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Be the Life of the Party with Make It Real Party Nails: Glitter Nail Studio!

Tweens will love this!

The glitter vortex has arrived! Introducing the no-mess, all-sparkle manicure solution young fashionistas and parents are going to love!

Make It Real (MIR), a leading lifestyle brand for tweens and teens specializing in DIY, beauty, and fashion, introduces its latest groundbreaking innovation, Party Nails: Glitter Nail Studio. Decorating sparkly party nails has never been this easy—or fun! This latest innovation joins a roster of beauty and fashion products made to inspire creativity.

Make It Real has a reputation for creating innovative beauty solutions for young creators, which include groundbreaking Color Fusion™ Nail Polish Maker and Color Fusion™ Swirling Lip Gloss Maker. The team continues to innovate with Party Nails: Glitter Nail Studio which is sure to excite fashionistas everywhere. 

Tweens can now create 500 glittery party nails by choosing from five colors of eco-friendly, cosmetic grade glitter, applying the Sparkle Primer to a nail, then inserting their finger into the Sparkle Spinner. Watch as a glitter vortex forms around the nail, transforming it from plain to super sparkled in seconds! The included glitter is biodegradable, and the glitter pods make for mess-free styling. Tweens can style their sparkly nails with iridescent nail stickers for extra glam and open-ended results. Included in the kit are 1 Sparkle Spinner, 5 glitter pods, 1 bottle of Sparkle Primer, 1 bottle of clear nail polish, 1 brush, and 1 nail sticker sheet. This is also a great idea for slumber parties!

Make it Real creates meaningful products and experiences that encourage, educate, and empower kids to be the best version of themselves. Their products celebrate play, spark joy, ignite creativity, and inspire the imagination, giving children an outlet to express themselves.

The Party Nails: Glitter Nail Studio will be available at Target, Macy’s Toys R Us shops, Michael’s, and specialty retailers for $24.99. To keep up with all of the latest Make It Real releases, follow Make It Real on InstagramFacebook, and TikTok.

About Make it Real

Our range of innovative, high-quality products reflects our core belief that nothing fosters development like hands-on experimentation – and fun! We take pride in creating products that spark creativity, fuel imagination, and encourage confidence in the leaders and makers of tomorrow. With kindness as a cornerstone, Make It Real strives to impact the world one smile at a time. Join us in bringing creativity to life!

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. Images and information were also provided.

More Back-to-School Items!

Here are some more products that I highly recommend!

I love how easy it is to use this hot glue gun! Surebonder Ultimate Creator Kit ($35.49): Ideal for back-to-school, all DIY, arts/crafts, home projects, and more! Celebrate the freedom to create with this cordless hot glue gun. This kit contains a selection of the brand’s best-selling specialty glues and the new crafter’s favorite glue gun, the CL-195F, which allows for you to craft for up to 2 minutes cord-free! Simply return the glue gun to the stand to reheat after each application. The Kit includes the crafter’s favorite cordless/corded detail tip mini glue gun, a MUST-HAVE for a crafters toolkit! Create anything with fabric, jewelry, color, glitter, and all-purpose 10” mini glue sticks. They will love that this kit features built-in safety, such as an insulated nozzle and a fuse. Also available on Amazon.

A must for the gym!

Best wipes for travel and back to school!

No time for a shower after killing it at the gym this morning? 

Give yourself a clean, cool, refreshing boost when time is at a premium with Wash Yo Self’s Face + Body Wipes!

These single use, moist, cleansing towelettes are infused with soothing witch hazel and aloe vera to rinse away your sweat and grime in a snap.  I love that no rinsing is required to use them and they are perfect for quickly cleansing away dirt and sweat on-the-go! Perfect for gym classes!

Wipes measure 9” x 10” and I love that they are individually wrapped and small enough to put in a gym bag or purse!

Available in 10 packs for $9.99 – Learn more at also on Amazon.

Great for learning about emotions!

SOLOBO Toys is a Montessori-inspired educational children’s toy company that are recommended by speech-language pathologists to encourage natural speech development through play. The Emotions Coin Drop is an interactive way to start conversations about emotions from a young age. It features six colorful coins that each represent a feeling: happy, sad, angry, surprised, silly, and anxious. This toy is guaranteed to boost a kid’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, memory building, language development and problem-solving skills. And, the Learn & Drop is a Montessori-inspired educational toy that has the most precise and comprehensive resources to allow children to master basic preschool concepts for language, counting, basic geometric shapes, fruit and vegetable names, birds and animals sounds and color names. It is a great learning tool to engage a child in a hands-on activity. More information: and available on Amazon.

Give your girls the gift of confidence as they zip up their backpacks with Kids Crafts’ school essentials!

I love this!

The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be Lunch Box – Make sure she’s fueling her body and brain by packing her a healthy lunch with a side of girl power. This is the perfect back-to-school lunch box!

Frida Kahlo Trailblazer Journal

Frida Kahlo Trailblazer Journal – Give her a spot to jot down all her class notes or story ideas with this eye-catching notebook.

For even more inspiring and entertaining activities girls love, check out their innovative craft kits!

Starting at $14.99 – Learn more at

A real must-buy!

Mane Label Hair Co. 

*Woman-Owned & Family-Run Business*

Price: $6-$39

“Ready in 10!” has officially become a reality! Sleep in it, wear it to school, or keep it up for low maintenance during the day, it even keeps your hair out of the way while studying for tests or doing homework! 

Mane Label Hair Co. brings us a solution-based and time-saving must-have item that all women are searching for… Introducing, the Sway, the new healthy way to curl your hair! The Heatless Velour Curling Ribbon comes in multiple colors, materials, and sizes for both women and children, made of super soft bamboo viscose/plush cotton velour and with eco-friendly dye, right here in the US. And the extra long ribbon keeps your hair shiny and strong, without the frizz and breakage you get with heated curlers. It’s an uncomplicated hair care tool that you’ll find yourself capable of wearing overnight, around the house, or even out as a super cute hair accessory! 

The Mompreneur and sisters-in-law team created the Sway to give us beautiful healthy hair with minimal effort so we can spend time doing the things we love with the people we love. Mane Label Hair Co also offers scrunchie sets, and seamless, tangle-free hair ties, too! And newly released headbands that come in a classic wrap as well as top knot and link styles! Recently launched on Amazon

I absolutely love the placemats!

The Coloring Table 

Price: $29.99+The Coloring Table

Color in the Lines. Think Outside the Box! Perfect classroom activity for teachers to use. Its fun to watch what the kids come up with using their imagination!

The Coloring Table offers a variety of reusable fabric tablecloths, placemats, and pillowcases that turn into a canvas; it’s an easy, mess-free craft with simple materials! The smooth, cotton-blend fabric is 100% machine-washable and wrinkle-free, uniquely crafted with a patented durable laminate backing to protect any surface it is used on (no bleed guaranteed!). And this fabric is not sold or offered anywhere else! Color with permanent fabric markers for a lasting keepsake or with washable markers, such as Washable Crayola Markers, for multiple uses. A relaxing form of self-expression, it stimulates creativity while promoting a range of benefits, and it’s fun for all ages, with themes and seasonal designs to spark imaginations!

Available on Amazon 

Creative QT – LilGadgets Headphones

Price: 5 Different models ranging from $18.95-$64.95

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Wireless Kids Headphones are the perfect solution for kids in school! Creative QT puts chaos in its place. It’s a fun and practical source for organizational products and toys that inspire play, learning, and clean-up. 

And let me tell you, music or screen time never fails! Creative QT- LilGadgets Headphones are stylish, comfortable, portable, and safe for little ears. 

With wireless, wired, sound limiting, passive noise reduction (so blocked outside noise at lower volumes), and Bluetooth options, LilGadgets has just what you need for school, at-home learning, travel, and more. Award-winning, patent-pending LilGadgets headphones are a family fave and come in a wide variety of models (5), functions, colors and prints, perfectly designed for your kids with different interests in mind! What’s more, they come with a SharePort Splitter, allowing you to connect multiple earbuds to one device – The Buddy System reinvented!

Available on: Amazon, Walmart,, and more

This next one is something fun for the younger kids!

Lil Wish Lanterns Help Little Kids, Dream BIG!

Nurture your child’s imagination, and positive thinking as they start a new school year with Lil Wish Lanterns; the magical toy that helps little kids, dream BIG! 

From the mind of Phil Albritton, recognized as one of the top 100 most influential figures working in toy and game design today, Lil Wish Lanterns were created with the intent to inspire children to dream their biggest dreams, practice positive thinking and achieve their goals, Lil Wish Lanterns magically light up once your child makes a wish with the pull of a string. 

Choose from one of the 32 collectible Wishimals to place in the lantern and watch your child’s wish travel to the magical land of Wishlandia, where Friendship, Love, Courage and Happiness prevails, making their wishes come true!

Lil Wish Lanterns has become a nightly ritual for many parents and children as they practice positive thinking, empathy, and goal setting, while expanding their imaginations and providing fun for all.

Collect all 4 lanterns and 32 Wishimals

Available on Amazon HERE

Starting at $24.99

For children ages 6+

Self Disclosure: I received free samples of the products listed above to facilitate this post. Images and information were also provided.

You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah * Regardless Of Your Religious Beliefs You Will Relate To This Film

Lifelong best friends Stacy (Sunny Sandler) and Lydia (Samantha Lorraine) have long dreamt of epic bat mitzvahs but when popular boy Andy Goldfarb (Dylan Hoffman) and Hebrew school drama come between them, their perfect plans go comically awry. Directed by Sammi Cohen, produced by Happy Madison and Alloy Entertainment, and also starring Idina Menzel, Sadie Sandler, Sarah Sherman, Luis Guzmán, and Jackie & Adam Sandler, You are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah chronicles the high comedy and modern teen angst that comes with family, friendship, and first crushes.

KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Zoe C. comments, “I really enjoyed watching You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah and felt very connected with it for so many reasons. I definitely feel that, regardless of one’s religious beliefs you can find a way to relate to this film, which I especially love. The story is very well written and I love the way this film was shot.” See her full review below.

You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah

By Zoë C, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic age 14

I really enjoyed watching You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah and felt very connected with it for so many reasons. I definitely feel that, regardless of one’s religious beliefs you can find a way to relate to this film, which I especially love. The story is very well written and I love the way this film was shot.

The storyline is about a 12-year-old girl, Stacy, who has been planning her bat mitzvah since she is turning 13. So was her best friend Lydia and they both planned on helping each other for their big day which meant everything for them. Stacy has a big crush on Andy, a boy who goes to the girls’ school. But things take a turn when boys start interfering with the girls’ personal lives and friendship.

I strongly believe this film is very relatable for many viewers, especially teens. I saw myself experiencing many things that are similar to what Stacy and Lydia deal with in this film. The script is very influenced by Gen Z in the best way possible. The dialogue feels very natural and not at all forced. One of my biggest pet peeves with teen films is when the dialogue tries to sound like a “cool teen” might, when in reality it comes off as cheesy. The entire film feels very natural to me in that it doesn’t feel like a cliché high school style of film. I really like the score of this film, the overall acting, and the script — all of that combined really captivated me. Kudos to director Sammi Cohen whose direction is very on the ball with this film. Sunny Sandler’s portrayal of Stacy is so relatable; I love Sunny’s acting style. Samantha Lorraine’s characterization of Lydia works so well with showing her friendship with Sunny – it feels like they’ve been best friends for years. I also loved Sadie Sandler’s portrayal of Ronnie, Stacy’s older sister. Her character is so uniquely different from Stacy; I love the dynamic between them and the contrast of their characters. Dylan Hoffman’s Andy is the perfect representation of teenage boys nowadays which Dylan executes so well. Last, Sarah Sherman’s portrayal of Rabbi Rebecca really stands out — she is one of my favorite characters because of her distinctive characterization. Although I am not Jewish, that didn’t interfere with how I connected with this film in the slightest.

I think the message of this film is that even when one’s intentions aren’t bad you can still hurt someone else.

I give You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18, plus adults. It is available on Netflix beginning August 25, 2023.