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KlipPro Fish Design Tweezers are a Beauty Must-Buy!


I really like these Tweezers because they are unique and work really well! I mean..have you ever heard of Tweezers shaped like a Fish? I have to admit that is a bit quirky! But, I do like quirky and cute! These definitely are both. But, I also like that they are very lightweight and easy to hold and use. They even remove splinters with ease! They are made from stainless steel and they are durable. I also like that the slanted tips of the tweezers really make plucking eyebrows a easy task. I recommend these for both Men and Women as a Beauty Must-Have! I really can’t find any cons about this product!

You can buy them at

Self Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for an unbiased review.

Public invited to visit Aquarium of the Pacific tomorrow for its 17th anniversary!

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Guests are invited to celebrate the Aquarium’s anniversary with environmental programming and a special appearance by Linden the Mermaid.

The nonprofit Aquarium of the Pacific opened its doors seventeen years ago in June of 1998 with a mission to instill a sense of wonder, respect, and stewardship for the Pacific Ocean, its inhabitants, and ecosystems. Since then the Aquarium has reached over 23 million on-site visitors, including 3 million students, and millions of people off-site with learning opportunities about the ocean and environmental issues impacting all life on our planet. The Aquarium is dedicated to conserving and building natural capital (nature and nature’s services) by building social capital (the interactions between and among peoples) through a diverse array of programming that combines sciences with the arts and through forums, public lectures, live webcasts, and other programs. To celebrate its anniversary, the Aquarium has invited Linden the Mermaid to take a dive in the Aquarium’s largest exhibit in the Tropical Pacific gallery. Mermaid Linden will be available for photo opportunities and introduces her new line of kid’s Mermaid Monofins and swim products by Body Glove at the Aquarium’s Pacific Collections gift store. Linden will be available for photo opportunities. Guests can also explore the new Jellies exhibits and learn about environmental issues in the Ocean Science Center and daily shows. Since opening, the Aquarium has added numerous new exhibits including the June Keyes Penguin Habitat, Southern California Steelhead Story, Our Watersheds: Pathway to the Pacific, Shark Lagoon, and Lorikeet Forest.

WHEN: Saturday, June 20, 2015. The dive in the Tropical Pacific tank will take place at 3:30 p.m.

WHERE: Aquarium of the Pacific, 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802.

COST: General Admission–$28.95 adult (12+), $25.95 senior (62+), $14.95 child (3-11), and free for children under age three and Aquarium members.

AQUARIUM: The nonprofit Aquarium of the Pacific is a community gathering place where diverse cultures and the arts are celebrated and where important topics facing our planet are explored by scientists, policymakers, and stakeholders in search of sustainable solutions. The Aquarium is dedicated to conserving and building nature and nature’s services by building the interactions between and among peoples. Home to more than 11,000 animals, Aquarium exhibits include the June Keyes Penguin Habitat, Ocean Science Center, Molina Animal Care Center, the interactive Shark Lagoon and Lorikeet Forest exhibits, and the new Jellies exhibits. Beyond its animal exhibits, the Aquarium offers educational programs for people of all ages, from hands-on activities to lectures by leading scientists.

Credit: The Aquarium of the Pacific.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – A Coming of Age Film Exploring Treacherous Territories


This film follows high schooler Greg, who spends most of his time making parodies of classic movies with his co-worker Earl and finds his outlook forever altered after befriending a classmate who has just been diagnosed with cancer. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Raven D., comments, “This film is beautiful, truly a must see for not only teens, but adults as well. It is so refreshing. It’s very rare that I find a movie that depicts what it’s like to be a teenager and grow up in this day and age with such honesty and genuine emotion.” See her full review below.


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Reviewed by Raven D., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 17


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is a brilliant new coming of age film that follows coworkers Greg and Earl through their senior year of high school. Their seemingly quiet and low key lives are altered forever after befriending a classmate who has been diagnosed with cancer. In this new age masterpiece, Greg, Earl and Rachel must navigate through the treacherous territories of high school and growing up while dealing with Rachel’s illness.


This film is beautiful, truly a must see for not only teens, but adults as well. It is so refreshing. It’s very rare that I find a movie that depicts what it’s like to be a teenager and grow up in this day and age with such honesty and genuine emotion. The movie is narrated by Greg, played by Thomas Mann, with his internal dialogue. I resonated with that so much. This is not your typical high school, coming of age movie. This is a raw, real film that will move just about anyone.


Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and cinematographer Chung Hoon-Chung do an extraordinary job with the visuals of this film and creating characters out of the locations and sets. The unique and creative stance taken with the shot sequences and camera angles is fascinating. There are many scenes that are one long continuous shot or filled with unique zooming and panning techniques. Every shot is captivating and draws you deeper into the film, making every aspect of the movie flow seamlessly and take on a personality of its own.


In this movie, Greg and Earl occupy most of their time by making parodies of classic and foreign films. In many scenes, we get to watch a few clips from their homemade movies and it is very interesting to see all of the different styles and filmmaking tactics they use. They experiment with puppetry, stop motion, live action and many other film styles. It is so cool to see all of these different techniques in one movie, making Me and Earl and the Dying Girl feel like a true ode to cinema.


The heavy subject matter of cancer, life and death is balanced by brilliant humor that will leave you laughing out loud. But, this film is definitely not a comedy. I found myself crying on multiple occasions. This film really makes me think about my life and the people that are in it. I think one of the best things about film is when it makes you think long after the credits have stopped rolling. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is one of those gems of a film that really leaves you asking questions and delving into your thoughts.


It’s difficult to pick my favorite character because the cast is so studded with insanely talented individuals. The three main characters – Greg, played by Thomas Mann, Earl, played by RJ Cyler and Rachel played by Olivia Cooke, all work together so flawlessly. Watching their relationship grow and develop over the course of the film is wonderful. Thomas Mann is an amazing actor and this film really shows off his talent. In most of his feature films he plays the goofy awkward teen and it’s never much of a serious character, but in this film you are able to see the variety he brings to the screen. I am a huge fan of Olivia Cooke, she stars in Bates Motel and The Signal which is one of my favorite movies, watching her in this very challenging roll is phenomenal. Her character development over the course of the film is so moving. She deals with her illness in such a raw and real way while gracefully accepting what she cannot change. This is RJ Cylers’ first feature film and he does a wonderful job. His character Earl provides quite a bit of comedic relief while also staying very real and grounded. Although he’s not one to talk up a storm, when he does speak he often delivers a powerful message. There are so many amazing supporting actors in this film that really tie everything together, but it would take me forever to go over all of them so I’ll move on.


I can’t say I have a favorite scene because as I said before, every shot and every scene is captivating. There isn’t a single moment when I am uninterested in what I am seeing. The brilliant use of color, lighting, movement and setting to convey emotion is truly remarkable and should be inspiration for filmmakers everywhere.


This film does feature a bit of mature language since it is centered around high schoolers who are not always known to have the cleanest mouths, but I don’t think the profanity is gratuitous or unnecessary. It keeps the film very real. This movie is heavy because of the topics of illness and death. It definitely brought most of the audience to tears, myself included. So be prepared to have your heart strings pulled. I recommend this film for ages 13 to 18 and highly suggest that adults watch it as well because I believe that people of many age groups can relate to the film and find it enjoyable.


I give Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 5 out of 5 stars, so make sure you check it out in theaters this summer!


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

By Declan L., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13



Me And Earl And The Dying Girl is a funny, yet a sad movie that will make you want more. This live-action, dramatic film is about a high school boy named Greg (Thomas Mann) who is forced by his mom (Connie Britton) to hang out with a girl named Rachel (Olivia Cooke) who has leukemia. Now Greg and his coworker Earl (RJ Cyler) have to help Rachel feel better.


The three main characters have good team chemistry and you can see how much they bond throughout the film. My favorite character is Earl because he is very good at having comedic timing and also a lot of emotion.

There are also a lot of relatable moments in the movie, such as when Greg is in the cafeteria talks about all the different groups. That made me think of my own school.


The director, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, is amazing at creating unique screen shots. A place where you can see this is in all the little film parodies Greg and Earl make of classic films. You get to see how they make the classic films in their own unique ways by changing the title or adding some new things that weren’t in the film.


The music by Brian Eno and Nico Muhly is very pretty and fits with what is happening in the movie. The art department did a fantastic job on making everything look beautiful and having a lot of interesting art. A place where the art was gorgeous was near the end they had some cut books and they were very detailed and it looked like they took a lot of time on it.


The set done by Diana Stoughton looks very fitting to the story and reflected on how everyone lived in a poor neighborhood. My favorite part of the movie is the ending, but if you want to know why then go watch the movie.

The message of the movie is don’t give up, even when all hope is gone. I would recommend this to the ages of 13 to 18 because there is drug usage, cursing, and sad topics. I would rate this 5 out of 5 stars.

Credit: KIDS FIRST! Upcoming Attractions.

Shelter Pet Project

Visit to learn more about pet adoption.


Credit: The Shelter Pet Project.



Have you ever met the Los Angeles Zoo’s Indian rhino up close and personal?  Do you wonder how it feels to touch an armadillo?  Or why flamingos aren’t born pink?  Or what a gorilla eats for breakfast?  Or exactly how zookeepers build bonds with animals?  Discover all that and more during a visit to the Los Angeles Zoo, which now offers a variety of daily opportunities to learn more about animals, including close-up encounters, special feedings and intriguing talks.  Also new this summer is FAMILY FUN FRIDAYS, a four pack (two adults and two children) for one low price of $54 ($12 savings), including a 10% discount on retail merchandise at any Zoo gift shop on the day of the visit; available only online and valid Fridays through September 25 (except July 3).

In addition to its popular Elephants Of Asia Training Demonstration and World of Birds Show, the Zoo now features a Marsupial Talk, Hawk Training Demonstration, and Education Specialists Talks at the Campo Gorilla Reserve, Winnick Family Children’s Zoo, Sea Life Cliffs, Chimpanzees Of The Mahale Mountains, Rainforest of the Americas and at the babirusa, peccary, giraffe and flamingo exhibits, all free with paid Zoo admission.  Guests can also experience a behind-the-scenes direct contact opportunity with Randa, the Zoo’s beloved Indian rhinoceros, on weekends and holidays, for a separate fee.

“We find that people really want to have a connection with the animals,” says Jess Kohring, Los Angeles Zoo’s informal programs coordinator, “and these activities are designed to enhance the visitor’s appreciation for the animals.  With the variety of experiences at the Zoo, there will almost always be something exceptional to see.”

GOOD MORNING FLAMINGOS, 10:30 am daily except Wednesdays, offers an opportunity to observe the Zoo’s flamingos, one of the largest flocks in any zoo in the world, greet the day while a Zoo staff expert shares fascinating facts about these boisterous birds.

Come on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 10:30 am, for GOOD MORNING GORILLAS at the Campo Gorilla Reserve where a Zoo staff expert helps guests get to know the gorillas, learn about their behavior and find out how gorillas, just like humans, go through a morning routine.

A special SEAL TALK at Sea Life Cliffs, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 am, provides a chance to say hello to the Zoo’s seals and learn firsthand about the care they receive from their devoted keepers.

For a wild time, come eye to eye with some of the Zoo’s smaller residents at ANIMALS & YOU in the Winnick Family Children’s Zoo and learn all about them from specially trained members of the Zoo’s intrepid volunteer corps.  These close-up creature encounters are offered weekdays at 10:45 am and 11:45 am and weekends at 10:45 am, 11:45 am, and 12:45 pm

An exceptional ELEPHANT TRAINING DEMONSTRATION at Elephants of Asia’s Wasserman Family Thai Pavilion offered daily except Thursdays at 11 am features a training session with the Zoos beloved Asian elephants and a chance to learn how zookeepers use positive reinforcement to build bonds with them to keep them healthy and safe.

The free-flight WORLD OF BIRDS SHOW at the recently remodeled Angela Collier World of Birds Theater, which has been delighting audiences for nearly 40 years, spotlights the natural behaviors and amazing abilities of its stars, and takes place Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays at 11:30 am.

Learn about the Zoo’s koalas and other pouched mammals from one of their keepers at a MARSUPIAL TALK next to the Koala Exhibit on Fridays and Sundays, 11:30 am.

With one of the largest chimpanzee troops in the nation, the Zoo’s CHIMP CHAT at Chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains features a Zoo staff expert to chat about these great apes daily, 1:30 pm, as they go through their midday routine.

An awe-inspiring HAWK TRAINING DEMONSTRATION at Zoopendous Amphitheater on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, 2 pm, illustrates how the Zoo’s animal care staff works with these brilliant birds of prey, known for their excellent eyesight and fantastic flying skills.

Every day is a different adventure in the Zoo’s RAINFOREST OF THE AMERICAS, an extraordinary collection of endangered and exotic mammals, reptiles, fish and amphibians living in spaces that exemplify their natural habitat in the rainforest biosphere.  Meet up at the Stilt House with a keeper or Zoo staff expert daily, 2:30 pm, as they share insider knowledge about Rainforest residents ranging from harpy eagles and cotton-top tamarins to giant otters and piranhas.

L.A. Zoo keepers spotlight the animals in their care at KEEPER TALKS, held Sundays, 2 pm, at the Babirusa Exhibit, Mondays, 2 pm, at the Peccary Exhibit, and Fridays, 2 pm, at the Giraffe Exhibit.

Guests are invited to come meet Randa, the Zoo’s beloved Indian rhinoceros, up close and personal at the wildly popular INDIAN RHINO ENCOUNTER, which includes a behind-the-scenes direct contact opportunity for participants that may include touching Randa and feeding her.  Indian Rhino Encounter, on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, 12 noon, requires a separate fee and a minimum age of four years old to participate.  Advance online reservations are strongly suggested, as this unique opportunity is often sold out.

A complete schedule can be viewed at

The landmark LOS ANGELES ZOO AND BOTANICAL GARDENS, drawing 1.6 million visitors each year, is home to a diverse collection of 1,100 animals representing 250 different species, many of which are rare or endangered.  Its lush grounds on 113 acres feature the LAIR (Living Amphibians, Invertebrates, and Reptiles); Elephants of Asia; Campo Gorilla Reserve; Rainforest of the Americas, an extraordinary collection of endangered and exotic mammals, reptiles, fish and amphibians living in spaces that exemplify their natural habitat in the rainforest biosphere; Tom Mankiewicz Conservation Carousel; an Indian Rhino Encounter direct-contact opportunity; Chimpanzees of Mahale Mountains, home to one of the largest troops of chimpanzees in the United States; Red Ape Rain Forest, where visitors can walk among orangutans; the Winnick Family Children’s Zoo; one of the largest flocks of flamingos in any zoo in the world; a botanical collection comprising over 800 different plant species with approximately 7,000 individual plants; and much more.  Accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), whose members meet rigorous professional standards for animal welfare, the Zoo has achieved renown as an international leader in the preservation of endangered species and a conservation center for the care and study of wildlife.  The private, non-profit Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA), which has supported the Zoo in partnership with the City of Los Angeles for more than five decades and provides funding for and operates seven essential Zoo departments, has 60,000 member households representing more than 240,000 adults and children.  As evidence of the Zoo’s popularity, GLAZA attracts one of the largest membership bases of any cultural organization in Los Angeles.  The Zoo’s location in Griffith Park ideally positions it as a convenient destination enjoyed by locals and vacationers of all ages who can visit every day of the year except Christmas Day.

Programming subject to change.

Zoo admission is $19 for general admission (ages 13 to 61); $16 for seniors (ages 62+), and $14 for children (ages 2 to 12).  No ticket is required for children under 2.  Admission for Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association members is free.  FAMILY FUN FRIDAYS, a four pack (two adults and two children) for one low price of $54 ($12 savings), includes a 10% discount on retail merchandise at any Zoo gift shop on the day of the visit; available only online and valid Fridays through September 25 (except July 3).

The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens is located in Griffith Park at the junction of the Ventura (134) and Golden State (5) freeways.  5333 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, CA  90027.  Free parking is available.  For additional information, contact (323) 644-4200 or visit

Credit: The Los Angeles Zoo. Photo Credit: Los Angeles Zoo gorillas:
PHOTO CREDIT: Tad Motoyama




Disney | ABC Television Group is mobilizing its division-wide resources to champion the potential of young, socially conscious individuals and their creative approach to strengthening their communities and changing the world. Through its newly launched “Summer of Creativity” initiative, Disney | ABC Television Group will commit programming content and public service announcements highlighting how creativity and action can inspire a better future. Disney | ABC Television Group will also fund over 100 Youth Service America grants to support individual youth-led projects that help make communities greener, safer, smarter, healthier or cleaner. Winners will receive $500 “Summer of Creativity” grants.  More information, including the grant application with an August 10, 2015 deadline, is available at


During the week of July 13, several non-profit organizations that take creative approaches to building stronger communities will be showcased on ABC programs including “Good Morning America.”



Disney | ABC Television Group’s David Ambroz, Executive Director, Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility, said, “Across Disney, our concern for kids and families extends beyond their entertainment to the communities in which they live.  Through our group’s powerful reach and impact, we can inspire and support individuals to create change in their lives and the world around them.”


A special one-hour broadcast, hosted by superstar Selena Gomez, originating from Free the Children’s “We Day” 2015 event in Chicago, will spotlight young change makers that embody the “Summer of Creativity.” The special will be presented Friday, August 21 (8:00 p.m., ET/PT) on ABC.


To invite applicants for the Youth Service America grants, Disney | ABC Television Group will showcase the “Summer of Creativity” initiative in its programming content and via public service announcements across its cable, broadcast and online platforms, including ABC Primetime, ABC News, ABC Family, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Radio Disney and related WATCH apps. ABC’s eight owned television stations and participating ABC affiliates will award Youth Service America grants to non-profit organizations that offer creativity-based programs.


The Disney | ABC Television Group is composed of The Walt Disney Company’s (NYSE: DIS) global entertainment and news television properties, owned television stations, and radio business. This includes ABC, ABC Studios, ABC News, ABC Owned Television Stations Group, Disney Channels Worldwide and ABC Family, as well as Disney ABC Domestic Television and Disney Media Distribution. The Company’s equity interest in A+E Networks and Hulu round out the Group’s portfolio of media businesses.


Credit:  Disney | ABC Television Group.