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Love the Coopers – Fantastic dramady about dysfunctional families and holidays


This new Holiday “dramady” from Jessie Nelson will brings tears and laughter to your face. It reminds me of a Nora Ephron film with all the family and personal drama going on all at once. There is a bit of profanity and mild sexuality so I wouldn’t take your younger kids but, for teens it’s a must-share! It has a great ensemble cast led by Diane Keaton and John Goodman who make a very believable couple with kids and grandkids that are all slightly off kilter. Steve Martin, who narrates the film through the eyes of the family dog, is the glue that holds the story together. And, the love story between Angie and Sergeant is truly a highlight of the film. As Leo Tolstoy said, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” But, look out! You might just see your own family in this film. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Mia A. comments, “My two favorite characters are Joe and Eleanor, played by Jake Lacy and Olivia Wilde, because they have great chemistry together and I kept rooting for them to finally become a couple.” See her full review below.


Love the Coopers

By Mia A, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

Love the Coopers directed by Jessie Nelson is a holiday comedy full of subplots that get many of the people in the audience laughing.  This movie is packed with big stars such as John Goodman, Diane Keaton, Alan Arkin, Marisa Tomei and Amanda Seyfried.


This movie is about an extended family, the Coopers who come together every Christmas and have a big family dinner party. It’s about how their individual lives and how their family acts when they are together.


My two favorite characters are Joe and Eleanor, played by Jake Lacy and Olivia Wilde, because they have great chemistry together and I kept rooting for them to finally become a couple. Their story provides the most humor and is the strongest subplot in the whole movie. Their scenes are hilarious and made me really believe they should be a couple.


There are many great actors in Love the Coopers, and there are some flaws. Charlotte and Emma are supposed to be sisters with negative history and competition, but the age difference between Diane Keaton and Marisi Tomei (who play them) is too great to be believable. It doesn’t make sense. Also, I was disappointed that some of the big stars aren’t used to their full potential. For example, Amanda Seyfried, a great actress from Mamma Mia isn’t in a lot of scenes and Steve Martin is used only as the narrator. This left me wanting more.


I found the plot and characters a little hard to follow in the very beginning.  It’s difficult to know who is who because they switch back-and-forth from different family members without telling us who they are.
Every set and scene reminds us that it is Christmas, including the funny, the good and the bad aspects.  It gently pokes fun of holiday traditions and made me wonder about some of my own.


I rate Love the Coopers 3.5 out of 5 stars because I enjoyed the clever writing, but I didn’t really relate to the sisters or to some of the inappropriate humor.


I recommend it to ages 12 to 18 because there is some extreme kissing and inappropriate public behavior. They also say tell some religious jokes about Christians and they use some mild profanity. This film is in theaters now so, go check it out.


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Bupropion and ways to treat depression

In last couple of years, we have heard a lot about depression. It has come to our attention that this condition is very common for many celebrities. In many ways, it is something that can be caused by increased pressure on people as well as dissociation. Oftentimes, people who are suffering from it were abused during childhood or had to suffer some other severe trauma during their life. In a way, change to our lifestyle, introduction of technology, social networking has all contributed to development of the issue.

Depression can easily be diagnosed. However, in some cases, doctors make a mistake and diagnose depression to patients who are suffering from bipolar disorder. When it comes to this illness, it can easily be recognized by increasingly dissociative behavior of a patient. Slowly, he will lose ability to contribute as a part of society. Lack of concentration will lead to loss of productivity at school and at work. Also, he will slowly lose interest for communicating with others. As a result, his personal relationships will deteriorate. When it comes to behavior, he will feel sad, hopeless, helpless, he will lose confidence and self-esteem, he will become secluded, reserved and gloomy. Best way of treating these symptoms is to buy Bupropion online from You! Drugstore.

As previously mentioned, most depression patients had some trauma during childhood. Even though children tend to suppress most of their negative emotions (or sometimes they even forget them naturally) any similar situation which may occur in future will take them back to that period and start mental reaction. In some cases, this type of abuse persists during whole childhood which will have severe impact on person’s mental development. Slowly, patient will start showing some of the symptoms which will intensify as the time go by. Unfortunately, some of the parents will neglect these signs thinking that it is a natural behavior. It will reach climax during puberty and it can even lead to suicidal tendencies.

Similarly to other medical conditions, genetics and biological factors play an important role. Neurotransmitters in brain are in direct connection to this illness. Any genetic flaw which is transferred from parents or some other form of disturbance can lead to depression. Experts claim that substance abuse can easily lead to this issue. However, we need to differentiate people who started doing drugs due to depression and those who used drugs and alcohol which led to this condition.

Psychotherapy is crucial for all those who had trauma. It reveals problem which led to the disease in the first place. Doctors recommend use of Bupropion. This drug is able to restore balance to patient’s brain and eliminate most of the symptoms of the disease. Have in mind that some of the drugs can present a unique problem for individual. There have been cases where young people contemplated suicide after taking anti-depressant drugs. Because of this, it is necessary to visit doctor during whole therapy. This way, you can prevent all negative issues connected to medicine use.