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The Top 3 Home Cleaning Tools We Can’t Live Without

We’ve heard this quote time and again, “a clean home is a happy home.” Well, we couldn’t agree more! A clean and well-sanitized home result in more peace and harmony plus the family’s health is safeguarded as well.


Let’s admit it, we all have our favorite home cleaning tools which make cleaning time less arduous. But to be fair, here’s a round-up of the top three home cleaning tools that most of us can’t live without.


  1.  A pair of disposable gloves

Cleaning all those dirt and grime in your home can bring joy and satisfaction especially if your hands are protected well. A pair of disposable gloves is your perfect cleaning buddy as it protects your hands from dryness and also if you’re tackling not-so-pleasant areas like the toilet. You can discard it in a sanitary way after you are done with the cleaning, your house is sparkling clean and most of all, your hands stay supple and smooth. Well, that is definitely a bonus!


  1.  A reliable vacuum cleaner

Dust is every house cleaner’s mortal enemy especially if it has built up over time on carpets, rugs, furniture and in areas around the house. If not removed properly, dust can cause health problems, and some people are easily allergic to it, especially children. Having a reliable vacuum cleaner, especially the upright and handy ones, is a big help in sucking up dust, grime, dirt and even strands of human and pet hair in your home. Opt for a brand that is known for exceptional quality and offers a good warranty. To check out what’s the best vacuum cleaner brand for you, learn more on where you can gather essential information on durable brands that are available in the market nowadays. Investing in a vacuum cleaner is worth every cent, that’s for sure.


  1.  A durable sponge scrub

A sponge scrub is undeniably a very essential home cleaning tool because of its versatility. It can be used not only in the kitchen area to clean the dishes, pots, and pans but in every imaginable nook in the house, too. There are a variety of brands in the market today that offer sponge scrubs, and it’s like having the power of two in one great product. These are not just versatile and easy to rinse but also provide scratch-free cleaning, long-lasting and very absorbent. It’s surprising to know that there are many types of sponges and these include cellulose, abrasive, natural and dry sponges. A cellulose sponge comes in bright colors, inexpensive and very absorbent. An abrasive sponge works best on pots and pans, a natural sponge comes from the ocean and great for cleaning windows and washing large spills but quite expensive, while a dry sponge is meant to clean surfaces that cannot withstand moisture and water like wallpapered walls.


Cleaning your home becomes an enjoyable and worry-free experience if you’ve got essential home cleaning tools to assist you. A pair of disposable gloves lets you clean with abandon while protecting your hands. A reliable vacuum cleaner eliminates dust, dirt, and grime in a wink of an eye while a durable sponge scrub will leave your dishes, pots, pans and even tiles so squeaky clean with just a few swipes. So, whoever said that home cleaning is a form of punishment? With these home cleaning tools around, you can’t wait for the next general cleaning day!

Ocean’s 8 – Best Comedic Action Movie Ever!

Danny Ocean’s estranged sister Debbie attempts to pull off the heist of the century at New York City’s star-studded annual Met Gala. Her first stop is to assemble the perfect all-female crew: Lou, Rose, Daphne Kluger, Nine Ball, Tammy, Amita and Constance. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Kamryn B. comments, “Ocean’s 8 is the best comedic action movie ever! I enjoyed the way the movie flows, as if it’s a normal day stealing a billion dollar necklace.” Abraham F. adds, “I have never seen any other Ocean films and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised.  The dialogue is realistic and it is really funny.” See their full reviews below.

Ocean’s 8

By Kamryn B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 16

Ocean’s 8 is the best comedic action movie ever! I like it because of the fantastic animation and storyline. I enjoyed the way the movie flows, as if it’s a normal day stealing a billion dollar necklace. The comedy is the icing on a cake. It makes the movie sweet and enticing to watch.

The movie’s main character is Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock). In the beginning, we see her being released from jail after five years. During that time, she has planned the greatest heist with hidden intentions. Debbie Ocean’s team includes one of her old friends, Lou (Cate Blanchett). Lou and other highly intelligent cheaters are all part of the team, Ocean’s Eight. As the heist unfolds, it exposes the twists and turns behind the storyline to the audience. Sandra Bullock’s charisma in this role draws you to love her even more. The beautiful Rihanna is also in the film as “9-Ball”, the Jamaican hacker. The amazing actress from 12 Years a Slave, Sarah Paulson plays a caring mother who loves to shop for home goods. In the mix of the film celebrities pop up everywhere. You just have to pay attention to notice them.

What I love about the film is the all women cast planning on doing something not good. Most heist movies are about men robbing banks, planning their moves and then executing them. Ocean’s 8 has the same idea, but without the men. The costumes at the Met Gala for each of them are simply amazing and match each character’s personality and abilities.

My favorite part is the ending when everything is pulled together, from Debbie Ocean’s release to the creation of Ocean’s Eight. My favorite character is Constance who is played by Awkwafina, because of her funny attitude throughout the film. Also, her pick-pocketing skills blew my mind.

Ocean’s 8 is a movie to enjoy just because it’s an amazing film. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Some jokes are questionable and there is some mild profanity, but nothing is extreme. I recommend it for ages 14 to 18 because of some language, alcohol and drug usage. It opens in theaters June 8, 2018 so check it out.

Ocean’s 8

By Abraham F., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

I have never seen any other Ocean films and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised.  The dialogue is realistic and it is really funny. There are some flaws. It does feel like a lot of other heist films. For example, it has a recruiting phase where one character is the hacker and another is talented at stealing things. Also Debbie Ocean has been in prison for five years plotting her plan, but her plan doesn’t take into account that technology changes.

Ocean’s 8 follows Debbie Ocean and her plan to steal a 150 million dollar necklace at the Met Gala. She has spent five years in prison and goes to her friend Lou, who helped her in past crimes and asks her to recruit people for the job. Her plan is to get Daphne Kluger, a world famous model, to wear the Cartier necklace and then they will create a fake one to replace it. After that, she would place one of the gems on the person that framed her with the intent of framing him and making it seem as if he stole it.

My favorite part is Rose’s character. She is entertaining and realistic when she tries to comfort Anne Hathaway’s character when her dress isn’t turning out the way she wanted. In another scene, she acts as if she isn’t interested in her and that makes her want Rose to be her designer.

There are a lot of big names in this film such as Cate Blanchett (Thor: Ragnarok, Lord of the Rings, Cinderella), Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar, Colossal). The director is also a really big name too, Gary Ross who wrote Seabiscuit and the Hunger Games.

 There is some mild profanity but nothing too extreme. It is a heist movie, so there are lots of risky actions such as hanging from rafters and escaping prison. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoyed any of the previous Ocean films or other heist movies. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18, as well as adults. It opens in theaters June 8, 2018 so check it out.


Finance Advice for College Students

Norway is a Nordic country known for all sorts of great things, such as beautiful picturesque sceneries and great architecture. Another thing that puts this country on top of the list is its high-quality education. Therefore, if you want to take your education to a greater level, Norway is, undoubtedly, a way to go.

As you may have already heard, Norway’s cost of living is quite high. This fact shouldn’t be discouraging – it’s just a heads-up. So, you have to be prepared for this. Therefore, studying in Norway will be a challenging, but certainly a worthwhile experience that will lead to a better future. Just think about it. This remarkable experience will enrich your Curriculum Vitae. So, think of it as investing in better tomorrow – investing in the future.

It might seem hard and overwhelming at first glance, but there’s a way to do this successfully. In order to balance the economic difficulties and get the most out of academic days in Norway, here are a few tips to follow:

1. Know your necessities

First and foremost, it is extremely important to know your necessities. It’s extremely easy to get carried away with just thinking about the fun side of the college days. Consequently, it’s also easy to get stuck in economic problems that might even lead you to think about quitting the college. In order to prevent this possibility from happening, think about the whole picture. So, think about the accommodation costs, groceries, transportation, books and all the accessory necessities that are inevitable for the college days.

When it comes to all these things mentioned above, know your limits. As a student, you probably don’t need a luxury villa in the city center. So, you might want to opt for a more affordable, modest and cozy apartment. Also, you might want to limit your fine dining nights and stick to eating in. You might even learn to cook for yourself, which will be a great skill even after your college days. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself every now and then. Just stay within your limits. All in all, the point is that you don’t necessarily need to track every single dollar. Nevertheless, you must take this part seriously and have at least a basic idea of the money that is coming and going.

2. It’s all about good organization

For those who think of themselves as well-organized people, this part is going to be a piece of cake. For those who are struggling with staying organized – you’ll have to master it.

Let’s be honest – by organizing your budget and your expenses, you will never have to even think about financial issues. Try to make a system that you will stick to.

For example, you can try the envelope system or the jar system. The envelope system breaks down to picking a couple of empty envelopes and marking them with appropriate names. One of them can be destined for utilities, another for groceries and so on. The goal is to calculate how much money on a monthly basis you need for these things. When you establish the number, make sure to put this sum of money in the designated envelope at the beginning of the month. That way, you won’t find yourself short on cash to pay your landlord. The jar system is pretty much the same thing. The catch is that you won’t be using envelopes, but jars. Not that difficult, right?

 3. Know your aid options

As stated at the beginning of this article, Norway is a high-standard country. Thus, college days will, most likely, be very expensive. In case you need help money-wise, you have to know whom to turn to. Maybe you’ll find help from your parents, cousins or friends, but what if that’s not an option? Don’t even think about backing out immediately because there is another option.

Some of the quickest and less painful ways to fund yourself through college days are loans. Getting loans in Norway is a great way to get help in the shortest amount of time. It’s a fast and trustworthy system. So, in case you find it hard to finance everything by yourself, don’t worry – there’s always an alternative.

In conclusion, making the decision of studying in Norway might just be the best decision of investing in your future. Keep an eye on the necessities and essentials, stay organized, and most importantly, stay calm – you’re not alone. In case you can’t seem to finance everything all alone – do a little research on loans in Norway and keep calm.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018 Looking for something different? No Ties or Socks!

Father’s Day is almost here! Here are my favorite two this year especially if you are looking for something different!


Brush Hero – the revolutionary detailing tool that harnesses the power of an ordinary garden hose to clean cars, motorcycles and bikes to perfection.

Brush Hero uses water pressure alone to power its turbine and bust the grime in only seconds. An awesome gift for the car, motorcycle, or bike enthusiast in your life, it also comes with an array of custom cleaning accessories to tackle every job you can imagine. This is easy to use and it really works!

Find out more here! 


There are an estimated 29 million golfers in the US and 77 percent are men. Many guys dabble in the sport and some take it seriously, hitting the links as often as possible, especially in retirement. But, even non-golfers appreciate the style of the sport. Nearly every guy in America has at least one golf-inspired polo shirt in his wardrobe.

The new MagnaReady polo shirt has the same classic style and look as other polo shirts, but instead of buttons and buttonholes, which can be hard for guys with big fingers, arthritis or missing limbs to navigate, the MagnaReady polo buttons itself using magnetic buttons.

I really recommend these! I had my Teenage son (who hates buttons) try this one out for me and it’s a great idea!  It’s comfortable too. The Polo shirt is also very stylish! This would make a great gift for Fathers and Grandfathers too!

Find them at

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Images for MagnaReady polo shirts were provided.

The Queen Mary’s All-American 4th of July Celebration Announces Action-Packed Day of Live Entertainment Unforgettable Celebrations by Popular Tribute Bands, Dueling Pianos, DJs, Aerialist, Family-Friendly Games, Tours, & More on July 4, 2018 Queen Mary’s Mega Fireworks Display Paints the Night Sky at 9pm

Dress in your best red, white, and blue and celebrate Independence at the Queen Mary’s All-American 4th of July Celebration from 2 p.m. – 10 p.m. on Wednesday, July 4, 2018. The day-long celebration offers live entertainment from the nation’s top tribute bands including Tom Petty and the Heartshakers, The Long Run (Eagles Tribute band) and DSB (Journey Tribute Band). The popular patriotic celebration is a ship-wide event offering family-friendly games, activities, a 4th of July parade, strolling performers, and multiple stages of live entertainment culminating with SoCal’s top fireworks display.


Independence Day revelers will voyage throughout the Queen Mary’s many decks, ballrooms, and salons for a day of multiple celebrations with live music performances, DJs, dueling pianos, dancing, and more! On the Verandah Deck, Tom Petty and the Heartshakers will pay homage to the late Tom Petty as the band lights-up the stage with Tom Petty’s top hits, and the nationally known Eagles tribute band, The Long Run, will electrify the crowd with Eagles hits like ‘Hotel California’, ‘Take it Easy’ and ‘Take it to the Limit.’ Festival goers will Keep on believin’ into the night as Journey tribute band, DSB, rocks the Verandah Deck with a nostalgic concert experience.


Stroll into the Queen’s Salon to put your singing skills to the test with Rock Hero Karaoke, or sing along with the crowd as the dueling pianos light up and dazzle the salon stage. Attendees can kick-up their boots with DJ Coral and Kaitlyn Weathers in the Royal Salon for some country fun, and watch in amazement as an aerialist swirls and dances in the air on the Sports Deck.


Grab the kids and board the majestic vessel to be greeted by a full day of fun with strolling jugglers, stilt walkers, balloon artists, and more. Traverse the multiple decks and salons to the KID ZONE which will be packed with carnival games, inflatables, face painters, music, food, and much more. Above the Queen Mary, attendees will be treated to a spectacular air-show by the Flight Team of John Collver, professional pilot, and Brad Lang, professional pilot and airline captain. Together the two will demonstrate the sights and sounds of past generations in salute to Independence Day in the WWll era Marine Corps T-6 Texans.


VIP ticket holders will have access to premium firework viewing and two exclusive VIP-only parties in the Verandah Grill and Britannia Salon. The Verandah Grill will invite VIP guests to travel back in time to the 1940’s with the Fabulous Forties Band, and dance the night away to California’s freshest swing band, Swing Cats Lil Big Band. The Rock-Pop-Disco band, Blackwells, will have attendees shaking a tail feather, and then enjoying the funky sounds of Rhythm Blues and Motown in the Britannia Salon.


Dubbed Southern California’s top 4th of July fireworks display, the 15-minute long mega fireworks show will culminate the red, white, and blue festivities at 9 p.m. as bright colors light-up the Long Beach sky in sync to patriotic music.


The Queen Mary’s All-American 4th of July Celebration runs from 2 p.m. – 10 p.m. Tickets start at $24 online for children ($39 day-of) and $44 online per adult ($59 day-of). The VIP-patriot pass is $99 for ages 4+ and includes additional access to Verandah Grill, Britannia Salon, and premium firework viewing. Hotel and cabana packages are also available, guest who purchase a cabana will have additional access to the Capstan Deck. In honor of the holiday, The Queen Mary will offer active, reserved, and retired service men and women free access to the 4th of July celebrations with proof with ID card. Families of active, reserved, and retired service men and women will receive a 20% discount with proof of ID card and ticket purchase on-site. For more information, schedule of activities and to purchase tickets visit

Credit: The Queen Mary.

R.M. Palmer has the best chocolate for Father’s Day! Giveaway Opportunity!

Father’s Day is this week and I know many dads love chocolate! Some of my favorites are from R.M. Palmer and I am sure these will be a hit with Dad! They are easy to find too! I always find their products at our local CVS!


R.M. Palmer is one of my favorite chocolate brands and they have so many different choices! I love their Peanut Butter Cups and Soft Caramel Cups! I also think that the chocolate Sports Ball Mix would be a hit with many Dads this Father’s Day!

Look for their products at a store near you! I always find their products at our local CVS.  Check out their website to see all of their products!

We have teamed up for a Father’s Day Giveaway! One winner will win a chocolate prize package! This one is for Moms! Leave a comment below telling us which one would be your favorite! Winner will be chosen on Father’s Day (Sunday, June 17th at 12 pm PST). U.S. Residents only. 

Self Disclosure: SoCal City Kids will select the winner and R.M. Palmer will send out the prize package. Images were provided. 

The Habit Burger Grill Spices Up Fan-Favorite With New Sriracha Lime Spicy Green Beans These are a Must-Try this Summer! Only Avail for a limited time!

Looking for something delicious this Father’s Day and Summer? I just tried these and I ate them so quickly that I didn’t even take my own photo! Thanks to The Habit for letting me use one of theirs! The Habit’s creamy sriracha lime aioli sauce has just the right amount of spice and there’s even a touch of sweetness! They should bottle this sauce and sell it! I also prefer their Tempura Green Beans over french fries and could probably eat them every week!

Available for a limited time, the new Sriracha Lime Spicy Green Beans ($3.49) takes the fan-favorite side tempura green beans and heats things up with the addition of a house-made, mouthwatering sriracha lime aioli. Cooked to a perfect golden crisp, the Sriracha Lime Spicy Green Beans are drizzled with The Habit’s creamy sriracha lime aioli made fresh in-house and seasoned with a touch of 7-Spice pepper blend for an added kick of flavor.

Better burgers are just the beginning at The Habit where the menu also includes hand-cut salads, grilled sandwiches including line-caught, sushi grade ahi tuna, fresh chicken, and hand-filleted marinated grilled tri-tip, and sides including onion rings, sweet potato and French fries, and tempura green beans. Guests can choose from a variety of peppers, lemons, limes, and sauces at a complimentary condiment bar to customize the flavor of their meal.

The Habit is known for its award-winning Charburger which features 100% fresh, never frozen ground beef grilled over an open flame and topped with melted cheese, caramelized onions, pickles, fresh tomato, crisp lettuce, and mayo served on a toasted bun. Their restaurants have been serving the Best Tasting Burger in America exactly this way since the first Habit opened in 1969.

Connect with The Habit on social media at  and

Self Disclosure: I had the opportunity to try these yummy Lime Spicy Green beans to facilitate this post. The image was also provided.


About The Habit Restaurants, Inc. 

The Habit Burger Grill is a burger-centric, fast-casual restaurant concept that specializes in preparing fresh, made-to-order chargrilled burgers and sandwiches featuring USDA choice tri-tip steak, grilled chicken and sushi-grade ahi tuna cooked over an open flame. In addition, it features fresh made-to-order salads and an appealing selection of sides, shakes and malts. The Habit was named the “best tasting burger in America” in July 2014 in a comprehensive survey conducted by one of America’s leading consumer magazines. The first Habit opened in Santa Barbara, California in 1969. The Habit has since grown to over 220 restaurants in 11 states throughout California, Arizona, Utah, New Jersey, Florida, Idaho, Virginia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Washington and Maryland as well as three international locations. More information is available at


  1. Organize your belongings

When you are planning to make a move, ensure that everything you need during your move is accounted for and well organized. Look for moving supplies from your friends and neighbors, or those being given out for free by retailers, like old newspapers, boxes and bubble wrap, in which to package your stuff. This will save you on cash that you could have spent on buying boxes. Additionally, donate or sell those materials that you will not be taking with you on the move to help you reduce the load. You can also opt to sell your old furniture instead of carrying it with you, and replace it when you get to your new location.


  1. Plan your move

Ensure that you have a budget set for the moving process, and aim to stick to it. Also, ensure that you have the address where you are moving to certain so that it will be easy to direct any professional movers on the new location in case you decide to use them. Ensure that you also change your address online on so that your new location can be recognized by the post office so that you can get your mail and any parcels you may decide to send via the post office to your new address. Also, ensure that you do not move during the peak season; during holidays or weekends, since it is usually more expensive to move during these times. Consider moving during a normal working day, within the week.


  1. Rent a moving truck

If you are willing to drive yourself across the country to your new location, then hire a moving truck from a reputable company. This will help you save money which you could have otherwise used to pay the driver, and a team to load and unload the truck for you. When you get the moving truck, the only expense will be for renting the truck, insurance and the fuel you will use.


  1. Use a trailer

When you are moving a large number of possessions from your current location to a new one, you should consider using a freight trailer. The trailer company will drop off the trailer at your home and give you time to load it, after which the trailer will be picked up and transported to your new location. This moving method is usually very considerably cheaper than hiring a moving company and is cheaper than hiring a moving truck and driving yourself when the distance is extremely long.


  1. Do it yourself

The easiest way to move belongings from one location to another is by transporting them yourself. This, however, will not work if you are transporting a large number of possessions. If you are just moving a few things, like a television, a few kitchen items and some books, then you can consider carrying them yourself in your car. This will help you save on money you would have spent on a moving company. You can also ship some materials through the mail if you have an established destination. You can also carry a few suitcases on a plane, or a train, helping you to move your goods cheaply.