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Top 10 Children’s Board Games That Teach Skills

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As we all know, board games are a little old fashioned but they have continued to be commonly played and enjoyed by a majority of people. Board games can be played by adults as well as children and for this reason, parents need to be aware of the most suitable board games that their children can play. When choosing a board game for children, you must consider those that teach children skills that are good for life. It is also true that board games for kids are inexpensive and a good way for the whole family to spend time together. It is also a good idea to have children change from playing with electronics to playing board games. This is more so for the board games that stimulate the brain and make the children more skilled in the many spheres of life.

In this article, we shall examine some 10 board games that teach skills to children. Here are some of these games that parents may consider for their kids:

1.    Scrabble

This is a classic board game that children will enjoy playing at any time of the day. This game can be played with adults as well. Scrabble is a good board game that will teach kids spelling skills and therefore sharpen their language skills. Always keep a dictionary close as you play this game.

2.    Bears in Pairs

This is a good board game for younger children in preschool and toddlers. This game has no reading involved and can be played in 3 difficulty levels. This is a 3-dimensional game in design and is played when the child can find 3 matching pairs of bears that hide behind the door of the little house. This can be a great board game for two players.

3.    Clue

This is a board game that is good to keep children in suspense as they work out who did the murder. This can be said to be a mystery game that can keep the kids engaged.

4.    Chess

This is for sure a difficult game for kids and adults alike. However, this is a good game that young kids can start early enough to help them stretch their brain muscles as well as concentration as they play the game. Here, they will learn strategy and patience as they play chess.

5.    Monopoly

This is a real estate board game that can teach many skills to children who play it. With this game, your children can play Monopoly depending on their age. There are speed cards, junior editions, and expansion packs. With this board game, children will learn skills such as saving, selling, and buying, among other money skills.

6.    Chutes and Ladders

This is another classic game that has many good reviews and can be good for your kids. Many parents will be interested to play this game with their kids as it is good at teaching kids counting skills. It also teaches good morals to kids because for one to advance in the game, they must have done good deeds.

7.    Game of Life

This is a good option for kids who love to play longer board games. It has a fun spinner and the players choose the adventures that their characters go on. Here, they can choose real-life adventure choices such as careers, family size, vacations, and so on. This game of life has no dull moments and teaches the kids real-life experience.

8.    Hoot Owl Hoot

This is a game that focuses on the collaboration of players, rather than competition. Teamwork is emphasized here and this is a good board game for children from the age of 4. The kids will work as a team and try to beat the rising sun. when the owls are all pushed back to their nests, everybody wins! This game teaches the skills of collaboration, teamwork, and problem-solving.

9.    Pandemic

This game is mainly geared towards older children 8 years and above. It is a cooperative game where the children have to work as a team and win as a team. If they lose, they will do so as a team. Players race against the clock to save mankind when they wipe out 4 diseases before these wipes out mankind. This game teaches children the skills of teamwork and cooperation as a means to success.

10.  Operation

For this board game, a child will need to have fine motor skills, eye and hand coordination are a must for them to succeed in the operation room. It is a game where one has to work hard to operate without the buzzer setting off. Operation is a good board game that kids can play for many hours on end.

Cedar, July 16th Pet of the Week!

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(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)

Rock Tumbler for Kids Basics & Top Buying Guide

You must have shopped for precious jewelries several times in the past. However, have you ever visited the workshop of these jewelry stores? If you have, then you must have noticed their workmen using a special type of machine, which is known as a rock tumbler. These machines are used to polish and smoothen rocks of various shapes and sizes. It will not be wrong to say that rock tumblers are popular amongst jewelers, craftsmen, and lapidary hobbyists. They use the machine for producing various types of tumbled stones. You will also find people who are interested in the hidden beauty of rocks and mineral using rock tumblers.

Purchasing a Rock Tumbler

Most of you may be interested in buying a rock tumbler to use at home for your own business. There are also kids who like to play with such machines with their friends. When it comes to buying a rock tumbler, you basically have two options. You may either go for the standard educational toy model that available on various online stores and several toy stores or you may opt for a professional model.

Standard Model

It is important for you to understand that most of the toy stores carry out various tasks on the same rock tumbler model. This is basically a rotating tumbler that comes with grit, some jewelry findings, and rocks. Using this model can be fun and these also tend to last for a long time if you can take good care of the machine. However, do remember that the size of the rock that you choose is entirely limited by the small rotor power. It is also tough to get proper replacement parts if any of the rock tumbler goes bad.

Rotating Tumblers

If you ever visit a toy store, you will be able to find a specific type of rotating tumbler. In such machines, the rocks fall over and over again, and, in the process, it also polishes the rocks just like the ocean has been doing for the past millions of years. When you decide to buy a rock tumbler, better choose a manufacturer of the machine that has been in the business for a long time and has an established record of service and quality. This will help you during the times when you might require replacement parts for the machine. If the company itself goes out of business, you will fail to get the proper replacement parts for their products.

Vibrational Tumblers

Agitating or vibrational tumblers do not tumble the rocks in reality. In fact, these machines either spin around the vertical axis or uses ultrasound. Although these rock tumblers do come with a heavy price tag, these do have certain features that makes it worth the cost. These type of rock tumblers can polish rocks faster and also retain the essential shape of the rocks as opposed to other machines that produce rounded rocks. Vibrational tumblers are also comparatively quieter than other types of similar machines.

Size Matters in Reality

When it comes to shopping for a rock tumbler, the price and the size of the machine matters a lot. Thus, the best option for you is to balance your needs with your budget. It is important for you to understand that tumblers are sized as per the maximum weight of the load that these machines can bear. There are several causes for belt breakage and the rotor to fail. One of the most common causes is over-loading or improper loading of the barrel. It is important for you to remember that small barrels small sized rocks. However, the bigger barrels can easily hold both small and big sized rocks. Those rock tumblers that come with double barrels can be used to polish a large amount of rocks. It can also be used to ensure that the rocks get a good polish.

Useful Preparation Tips

It is true that choosing a suitable rock tumbler may not be as simple as you may think it to be. Once you have successfully cleared this step, the next step involves you to remember how long it actually takes to tumble for your machine. It is normally around a month for a rotating tumbler and a week or two for the agitating or vibrating types. In order to prevent leaks, you need to use Vaseline to seal the barrel. You should also buy some extra grip for future use. At times, you may find the noise too irritating for you. You may get a cooler or any other sound insulator to lower the noise.