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The Top 8 Social Media Platforms For Influencers In 2021

Social media is an incredibly difficult world to master. While the basics are pretty easy to grasp – post content, get engagement and likes, continue to post content – the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of each platform make it hard for influencers to create consistently engaging content and maintain their profiles.

It doesn’t help that the social media platform that’s most popular at any given time is routinely changing. Where Facebook once ruled the roost, now Instagram and TikTok are dominating, although it’s also true that Facebook hasn’t lost any of its clout in terms of numbers.

If you’re going to be a social media influencer in 2021, then it’s important you know which platforms are useful to have a presence on and which ones can safely be ignored. Here, in a tribute to fallen hero MySpace, are the top 8 social media platforms all influencers should be on in 2021.

1. TikTok

No social media platform list would be complete without ByteDance’s phenomenally popular video sharing app. TikTok is a sensation; it asks its users to create short videos and share them with the community, with these videos ranging anywhere from 15 seconds to 1 minute in length.

TikTok is notoriously brutal for amassing followers, with stiff competition and a punishing algorithm that might not prioritise your video. That’s why many turn to sites like TikFreeFollowers to boost their follower count on this platform. If you’re starting out on TikTok, try it – you won’t regret it!

2. Instagram

Instagram is set to maintain its position as one of the most popular and widely-used social media apps out there in the rest of 2021. If you’re an influencer and you don’t have Instagram, you need to download it ASAP; even if you’re not much of an image creation enthusiast, Instagram will convert you.

Of course, Instagram (or Insta) isn’t just about images. You can also post text content, although you will need to convert it into image format before you post. Users can comment, like your content, and incorporate it into Stories, short video narratives that disappear after a certain amount of time.

3. Twitter

Despite its somewhat negative reputation as a battleground for arguments and debates, Twitter is still well-known as a place for fans and followers to get updates about their favourite celebrities, content creators, and industry professionals. It’s also a great proving ground for comedians and influencers.

Tweets on Twitter can be up to 280 characters in length, a limit that was extended back in 2018. Despite this, most users still elect to keep their tweets on the short side, proof that the platform’s original idea of microblogging is intact in 2021. If you often find yourself thinking little random thoughts, Twitter is the place to post them.

4. Facebook

Many think of Facebook as the progenitor of modern social media. This is true to a certain extent, although it was prefaced by other platforms like MySpace and Friendster. Still, Facebook was the first one to take off in a big way and cross over to traditionally technophobic demographics, and it still reigns supreme today.

Estimates suggest that there are currently around 2.85 billion active Facebook users each month. While younger people seem to be moving away from Facebook in favour of platforms like TikTok, Facebook is still incredibly popular with every other demographic, so it’s important if you’re an influencer.

5. YouTube

Some people might not count YouTube as a social media platform, but it has incredible sway over the way people interact with one another, so we’re counting it. YouTube is a video sharing platform that goes way back to 2005, and it’s still the primary way in which we consume video content on the internet today.

There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding the YouTube algorithm and how it may or may not prioritise certain types of content or creators. If you’re a YouTube influencer in 2021, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the algorithm and its idiosyncrasies if you want to achieve success on the platform.

6. Reddit

Reddit is essentially what happened to the internet forums many used to frequent back in the 1990s and 2000s. It’s an amalgamation of every different kind of forum, allowing users to converse about everything from politics to motorsport on a unified platform with a unified account.

It’s important to be on Reddit as an influencer because it’s a more discussion-focused platform than the immediate likes-and-followers-style alternatives of Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. Reddit is all about engagement, so if you want feedback on your content or your brand in general, you should go to Reddit for it.

7. LinkedIn

Ah, LinkedIn. It may be the butt of several jokes online, but the fact is that LinkedIn is still an incredibly important social network. It’s not necessarily important for everyone, but even as an influencer, you can advertise your brand and your availability via LinkedIn to scout for work opportunities.

Of course, LinkedIn demands a higher level of professionalism than its more casual counterparts. You’ll need to present yourself at your best and your most businesslike; be calm and cool, but don’t be informal. Make sure everyone can see your most professional side on LinkedIn.

8. Pinterest

Finally, we have Pinterest, the network that’s still somewhat misunderstood by many. At its core, Pinterest is effectively a mood board platform; it allows you to collect images, scraps of text, and other things to create a general “vibe” that other users can look at and draw inspiration from.

To be an influencer on Pinterest, you have to have impeccable taste, of course. Obviously, Pinterest influencers are known as Pinfluencers (yes, really), so it’s important to have that knowledge under your belt as well. You should also make sure your bio and your boards are on point. 

It’s time for the Summer Baby Roundup!

I absolutely love the Lulla Owl! This one is just perfect for newborn babies.

The Lulla Owl is a soother and sleep companion for the smallest babies and also great on the go. It’s also adorable!

Lulla Owl is inspired by scientific research and based on the design of the Lulla doll, which is multi-awarded and loved by parents and children all over the world. 

It imitates closeness to a caregiver with its soft feel and 24-hour soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat, offering continuous comfort and support.

Soft, small, and lightweight, the Lulla Owl has no plush filling, making it an even safer option for hospitals and the most sensitive babies. 

The Lulla Owl has a Velcro strap that can be safely attached to a crib, bed or stroller. 

Machine washable – Comes with 2 AA batteries. You can buy it at

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Lulla doll by RoRo – Home | Facebook

Evenflo Feeding Balance + Bottle

The  Evenflo Feeding Balance + Bottle would make a great gift for new Moms this summer! Developed with Pediatric Feeding Specialists, the Evenflo Feeding Balance + Wide Bottle is designed to support healthy bottle feeding without interfering with your breastfeeding journey. The unique, naturally-sloped nipple promotes a healthy wide latch for your baby by providing a proper resting place for their lips, helping to decrease mouth fatigue. The effective 1-piece integrated vent helps prevent colic, gas, and fussiness with no extra parts to clean or lose. The included Slow Flow Nipple has an intentional, slower flow rate and helps prevent chugging, allowing for a calm, gulp-free feeding at baby’s pace. The Balance + Wide Bottle has molded measurement markers in both ounces and milliliters to provide an easy and accurate way to measure the volume of liquid. All Evenflo bottles and nipples are 100% free of BPA, polycarbonates, PVC and phthalates, and are also made of FDA-approved food grade material.  Visit for more info.

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Looking for shoes for a baby? These are too cute!

Photo credit @lindseyleeandco

My favorite this season is the Originals Flower Power Orchid. They are soo cute!

About pediped®
pediped® Footwear was founded in 2005 by Angela and Brian Edgeworth in their quest for the perfect soft-soled shoe for their first daughter. Exceptional quality, unsurpassed comfort and distinctive styling have made the award winning company the fastest-growing children’s footwear brand in the United States. pediped® Footwear has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for the promotion of healthy foot development. 

pediped® footwear is sold in over 200 stores in the United States and worldwide with an offering of more than 120 designs for boys and girls between their three lines, Originals®, Grip ‘n’ Go™ and Flex®.

Originals® (soft-soled shoes for newborns to 24 months)

Grip ‘n’ Go™ (thin rubber-soled shoes for children ages 9 months to 3 years)

Flex® (rubber-soled shoes for children 3 to 9+ years) are available in EU sizes ranging from 20 to 36.

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This next one would also make a great gift! The goSili 8 oz. straw cup is perfect for little ones that are starting to use cups. I love that this is non-toxic and eco-friendly!

The GoSili Reusable Silicone Straw Cup comes with a universal silicone straw lid that stretches over the rim of the cup creating an airtight fit (making it virtually spill proof!). The universal straw lid can also be used with almost any cup or glass, making it a straw cup in a matter of seconds – bonus!

GoSili reusable cups are 100% European grade platinum silicone and feature an embedded stainless-steel ring that prevents the cup from collapsing when gripped. Perfect for small hands, and big squeezes! GoSili cups are incredibly durable, can grow with your child, and are meant to last a lifetime…which is kind of the point! It’s an easy, sustainable solution to kicking the single-use cup habit whether at home or on-the go. All components of the GoSili cup are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be boiled to sterilize.

On behalf of our planet, thank you for making the choice to waste less, and GoSili.

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Recommended retail: $10

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Summer with baby in tow has never looked so sweet! KeaBabies, has debuted the most adorable Limited Edition Collection for summer! They’ve taken parents’ favorites, including the All-in-1 Multi-Use Cover, Organic Bandana Bibs and Organic Burp Cloths and added delightfully delicious prints such as macarons, donuts, pretzels, churros, and more! Parents can keep their little ones comfortable, dry and stylish this summer in this drool-worthy new collection. These are just precious and would make a great baby shower gift this summer! You can find out more at

Looking for the perfect Backpack Diaper Bag? The KeaBabies Explorer Diaper Backpack is sure to be a hit with Mom and Dad! The Explorer Diaper Bag is unisex and that makes it the best choice for moms and dads to use the bag when going outdoors with your baby or toddler.  Never go out of style with our KeaBabies Explorer Diaper Bag Backpack. Specially-designed with functionality and style for all parents to enjoy parenthood without the frustrations of digging around inside your diaper bag.  At KeaBabies, we understand that taking your baby out can be a hassle sometimes with so much packing the baby’s things into one bag. Our KeaBabies Diaper Bag is thoughtfully designed with multiple pockets and compartments to help you organize all of your baby’s necessities for a day out. Every part of our Diaper Bags come with practical uses to store all your items and your baby’s items perfectly without having to look for the item when there’s any urgent need.

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Nature’s Baby, manufacturer of hypoallergenic, green, gluten-free, and cruelty-free baby products, has taken their eco-friendly commitment one step further with the release of aluminum packaging options for seven of their best-selling products.

Nature’s Baby has made the switch to aluminum packaging for three of their most popular shampoos, three conditioners, and one baby lotion, including the eight-ounce versions of their Vanilla Tangerine, Coconut Pineapple, and Lavender Chamomile Shampoo & Body Wash and Conditioner & Detangler as well as their eight-ounce Face & Body Moisturizer.

These products are sure to be a hit with parents! You can find out more at

Self Disclosure: I received samples of the above items to facilitate this special feature post. Images were also provided.