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Honky Tonk Boombox Brings a Country Throwdown to House of Blues Anaheim June 1st

Grab your cowboy hat and dancing boots because House of Blues Anaheim is throwin’ a wild party for Southern California’s country music lovers. DJ Coral, Eli V and Honky Tonk Boombox will be performing the latest country hits that will be sure to get you out on the dance floor doing the Boot Scoot Boogie. If you don’t know how to line dance, now is your chance to learn from the best as Moonshine Flats’ professional instructors will be teaching the crowd. Additionally, there will be drink specials, tailgate games, giveaways, and more.


Friday, June 1, 2018

Doors open at 7 p.m.


General Admission (All Ages)

$10 per person


The new House of Blues Anaheim (at GardenWalk)

400 West Disney Way, Suite 337, Anaheim, CA

Free parking available at GardenWalk for the first hour.



Call (714) 778-2583 or visit

Credit: House of Blues Anaheim.

Mainly Mozart Festival, June 1st-24th, 2018

The Mainly Mozart Festival is celebrating its 30th Year as Southern California’s premiere classical music festival. This encore concert is emblematic of everything which makes Mainly Mozart great. The Festival Orchestra, composed of the best players in North America, is led by the charismatic Michael Francis and joined by celebrated cellist Johannes Moser.
FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA: Sunday, June 17 – 4:00 p.m, / Sponsored by Claude Kordus, DeAnn Cary, Joann Clark, and La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre
Ticket-holders are invited to attend the 30th Anniversary post-concert party with Festival Artists.
Michael Francis, conductor; Johannes Moser, cello
Stravinsky                           Concerto in E-flat (Dumbarton Oaks)
Tchaikovsky                       Variations on a Rococo Theme, Op. 33 (original version)
Mozart                                Symphony No. 35, in D Major, K. 385 Haffner
Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Mozart are a formidable triumvirate of composers which create the repertoire of the concert. They fit together across three centuries like pieces in a vast musical puzzle.
Stravinsky’s Concerto in E-flat (Dumbarton Oaks) comes from his neoclassical period. This epoch in the great Russian’s life is characterized by him looking back to the classical period of Mozart and Haydn and bringing the essence of their craft into a 20th Century idiom.
Tchaikovsky might have been the biggest Mozart fanboy of all time when he proclaimed, “ Mozart is the highest, the culminating point that beauty has attained in the sphere of music.” The Variations on a Rococo Theme, Op. 33 are inspired by Mozart’s style and are yet another indicator of how much Mozart influenced the emotionally overt Tchaikovsky.
Mozart’s Haffner Symphony was written, as we might assume, for the Haffner’s. The Haffner’s were a Salzburg family which was connected to Mozart via Sigmund Haffner the Elder. Sigmund has been mayor of Salzburg and assisted the Mozart’s in their early tours of Europe when Mozart was in his wonderkid period. After Sigmund’s death the families stayed in touch and what became the Haffner Symphony was commissioned for Sigmund the Younger’s ennoblement ceremony. The Haffner name remains on our tongues to this day because of their association with the genius of Mozart.
For Ticket Requests: Email Luis Alarid at or visit us online at
Credit: Mainly Mozart Festival.

Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil is a hit in our house!

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Have you heard of Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil? Honestly, before receiving this product to try out..I hadn’t either! It is a healthier option than partially hydrogenated oil. Basically, because it is trans fat-free but is also rich with nutrients. I tried it when making popcorn and it was a big hit with my family! It is available in Red and Golden and I received the Red to try out. The Red is supposed to be really rich in nutrients especially Vitamin E. I am quite impressed and plan to try baking bread with it soon! I think that this is a much healthier option than many other oils that I cook or bake with.

So if you haven’t tried it yet…what are you waiting for?

By the end of 2019, the country plans to have 100% of the palm oil certified sustainable. I found myself googling more about Malaysia after trying this product. I was quite excited about trying this product since my teenage son had a class on Malaysia this past semester.

Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil actually comes from the fruit of the oil palm tree and only grow near the equator. To find out more check out

The site has a great  Baked Sweet Potato Fries recipe and a great Truffle & Herb Spiked Cheesy Popcorn recipe! I actually made both and they were delicious! 

Find them on Facebook too!


Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore! Check out for some really cool coloring pages and to find some really great Reading Glasses!

Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore! In the past year, adult coloring books have been topping bestseller lists and with that – you’ll find all sorts of coloring books and pages everywhere ranging from intricate designs to floral prints.

Adults (especially) are starting to see the benefit of coloring, as it is a way to de-stress. For many people, coloring in patterns has helped clear their mind and provided a creative outlet after a long day at work. You don’t have to color just to get rid of stress, though. You can also color just because it’s fun!

If you want to give coloring a try but don’t have the time to find the “perfect book,” allow to provide free coloring pages based on classic novels including: Catch 22, Dracula, The Great Gatsby, Little Women, Lord of the Flies, and Moby Dick. Coloring page from Catch 22 is below.

I checked out their coloring pages and they are so much fun to color!

While you’re coloring, make sure that your eyesight is at its sharpest to achieve most detail. has the coolest Reading glasses around! I actually received a few pairs and they have quickly become my to-go-to reading glasses! I especially love their Sun Readers which will be perfect for reading at the beach! They are really affordable too! They have hundreds of styles for under $20 each!  Check out some of their best selling reading glasses!

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Vincent Nunes “Move, Move, Move” is a CD of fun songs!

Looking for music that will make your little ones want to dance and move?

Vincent Nunes just released his 10th recording of original music for children, entitled, “Move, Move, Move”. I had the opportunity to check the CD out for myself and highly recommend it for young children because it is fun! I also like that young children will have fun moving to these songs!

Songs on the CD:

1. Celebrate Today, Today 2. Why Do I Move My Feet 3. (I Wish I Could) Fly Like My Dog 4. There’s Always Something in My Way 5. ABC Jones 6. I Wanna Bounce 7. Hello, Goodbye, Hello 8. Rock Star 9. Walking a Tight Rope 10. If You Can Dance, Dance 11. I Love the Moon …plus a “hidden” bonus song!
Run Time: 35 mins

More about Vincent Nunes:

Award-Winning, Curriculum-Based Music for Children His Portuguese father was a professional musician, and his mother was a master elementary school teacher. So it is natural that Vincent Nunes composes and performs original, highly entertaining, interactive music for children. His nationally distributed CDs (listed below) have won numerous awards for children’s music, including a number of ASCAP awards for songwriting. He has performed across the country, and has been featured on national children’s radio. Vincent, who holds a post-graduate degree from Syracuse University, has offered keynotes, featured presentations and workshops regional affiliates of the National Association for the Education of Young Children since 1989. In his performances he is known for engaging the audience with ASL-inspired hand movements. He is dedicated to giving back, having raised thousands of dollars through his music for schools in under-served communities. His newest CD is Move, Move, Move, which is scheduled for release in the summer of 2018. It is terrifically entertaining and continues to reflect Vincent’s commitment to early learners, and their physical wellbeing. “Songs for children should be crafted with intelligence and infused with fun. I call them smart songs for active children,” says Vincent. For Move, Move, Move, Vincent reached out to Dr. Diane Craft, PhD, from SUNY Cortland, an early childhood physical activity expert, to insure that suggested movements are developmentally and age appropriate. .“Among the most rewarding things I do is professional development programs, especially Keynotes and Workshops. I love meeting folks dedicated to nurturing and educating early learners. We understand each other. Our future is in the hands of our children. I can’t think of a more important job.”

Find out more at


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Celebrate the Cultures of the Pacific Islands during the Aquarium’s 15th Annual Pacific Islander Festival Giveaway Opportunity!

Discover and explore the rich and diverse cultures of the Pacific Islands at the Aquarium’s 15thannual Pacific Islander Festival. The festival will include traditional craft demonstrations, educational programs, and an ocean of entertainment, including music and dance performances. Enjoy hula, Tahitian drumming, Hawaiian games, and the work of artisans. Hawaiian, Tahitian, Samoan, Fijian, Tongan, Chamoru, Marshallese, Kiribati, and Maori cultures will be featured. Peniamina Sefo Taito will receive the Heritage Award at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 3 in recognition of his dedicated service to the Pacific Islander community.

Saturday and Sunday, June 2and 3, 2018,from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. WHERE:Aquarium of the Pacific, 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802COST:Included with general admission: $29.95 adult (12+), $25.95 senior (62+), and $17.95 child (3-11), and free for children under age three and Aquarium membersPUBLICINFO: (562) 590-3100 or

Mobile-device and printable coupon

With coupon, adults receive $10 OFF admission on June 2 or 3. Regular $29.95, just $19.95 with coupon!

The festival schedule is posted at:

We have teamed up for a Family 4-Pack Ticket Giveaway! Pls comment below telling us why you would like to go! One winner will win 4 tickets for either Saturday or Sunday!

Deadline to enter is May 31st at noon PST! One winner will randomly be selected.

Photo Credit: The Aquarium of the Pacific. 

Solo: A Star Wars Story – An Essential Watch for Any Star Wars Fan

During an adventure into a dark criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his future copilot Chewbacca and encounters Lando Calrissian years before joining the Rebellion. Described as a space western, the film centers on the young Han Solo and his adventures with his Wookiee side-kick Chewbacca, including their encounter with Lando Calrissian. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Arjun N. comments, “Solo: A Star Wars Story is a perfectly serviceable origin story for the famous titular character. The acting and direction provide an outstanding mix of visuals and characterization.” KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror, Kimbirly O. adds, “Howard’s optimistic effort on this prequel doesn’t save the film. He made a good film, but if it was a stand-alone film, I would not predict a plethora of sequels.” See their full reviews below.

Solo: A Star Wars Story
By Arjun N., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 16

Solo: A Star Wars Story is a perfectly serviceable origin story for the famous titular character. The acting and direction provide an outstanding mix of visuals and characterization. This is definitely an essential watch for any Star Wars fan.

The movie follows young Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) on his journey to become the famed hero pilot. As a talented maverick, Solo joins forces with the thief Beckett (Woody Harrelson) and his crew to escape poverty and become part of something bigger. However, one of their heists goes wrong resulting in a life or death deal with Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany) which will determine the fate of their lives. To rectify this, Solo and newfound friend Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo) enlist the help of old flame Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke) and the charming Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) to take part in the second heist.

Alden Ehrenreich, as Han Solo, wonderfully portrays his hero’s journey from a poor, oppressed dreamer to heroic pilot. His mannerisms and line delivery excellently match up to the standard set by Harrison Ford. Joonas Suotamo, as Chewbacca, encompasses an extraordinary counterpart Peter Mayhew’s mantle as he perfectly portrays his growing friendship with Han. Donald Glover, as Lando Calrissian, is my favorite character due to his exact interpretations of Billy Dee Williams’s zany parlance. His banter with Solo only forwards the character’s legacy. Woody Harrelson, as Beckett, provides for a flawed yet effective mentor to Solo by guiding him about motivations and how to deal. Emilia Clarke, as Qi’ra, is great with what she is given, but her character falls into the stereotypical “will they or won’t they” love interest loop. Paul Bettany, as Dryden Vos, is menacing with his passive aggressiveness building to volatile outburst when his orders are disobeyed.

Ron Howard efficiently grasps all the characters’ tales by providing great interactions with known Star Wars lore. My favorite scene is the initial train heist as it showcases how unprepared Beckett’s gang was and is intense as regards the fates of all characters involved. Also, there are great displays of special effects with the train’s movement patterns. The one flaw is that it really doesn’t Solo any character transformation as he always remains heroic with the only change being how he goes from rags to riches. The love triangle between Solo, Qi’ra and Dryden also feels uninspired.

The message of the movie is to always abide by morals rather than selfish instinct. I give this film 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10 to 18 because of its intense action. The movie releases in theaters May 25, 2018, so check it out.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

By Kimbirly O., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror

I was excited to see the origin story of Han Solo, as he has been a character favorite of mine for years. The young man was boosting scams from age 10 and lived a life of adventure, for sure! Learning how his last name came to be was interesting – think passport control questioning. But, I digress.

While the film strives to tell the story of how Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) and Chewbacca, everyone’s favorite Wookie (Joonas Suotamo) became BFFs after a contentious beginning, it had some stalls and at times, I wondered if Han was attempting to be our hero or villain. I felt the origin story of Han Solo did not go deep enough to show us who he is, and what lead him to be, Solo.

The most interesting character is Becket, played by Woody Harrelson. He is a true team player, but what team does he play for? His chameleon-like persona is wonderful to see and a testament to this talented and beloved actor.

The film begins centered on a bunch of bad dudes who all fear the reptilian and then, our hero Han, who eventually joins the Imperial armed forces to reconnect with his love, Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke). Being the rebel he is, Han is kicked out of pilot training and ends up in one of the many Empire wars. His quest to find Qi’ra lands him in the clutches of the dreadful mob boss Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany) and a gambler named Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover).

Long ago, in a vision far-away, original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were off-loaded from the payload and rescued by super Director Ron Howard. Howard’s optimistic effort on this prequel doesn’t save the film. He made a good film, but if it was a stand-alone film, I would not predict a plethora of sequels.

I give this film of 4 out of 5 stars for the performances, which are spectacular, especially Glover, Harrelson and Ehrenreich, along with special effects, creepy wardrobes, action scenes and Star Wars references that any true fan will ‘get’ (like the Kessel Run, the Millennium Falcon and of course, the necklace hanging on the rearview mirror). I recommend this film for ages 8 to 18. I caution younger viewing due to adult themes and fight scenes which may be disturbing to younger children.

Photo by Jonathan Olley – © 2018 – Lucasfilm Ltd.


Hartz® Home Protection™, America’s Leading Dog Pad Brand*, Launches Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ Giveaway Opportunity!

Have you seen the Hartz Mountain Corporation Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ dog pads? These new dog pads from Hartz® Home Protection™ – America’s number one dog pad brand* – are designed with highly absorbent quilt pockets using unique printed dot embossing that traps wetness in the center to prevent spreading and leaking, unlike dog pads with “standard quilting”, which cause wetness to spread.  Each Quilted Plus™ dog pad contains FlashDry® Gel Technology that turns liquid into gel. The Clean Powder scent eliminates odors with odor-harmonizing fragrance technology.

These are great for upcoming Summer travels! I really like how they eliminate odors and they are perfect for house training too!

Made in the USA (of American & imported materials), Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ is available in 14 count (SRP: $4.99) and 50 count (SRP: $12.99) packages.

Would you like to Take the Hartz® Quilted Plus No Leak Challenge? If so..this giveaway opportunity is for you!

If you would like to try them and see if they work better than other brands you have tried…leave a comment below! One winner will win a free package of the new Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ dog pads! No need to compare them first..just leave a comment letting us know why you would like to try them! SoCal City Kids will randomly select one winner! Deadline to enter is June 1st, 2018 at noon pst.

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided. SoCal City Kids will select the winner and Hartz will send the prize.