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Fashion Meets Philanthropy Giveaway Opportunity!


As socially responsible giving grows in popularity, many of us find ourselves wondering which products actually impact society or where they can find them. Lack of knowledge is often the reason people do not increase their socially responsible shopping. Have you heard of the World Vision’s Gift Catalog? This really is a great gift catalog!  The 2015 World Vision Gift Catalog contains more than 250 poverty-fighting gifts, ranging in price from $16 to $39,000, that improve the quality of life for struggling children and families in the U.S. and around the world.

This holiday season, encourage you can give help where it is most needed and receive beautiful handcrafted jewelry for yourself or your loved ones.

I received the African Soapstone Box – The hand-carved African Soapstone Box is a perfect place to store necklaces, rings and other trinkets. This ornate handmade gift is etched by talented artisans in Kenya who are using this sustainable resource to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Price is $85.  This one really is very pretty! It would make a wonderful holiday gift!

They also have many other beautiful items such as a Royal Silk Scarf and a Silver Vines Cuff.

We have teamed up for a Special Giveaway! One winner will win the African Soapstone Box. (U.S Residents only, please) To enter, visit the World Vision Gift Catalog and tell us in the comments below your favorite gift item on the website! Deadline to enter is November 10th, 2015 at noon PST. One winner will randomly  be selected via

Vist the World Vision Facebook page at / WorldVision and Twitter at@WorldVisionNews and/or @WorldVisionUSA using the hashtag #GiftCatalog.

Since 1996, the World Vision Gift Catalog has grown in popularity as a gift-giving alternative. Last year alone, more than 822,000 people were helped through funds generated by the Catalog.

To order from World Vision’s Gift Catalog, call 855-WV-GIFTS855-WV-GIFTS FREE or visit

Self Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate this post and giveaway.

Curious Chef Tools are a Must-Have for Young Kids!

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With fall already here, it is time to start baking! Do you have any little helpers at home? The Curious Chef tools are a real must-have! They are just perfect for smaller hands! Little ones can be more involved in the baking and cooking process as they aspire to be the next Cake Boss or Top Chef!

These cooking tools are specifically designed for kids 4+ with safety and smaller hands in mind, helping inspire curiosity in the kitchen (easy-to-grip, less spillage, colors to help with measurement, etc.). They are fully functional cooking tools (not toys!), provide a unique opportunity for hands-on learning and help reinforce academic knowledge of math, measurement, science and much more.

We received the 4 Piece Halloween Cookie Cutter Set  — Make cooking with kids fun with our cookie cutter sets. Create spooky and tasty treats with your little chef using this 4-Piece Halloween Cookie Cutter Set.

I really like this one because the cookie cutters are just the perfect size for young children. They retail for $6.99 and other cookie cutter sets are available.

We also received the 2 Quart Mixing Bowl – Designed with a sturdy base and easy grip handles, the 2-Quart Mixing Bowl helps your child mix up family favorites like cookies, pancakes or brownies! I love this one because it is also the perfect size! It is not too small and it isn’t too big. I tried this one out with my nephew and it was super easy for him to help with mixing up cookie dough.  Retails for $8.99.

Find these and many other great baking tools for children at Curious Chef.

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The Children’s Gift That Gives Back To Those In Need Army Of Plush Robot Toys With A Mission To Better The World, Teach Children Cause Advocacy And Compassion

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I love this next product! I really do! Such a positive message and an unique product, which would also make a great gift idea!

Introducing Kauzbots!


This time of year brings friends and families together to celebrate the joys of life and the act of giving back to communities around us. Kauzbots, the company that helps you contribute to an array of charities with their precious plush robots, aims to raise awareness and encourage everyone to give back during this holiday season. Their year-round efforts are especially distinguishable during this time of selflessness and advocacy.

“We strongly believe in embracing the true meaning of the holiday season and sharing the act of giving to those who are less fortunate than others during this meaningful time,” said Natasha Nelson, president of Kauzbots. “Many people go out in search for the perfect toy to give a child but sometimes forget the true meaning of the season. Not only are Kauzbots a great companion for children of all ages, they also provide a learning opportunity about the variety of hardships people encounter throughout the world and can ultimately inspire children to brainstorm different ideas on how they can help those in need.”

In addition to being an adorable gift to give, Kauzbots, the cuddly stuffed “robots with a heart,” offer an opportunity to be charitable through the act of gifting. This group of 10 heroic robots fights a variety of hardships that affect millions throughout the world. 10 percent of the retail price is donated to their individual ‘kauz’, which raise awareness for different charities that support: refugees, homeless children, pediatric cancer and autism research, just to name a few.

Currently Kauzbots has 10 robots for sale through their website and selected retailers. Each bot has a heart for a specific “kauz,” advocating for and donating to separate charities:

  • Kalvin: a heart for homeless children
  • Kale: a heart for the planet
  • Kaprice: a heart for women with breast cancer
  • Karissa: a heart or our environment
  • Karson: a heart for music therapy at children’s hospitals
  • Karthy: a heart for autism
  • Khloe: a heart for oral pediatric health
  • Kiefer: a heart for refugees
  • Kourage: a heart for children with cancer
  • Kruz: a heart for clean water

I received Kruz because clean water is one of the causes dear to my heart! (Although many of the other causes are very important). I love the positive messages of the Kauzbots!


The holiday season is a time to give back and the army of fearless Kauzbots presents a playful way to accomplish this. To read more about the philanthropic journey of each individual Kauzbot, please go to

About Kauzbots, Inc.
Kauzbots, Inc. – and its army of heroically compassionate, plush robot toys – is on a mission to make the world a better place, one ‘kauz’ at a time. Donating a percentage of each toy sale to a dedicated charitable foundation each individual Kauzbot represents, each high quality toy is more than just for warming hearts and raising awareness for noble causes across the globe. Teaching children social responsibility, promoting kindness, encouraging advocacy and acting as a ray of sunshine for an imperfect world is what each individual robot fights for every day. Based in the heart of Tempe, Arizona, specially crafted Kauzbots are available for purchase online and at various retail locations throughout Orange County, Calif.

Join the #KauzKrew on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram at @kauzbots.

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Make kids nuts for knowledge and engineering with imaginative squirrel kits that are sure to ignite their own genius through fun A fun & Creative Gift Idea for Kids!


With knowledge comes power. To help children stay ahead in today’s knowledge-driven world, we need to stimulate and engage their brains beyond the classroom.  Now parents can make learning outside of the classroom fun and exciting – without their kids even realizing how much they are learning!


The fun, unique and ingenious Squirrel King kits ( are a swirl of intellect, engineering and creativity delivered with a hands-on approach that inspires a thirst for knowledge.  Kids build something really cool to play with that also stimulates their minds!


Designed for ages 8 and up, the brand new Build with Stickers kits ( combine two things kids love — stickers and building.  Each colorful kit includes novel stickering techniques — no glue involved — and all the materials for children to build, create and explore, making awesome toys in the process.  Bonus stickers are included to encourage adding personal touches of fun.

I received a kit to check out and I highly recommend! It’s a great way to get your child to use their imagination and creativity! I love the concept of building and also using stickers! I remember when my son was younger he loved to build and also loved stickers. This really is a rather unique product and would also make a great gift! 

With Build with Stickers kits, STEM (science, technology, education and math) principles are explored in an age-appropriate manner.   Build our race car and learn about axels with Project: Speed Racer.  The physics of stability is explored in Project: Sun Lounge.  And while constructing  garden tools with Project: Green Thumb, kids see leverage in action. All this fun comes with an educational bonus box that spotlights the engineering, physics and math concepts encountered while building with stickers!


Create an avatar for your Build With Sticker projects with the original Squirrel King Craft kits.  Crack open the ever-popular and award-winning Squirrel King Craft kit, which comes in a 100% recycled molded-pulp acorn with all the materials needed to construct three colorful and cheeky squirrels.  This kit encourages both creativity and the values of reusing (the instructions turn into a fast-paced, squirrel match game) and recycling (plant the envelope holding the googly eyes, paper ears, arms and legs and grow wildflowers)!

Squirrel King Craft and Build with Stickers kits are great for a fun afternoon of kids building with their brains and your hands! Plus the festive packaging makes for excellent stocking stuffers and birthday gifts. The new Build with Stickers kits are available on the Squirrel King Craft website and at select retail stores, priced from $5.99 to $7.99. The original Squirrel King Craft kit is also available on the website and in over 200 stores across the country, and in a range of choices for $9.99 to $69.99.


Visit for more information this holiday season!


Self Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate this post. 

Olay Age Defying Body Wash is a Beauty Must-Have!

Age Defying Body Wash

My skin always seems drier when Fall and Winter arrive! So, I am always looking for products that help moisturize my skin. Olay is one of my all-time favorite brands so I was quite excited to receive the Olay Age Defying Body Wash. It is not a brand new product but it is new to me. It really helps with dry skin too!  I like that it not only cleans but really leaves my skin soft! It also really works to defend against the visible signs of aging. I noticed a difference in my skin after a few weeks of using. It really is a beauty must-have!  The price is very affordable too! Retails for $5.49 for a 23.6 oz body wash.  I really like everything about this product! Only a small amount is needed, it smells good and goodbye dry skin! You can complete the regime with the Age Defying Beauty Bar, $5.99, 6-bar pack and the Age Defy hand & body lotion, $5.49 for 11.8 oz.

Olay Age Defying Body Wash is available at mass, drug and food stores.


Self Disclosure: I received a free product sample for review purposes. Photo Credit: Olay.