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Anne, May 28th Pet of the Week!

Could Anne be any more adorable, or any more obvious that she’s making up to you so you’ll take her home? Anne’s a silly girl who loves to play at being shy, but she’s actually coquettish—or is that co-cat-ish? She’s a year-old tabby who loves nothing more than to lounge around and turn her world literally upside down! If you’d like Anne to do the same for you, find out how you can adopt her by calling 562-570-PETS or emailing Our shelter’s closed to the public right now, so adoptions are conducted through appointment. When you contact us, specify Anne and ID#A642922 .

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)

How important is to adopt a flexible parenting style as a single parent

Some parents rigidly stick to their ideas of how things should be done. Others can flexibly accept events as they are. Consequently, facing similar problems, the former will plunge into anger, frustration, sadness and helplessness. The latter will react to real circumstances and give themselves a chance to improve. Thus, in the colloquial sense, flexibility is the ability to adapt to changing conditions, readiness to change, seize opportunities, search for new ways to cope when something does not work as usual.

Flexible parenting style is combining it all – being harsh when there is an apparent demand for it, but also allowing your child to play endlessly on a playground from Both of these things can strengthen your relationship.

Flexibility over consistency

It is often said that you need to be highly consistent to raise a child “properly”. But do you really need to? It is surprising how the apparent inconsistency can benefit the relationship with your child. You will learn that you have the right to make mistakes and to change your mind depending on the situation.

When we talk about the consequences in the context of raising children, we think about the results of something bad the child has done. Very often, we just call it punishment. By consequences, we can also mean perseverance and loyalty to the rules, which means that we always behave the same in a given situation. Especially as a single parent, you want to give your child a sense of security, and you often hear that everyday rituals bring peace and order. This is true. However, allow yourself not to become a prisoner of routine. When the child’s period of independence begins, show that not everything can be planned from A to Z and that her or his opinion also affects your plans.

Never say never

Do not say words like: never, everything and always. Create yourself space for changes. You should be flexible enough always to have another way out. If an idea doesn’t work, you can still try something different. Unfortunately, your plans will have to be continuously changed. Only flexibility will allow you to remain calm and cheerful in such conditions.

It means mobilizing forces despite unfavorable circumstances, failures and the ability to recover after a stressful situation quickly.

Single parent’s dilemmas

Naturally, you want your child to have everything it needs. However, sometimes you think that for many children, it is natural to have both parents, which yours can’t have somehow. You dwell on a thought that the parent’s absence and dealing with it is a great stress for the child. That the child invests a lot in the relationship with parents, and that the parent is not only a loved one but part of their personality. The only response for that is: don’t be that harsh for yourself. By studying the level of happiness of children, two groups of children were taken into account: raised by single parents and raised by both parents. Guess what. The same percentage of children declare that they have a happy childhood, regardless of what model of the family they were brought up in. Other studies have confirmed another truism – not quantity but quality matters.

It is essential to devote as much time and attention to your child as possible. Especially when you are introducing a new person into your lives, the child should gradually enter into relations with the next mum or dad’s partner. To be able to accept a new partner, first of all, he must see a happy parent. At the beginning, it is worth taming a child with a new situation. A serious conversation with the child should precede a new relationship. Until now, your child was the most important, beloved, spent the most time with us and co-decided on various matters. Show that coming changes won’t ruin his or her position.

Reading their needs

Children have a strong will to learn something new and to experience constantly. We should be aware of this, particularly in a situation where we notice a wall beautifully scratched with crayons. Instead of reacting with anger, we may think to provide the child with a larger (and well, maybe vertically arranged) surface to draw.

To be flexible is to love but also to demand. Therefore, flexibility may also refer to an increase in the severity temporarily. The current rule might allow playing loudly in the room, but during the illness of the parent, this rule is verified, and the child should exceptionally behave more quietly. The child learns that life is not uniform and that the needs of others should be taken into account.


The consistency often feels like a heavy burden, forcing us to obey the rules blindly. Life itself is not entirely consistent, and different circumstances require different responses. Flexibility, empathic presence and sensitivity work better in interpersonal relationships than regulations and prohibitions. By experiencing them, children learn that we love them unconditionally and build their self-esteem. In the future, they will grow up to be empathic, flexible and sensitive adults.

©Paula Sieracka

Wake Up Fresh: A Guide to Improving the Quality of Your Sleep

Sleep is one of the most restorative natural processes that our body requires in order to function and survive, which explains why we can start to struggle with the simplest of tasks when we have not had the rest that we need. Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important for our health and wellbeing as exercising regularly and following a balanced diet.

Therefore, if you are suffering from poor quality sleep, it is crucial that you do what you can to improve it. So, we have put together this guide full of tips and suggestions on how you can improve the quality of your sleep and wake up feeling fresh ready for the day ahead.

Get into a Sleep Routine

One of the best ways that you can effectively improve the quality of your sleep is by establishing a sleep routine that you can follow each night. Research has found that having a pre-sleep routine that helps to wind down your mind and body can make getting to sleep and staying asleep at night much easier.

So many of us spend the hours before bedtime completing tasks that we have not had time to do throughout the day. While this may seem like a productive use of your time, you are keeping your mind alert when it should be getting to switch off. Therefore, we recommend that you engage in relaxing activities such as reading and taking a hot bath instead.

Invest in a New Mattress

Being comfortable is everything when it comes to improving the quality of your sleep and you will find it impossible to have a good night’s sleep if you do not have a high-quality mattress. So many of us are guilty of keeping mattresses for much longer than they are intended for. Instead, you should upgrade your mattress as frequently as necessary.

It is important that you do not just consider the type of mattress you need to improve the quality of your sleep, but also the size of the mattress. If you share your bed with someone else, then a double bed may not be big enough for the two of you to be comfortable. Therefore, you may want to consider a split king so that you have the option to sleep together or apart.

Increase Your Exposure to Daylight  

We all have a natural body clock, known as your circadian rhythm, which is what tells us that it is time to be awake or to go to sleep. It affects your body, hormones, and brain, and natural sunlight during the day is what keeps your body clock healthy and aligned. Therefore, it is important that during the daytime, your body is exposed to as much daylight as possible. This will not only just help to improve your energy levels throughout the day but will also help sleep duration and quality during the night.

Limit Your Afternoon Naps

If you are suffering from broken and poor-quality sleep, then you can find yourself feeling tired and in need of a nap throughout the day. However, this can make getting to sleep at night even more difficult. A short power nap earlier in the day can sometimes be beneficial for your energy levels and brain function, but irregular naps during the afternoon can confuse your body clock and further damage your quality of sleep.

Poor quality sleep can be damaging for your overall health and wellbeing, which is why it is so important to get the sleep that your body needs. By making a few changes, you can get the rest you have been dreaming about!

Don’t feel like cooking but want a home-cooked meal? Black Bear Diner has you covered!

Don’t feel like cooking tonight? I had the opportunity to receive a Family Meal from the Black Bear Diner in Torrance and my family was quite impressed! Black Bear Diner has locations throughout California and is currently offering curbside and delivery service of the new Family Meals to make family life easier.

They have quite a variety of meal choices for either breakfast. lunch or dinner. I chose to try the Chicken Fried Steak Family Meal and it was delicious! It’s perfect for a family of 3 or 4 people and included 4 Bear Paw Chicken Fried Steaks with country gravy, 4 housemade cornbread muffins, and a choice of 2 sides. I chose the Mashed Potatoes and the Seasonal Veggies!

This was absolutely delicious!

Black Bear Diner’s specially priced Family Meals are hearty, home-style food for the whole family – including breakfast (helping remote working parents during busy mornings.) Family Meals include Bacon, Eggs & Pancakes and Roasted Turkey Dinner and serve 3-4. You can find the options on their website here:

I’m looking forward to trying one of their breakfast Family Meals soon! But, I really recommend their Chicken Fried Steak Family Meal which is $34.99. And, their chocolate cake is absolutely divine!

Don’t forget to order a slice of the Chocolate Cake! It’s big enough for 2!

You can find Black Bear Diner locations here.

Self Disclosure: I received a comped meal to facilitate this post but no other compensation was received and I highly recommend! Images by SoCal City Kids.

4 Tips to Take Best Pet Portrait Photo

Our pets might not have two legs and opposable thumbs, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t part of the family. Our furry friends have made their way into our lives, and we can’t bear to live without them. As with many other things we love, we want to capture precious moments on film, but this can be tricky. Follow our four tips for perfect pics.

Plan Your Sessions

Capturing candid shots of your pet might be difficult if you haven’t planned for it. They tend to move around a lot, and when you see that perfect moment, your camera or phone isn’t ready, and you miss it. Plan a time to take the photos, and decide on what kind of picture you want. 

If you’re going to have a pic of them relaxing, the best time would be in the evening when they are sleepy. Action shots are better when they are energized, so playing with your pets will bring those pictures to life. 

Try to take the photos in an environment that your pet is familiar with. If you’re in an unfamiliar place like a photo studio, your pet won’t be relaxed, and you might not get the desired effect.

Light and Shutterspeed

Use natural light as much as possible, and don’t worry too much about complicated lighting setups. Bright lights might frighten your pets and could create a red-eye effect in the photos. If the weather outside is clear, you can consider taking pictures in your garden.

Pets move, especially dogs, so action shots are challenging to take if you don’t use fast shutter speeds. You will more likely get a blur instead of an image when using slow shutters. This means that you would need a decent digital camera to take these kinds of shots. A smartphone simply won’t work.  

Level Down

Most of the time, we look at our pets from above, and photos at that angle are not that flattering. If you have a small dog, you could try putting it on the couch, with you sitting on the floor beside it to capture them from the front. With bigger dogs, you might need to lay on your belly to get the perfect shot. The idea is to take the photo from eye-level or lower. 

Attention Grabbers

Once you have your pet in the right place and at the right time, you want them to focus on you. To do so, you need to grab their attention. For dogs, a treat out of camera range might do the trick. For cats, a toy on a string will pique their interest. If you have a partner helping you, then let them stand behind or next to you with the treat. 

In this way, your hands are free to take the photo. Be patient, and as soon as you see the picture you like, start snapping away. Don’t only take one photo. Take a whole bunch so that later you can decide which one is the best to keep. 

A beautiful way to immortalize them is to have the photo converted to a panting. If that’s something you like, then you could go to Instapainting or other sites to get amazing portraits.

Final Thoughts

Pet portrait photos are precious memories that will stay with us long after they’re gone. It’s worth the effort to get that perfect shot. If you struggle with doing it yourself, consider hiring a photographer to come to your house. Either way, have it done while your pets are still with you.

Books of the week!

Do you have a young child who is fearful of going to the Doctor? Do Penguins Have Pediatricians? is a wonderful picture book for young children that will help ease the fear of going to the Doctor!

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. would like to introduce 

Do Penguins Have Pediatricians?

by Patrick O’Donnell
Illustrated by Erik Mehlen

On the way to a doctor checkup, a young child asks an important question: Do animals that live in really cold places ever get sick? From the same author as Did Dinosaurs Have Dentists?, this picture book uses Arctic and Antarctic creatures to lessen anxiety about the doctor. Can penguins catch pneumonia? Can a caribou get chicken pox? By introducing ailments through charmingly drawn animals, this humorous look at common childhood illnesses will ease the fears and worries many kids have about visiting the doctor. The colorfully illustrated story contains 14 common terms related to children’s health, as well as a glossary of fun, scientific facts about each of the animals featured.

STRETCH MARKS by  Amber Trueblood is the perfect book for all Moms to read!

 It’s a truly fantastic guide for moms who feel like their own needs, interests, and dreams have been lost in the mom journey. Amber has developed AMAZING, relevant tools that actually help. She mixes hilarious and ridiculous personal stories with scientific data, smashing guilt-inducing iShoulds, silencing self-judgement, and uncovering Baloney Beliefs that can help reveal what is truly important to all moms. The book is a quick read and small enough to toss in a purse or work bag for when little pick-me-ups are needed. It’s must-read right now while the safe at home order is in effect!

STRETCH MARKS is available on, Barnes & Noble and wherever eBooks and paperbacks are sold!

Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to facilitate this feature. Images were also provided.

BOGO Memorial Day Meals at Rubio’s!

Rubio’s Offers Military & Veterans Free BOGO Meal on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, Rubio’s Coastal Grill, with locations across California, Arizona and Nevada, invites military and veterans to enjoy one free adult entree, with the purchase of another adult entree. Simply bring military ID and show the coupon

Rubio’s Coastal Grill is also featuring Family Weekend Deals – two entrees for $15, or four entrees for $30. Guests simply enter the coupon code when ordering through the app or online at, or scan the QR code for in-store orders, Friday, May 22 – Monday, May 25.

Operations at Rubio’s have shifted greatly due to COVID-19. While food safety and cleanliness have always been a top priority at Rubio’s, new initiatives include tamper-proof seals on all delivery orders, daily health checks for all team members, protective face coverings and gloves, extensive sanitizing and disinfecting of restaurants, strict social distancing protocols inside and outside, and contact-free curbside or express pickup and delivery. Guests are encouraged to order through the Rubio’s app and Rubio’s is offering free delivery on all orders of $15 or more. For more information about Rubio’s Coastal Grill and to view the menu, visit Rubio’sFacebook and Instagram.

Credit: Rubio’s.

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Credit: Courtesy of pediped.