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Irene, Sept. 29 Pet of the Week


Irene’s beautiful orange eyes against her glossy midnight fur are like twin moons at night. They hold enough kitty mystery and misery to write a sad story, and she could do that if she had opposable thumbs. Irene belonged to an unhoused person whom shelter staff and spcaLA were trying to assist. The person was later found dying on the street. Irene was with the person, on a dirty leash but well groomed and fed. She had obviously been loved very much. Irene’s human would want to know that she’ll be likewise cherished by another person. To adopt Irene, ask for ID# or any pet in the shelter, visit Long Beach Animal Care Services and talk to a volunteer, or call (562) 673-5050. Please check out more pets who need to go home by accessing Shelter hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at 7700 E. Spring St. at the entrance to El Dorado Park (no parking fee for shelter visitors). You can email to speed the process for adopting or fostering any pet!

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)