking for a great suspense thriller and a bit of a ghost story, this one is for you! You can find it at


Self Disclosure: I received this book to facilitate this review.

Ferdinand Fox’s First Summer Written by Mary Holland


Growing up is hard to do!

Follow this photographic journal of a red fox as he explores the world around him during the first few months of his life. He’s about a month old when he first comes out of the den. Watch as he learns to hunt through play and by using his senses. See the changes as he grows from a young kit to a young fox. After all, by the next summer, he’ll have kits of his own! Naturalist photographer and environmental educator Mary Holland has captured Ferdinand Fox’s First Summer in a way that is sure to grab children’s hearts. My son and I received this book and loved watching Ferdinand’s journey. We also found the For Creative Minds section of the book interesting and fun to read! A wonderful book for the whole family! Find this book and many others at Sylvan Dell Publishing.

Animal Helpers: Sanctuaries


When you need a place to call home…

Just as tiny kittens and puppies grow into bigger cats and dogs, wild animal babies grow into adults too. These full-grown animals may no longer be cute and cuddly. Their wild instincts may kick in. They can become very large, even dangerous. What happens to these exotic pets when owners realize they can no longer care for them but they can’t be returned to the wild? And what about big predators that get hurt or sick? This photographic journal takes readers “behind the scenes” at five nonprofit sanctuaries and rescue zoos, and one care farm, that have opened their doors and their hearts to desperate animals in need.

My son and I received Animal Helpers: Sanctuaries from our friends at Sylvan Dell Publishing and we really loved learning about what happens to the animals that could not be returned to the wild. Very educational and interesting book that would be great for all ages! We also enjoyed the section at the end of the book “For Creative Minds.” It includes Domestic pet, Exotic Animal or Farm Animal?, Animal Enrichment activities and Behind the Scenes at animal sanctuaries. The hardcover (32 pages) retails for $17.95 and the paperback (32 pages) for $9.95. Also available in ebook downloads in English and Spanish for $9.95. For more information, check out Sylvan Dell Publishing.

Keep Out! Build Your Own Backyard Clubhouse by Lee Mothes


As soon as they hit a certain age, kids start to crave a little privacy, a place of their own where they can read comics, write in a journal, draw, and dream. A place for playing games, cultivating friendships, and nourishing their own communities. A place to indulge their developing sense of independence, where they can decide who to let in — or Keep Out!

 And what better place than a clubhouse they’ve built on their own (or perhaps with just a little help from mom and dad)? Storey Publishing is proud to announce the release of Keep Out! Build Your Own Backyard Clubhouse, providing kids with all they need to know to build their own close-(but not too close)-to-home getaways.

At a time when many children spend their afternoons and weekends in front of the TV or the computer, author Lee Mothes shows kids and their parents the joy and achievement building a clubhouse can bring. Alongside friendly step-by-step illustrated instructions for building and customizing a small backyard structure, Mothes shares stories of his own clubhouse-building adventures, as well as profiles of clubhouses built throughout the ages.

Anyone who can swing a hammer can build a clubhouse! All that is needed are a few inexpensive hand tools, basic building supplies — many of which can be found and recycled for free — and some simple building skills, which Mothes teaches as the clubhouse project progresses. After detailing the nine essential tools and a few basic techniques for safe building practices, Mothes leads readers through the steps of planning for and building a small backyard structure, including drawing a plan, finding materials, building the foundation, framing the walls and roof, and putting on the finishing touches. He goes on to discuss ideas for customization and making the clubhouse your own.

If you’re an adult and looking to build a small backyard hideaway, Keep Out! is for you, too, and includes plans that are a bit more elaborate, for a grown-up retreat. Whether you’re 10, 12, or 82, undertake the adventure and experience the satisfaction of building a clubhouse of your own.

We received this book and I was quite impressed with the Simple instructions. We haven’t built a hideaway yet but when we do, we will fully rely on using this book! Love that the instructions are fully illustrated too.


Lee Mothes is an artist and high school teacher who has fond memories of his own childhood clubhouse. He studied architectural design and has worked as a full-time carpenter, taught various hands-on carpentry courses, and built many small structures over the years. He lives in Kaukauna,Wisconsin.

Keep Out!

Lee Mothes

Storey Publishing, April 2013

224 pages; 8″ x 9 1/4″

Full-color; illustrations throughout

$18.95 paper; ISBN 978-1-61212-029-4


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The Most Dangerous Written by Terri Fields


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A Warm Winter Tail by Carrie A. Pearson



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