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Cool Minecraft Avatars


Does your child like Minecraft? This e-book titled Cool Minecraft Avatars is…well..Cool! It’s very short and simple to read. They are basically just some Cool MineCraft Avatars that you will never meet in MineCraft world. My 11-year-old son had a chuckle, which is a good thing. It is a real simple read and I would suggest it for younger kids ages 7-9. It is creative and may get children thinking about their own Minecraft Avatars they could create.

You can find it on

Self Disclosure: I received a free copy of this ebook for an unbiased review.

7 Ways to Keep Busy on Vacation When You Don’t Like the Beach


Summer is almost here, and with the arrival of soaring temperatures comes en masse departure to the nearest beaches. While your family loves every aspect of a trip to the coast, between the sand, the skin-drying salt water and frizz-inducing humidity, you are not such a fan. For a family divided, it can create some frustration, but there are plenty of activities you can all enjoy together to compromise.

Search for treasures

Having a fun activity can help pass the time along if you find lazing on the beach to be boring instead of relaxing. Use this as an opportunity to look for someone else’s lost treasures. Get a metal detector and see what’s hiding underneath the sand. You can find prospecting equipment online, or check to see if any local shops offer equipment rentals.

Play board games

Is there another person in your group who shares your beach boredom? Bring a board or card game you can play together to help pass the time. It’s worth investing in a set of waterproof playing cards to keep the deck crisp and easy to shuffle, especially when others join in during a swim break. Waterproof cards are more resilient than conventional ones, so they’ll be protected from sunscreen and sand.

Watch movies

Bring your tablet or smartphone and watch catch up on the latest must-see movies. Many satellite and cable companies offer free mobile apps where you can view shows and movies on demand. Just don’t forget to bring a large umbrella or canopy so you have plenty of shade. It can be difficult to see the screen clearly on many devices when in direct sunlight.

Rent bikes

Just because you’re at the beach doesn’t mean that you have to stay stationary. Many public beaches offer bike rentals, so you can cruise around the area at a faster pace than walking, all while staying dry and getting in some exercise.

Go fishing

If you love to fish, research the rules for fishing at your vacation destination. For instance, in Huntington Beach, California, you can fish off the pier for free, without a license, but other areas may require a state-issued permit. You can enjoy the water while keeping a fair distance. And if you catch a few fish, you won’t have to worry about dinner.

Check out street performances & magic shows

Some bigger public beaches, like Pacific Beach and Venice Beach, attract a lot of street artists and performers along the oceanfront. People watching in bustling areas like these makes for an entertaining way to pass some time while your group soaks up some rays in the sand.

Eat & shop

While you may not like to get wet and sandy, there’s no denying the natural beauty of the beach. You don’t have to have your feet in the sand to enjoy the scenery. Instead, find a restaurant that offers outdoor dining with an ocean view and enjoy a nice meal and a cocktail soaking up the setting. Bring the family to a seaside cafe for breakfast or lunch and stick around after the meal while everyone else makes their way down to the water.

Look for local farmer’s markets on the weekends, so if you aren’t one to lounge by the water, you can do some shopping, all while supporting small farms and local businesses.

Essentia Water Launches MORE Summer: 88 Days of Giveaways on June 1, 2015

Essentia® Water, the leading alkaline water brand in the United States, launches its MORE Summer: 88 Days of Giveaways promotion on June 1, 2015. The contest runs through August 27 and one lucky grand prizewinner selected at random takes home a paddle board and paddle ($1,200 value) from Riviera Paddlesurf, the leading brand of stand up paddle (SUP) specific products.  Daily winners also selected at random receive gifts like Jet Flow hydration packs and Essentia branded beach chairs, t-shirts, sling bags, grocery totes, and more.


Participants can enter online at or on Instagram by posting an image that represents what they want to do more of this summer. Instagram entrants must follow Essentia (@EssentiaWater) and posts must include #MoreSummer. A list of daily winners for the week prior will be announced on Essentia’s Facebook and Instagram pages every Tuesday starting June 9.


The MORE Summer: 88 Days of Giveaways promotion is inspired by a groundbreaking clinical study that compares the rehydration effect of the industry-leading bottled water with Essentia. The first-of-its kind double blind study shows Essentia is 88 percent more hydrating than the other brand. The study will be published in a peer review journal later this summer. Also launching in early June are a host of marketing initiatives that support the claim.


Contest details including rule and regulations can be found at

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Get Ready to Ooh and Aah with Lili Collection Shoes!


Finding fashionable baby shoes has always been a challenge for moms. You want your little one to have comfortable shoes that are also cute, but often you have to opt for one or the other. Lili Collection is a unique and fun brand of baby shoes that gives you both fashion and function so your sweet baby can rock some seriously stylish footwear, while keeping their little feet cozy!

It will be hard for both moms and kids to resist Lili Collection’s Animoccs– animal faces + moccs. Animoccs combine the comfort and cuteness of moccasins, with cute animals faces that kids will love! They’re one of the hottest crazes in the baby shoe market and your little one is sure to enjoy having two pals on his feet while sporting some style!

Nothing is cuter than Fringe Leather Boots for babies! Real leather and a Velcro closure means you get cuteness paired with easy to put on and take off boots! Lili Collections’ Fringe Leather Boots are the perfect blend of fashion and wearability for your tots!

Want to give your sweet baby a real treat? Try Lili Collection’s Sprinkle Shoes! An exclusive design featuring real sprinkles on shoes, these cuties are the perfect choice for that studio photo session, holiday, or a first birthday celebration!

All of Lili Collection’s shoes are made in the USA and are only made from the highest quality materials, so you can feel good about the shoes you put on your little one’s feet. Whether you are looking for the perfect pair of shoes for a family photo shoot, or a fun pair of boots for around town, Lili Collection has fun and unique shoes that moms and kids love!

Lili Collection was started when founder Megan had her son in 2013. Going from the corporate world to a stay at home mom lifestyle was quite a change of pace. Megan began sewing lessons and soon started making moccasins for her son. After she realized that more moms wanted her darling creations, Lili Collection was born a year later and was named after her sweet son and muse, Liam (Lili).

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Summer Reading Suggestions for Kids ages 7+ and 12+

unnamed (2)

The Lost Marble Notebook of Forgotten Girl & Random Boy

By Marie Jaskulka; Sky Pony Press; April 7, 2015; ISBN 978-1-63220-426-4; $16.99; ages 12+

“Trying to escape their broken worlds, two teens fall in love with devastating results. The story begins with the first meeting between Random Boy and Forgotten Girl. They are never given proper names, and their labels indicate their template relationship—”insert your name here,” Jaskulka seems to invite readers. Forgotten Girl and Random Boy write their first-person free-verse poems in notebooks—this is the structure of the narrative—sharing their doubts, fears, hopes and needs as they fall in love and hope to erase the pain of their home lives. Readers learn that Forgotten Girl’s father has recently abandoned her, and Random Boy’s father physically abuses both Random Boy and his mother. Eventually the love between Random Boy and Forgotten Girl teeters into obsession and then worse. “As much as he loves / is as hard as he hits, / which makes the pain / reassuring / in a sick way.” Why Random Boy begins abusing Forgotten Girl and why she stays with him (ultimately getting herself out) is told with such complete believability that the descent seems almost foregone, given the wounds that each has brought to the relationship. Jaskulka’s narrative explores the hows and whys of an abusive teenage relationship with heartbreaking honesty, and her delicate touch renders the dark story even more powerful. Graceful. Searing. Haunting.”—Kirkus Reviews, STARRED Review.

I received a copy of this book and highly recommend for ages 12+. As a survivor of domestic violence when I was in College, I was able to relate to this story and found it a rather powerful story and a must-read for teenage girls.

You can find it on

unnamed (1)

The next one is for those kids that love Minecraft! Ages 7+.

Escape from the Overworld

A Minecraft Gamer’s Quest: An Unofficial Minecrafter’s Adventure

By Danica Davidson; Sky Pony Press; January 16, 2015; ISBN 978-1-63450-103-3; $7.99; ages 7+

Stevie feels like the worst mob fighter in Minecraft, so when he finds a portal into a brand-new world, he’s willing to take his chances. He steps out of a computer screen and into the room of a sixth-grade girl Maison, who’s a talented builder. Stevie is shocked by how different this world is, and Maison takes him under her wing. But soon the two friends learn zombies have also made their way out of the portal!

More and more creatures are slipping out by the second, wreaking havoc on a world that has no idea how to handle zombies, creepers, giant spiders, and the like. Stevie and Maison must put their heads together and use their combined talents in order to push the zombies back into Minecraft, where they belong.


Danica Davidson is a writer for MTV and the Onion who has been published in over fifty publications. She enjoys writing stories and comics, and playing video games with her friends.

I found this one a fun read and recommend it!

Find it at

Self Disclosure: I received samples of both books to facilitate this post. No other compensation was received.

Does a Cold Sore Make You Want to Run for Cover? The Carmex® “Let’s Get Closer” Survey Reveals How People Really Feel

If you are one of more than half of Americans between the ages of 21-54, who say they have ever had a cold sore, you may also share the attitudes and behaviors of people who know how these unattractive and unwelcome cold sores may make you feel.


Carma Laboratories, the company that has been manufacturing Carmex® lip balm for over 78 years, recently introduced Carmex® Cold Sore Treatment, a product that works on contact to block pain and itch while minimizing the appearance of a cold sore1. Cold sores can be inconvenient, embarrassing and always seem to happen at the most inopportune time. In order to better understand the social challenges cold sores create, Carma Laboratories recently completed a Harris Poll of over 1,100 adults age 21-54.


So, just how do Americans feel about cold sores? According to the Carmex “Let’s Get Closer” survey*, almost half of adults ages 21-54 would be very to somewhat likely to cancel a date if they woke up with a cold sore. This feeling was more prevalent among women and men between the ages of 21-44. A geographic breakdown shows this to be more of a reality among people from the South (56%) or Midwest (49%).


More than 1 in 4 Americans said they would be very to somewhat likely to postpone a job interview. Interestingly, men were more likely to say that they would be somewhat likely to take a day off from work because of a cold sore.


Twenty nine (29%) percent acknowledge that they would wonder if the cold sore was contagious and (26%) percent would wonder if it was herpes. Close to 2 in 5 said they would be very to somewhat likely to cut short a date if their date showed up with a cold sore.


It would seem obvious that no one really wants to kiss someone if they have a cold sore, yet surprisingly, men might still consider it! Sixty seven (67%) of women said they would be very unlikely to do this, while (57%) say they would be unlikely.


If you do have an occasional or frequent cold sore, do you ever wonder what people are thinking when they see you? Gratifyingly, (68%) of those ages 21-34 and (67%) of those ages 35-44 think “That must be painful.” Forty nine percent (49%) of ages 45-54 share this reaction. On the other hand, caution prevails.  Thirty one percent (31%) between 21-44 wonder if it’s contagious versus (22%) of ages 45-54. Herpes is on people’s minds too when they see a cold sore with (29%) of 21-34 year olds and (28%) of 35-44 year olds wondering if the cold sore might be herpes. Interestingly, men (13%) are more likely than women (7%) to think that the person with a cold sore isn’t clean.


Only NEW Carmex® Cold Sore Treatment works on contact to block pain and itch while minimizing the appearance of a cold sore. 10% Benzocaine blocks pain and itch, while the TriPLEX™ Formula technology smoothes and fills to make the cold sore less noticeable. And, it works on contact – so you see and feel results fast. While no product can cure a cold sore, this breakthrough product may help sufferers feel more comfortable and confident while managing through a cold sore outbreak.

For more information, visit or   

Credit: Carmex Cold Sore Treatment.   

When used to help conceal. Individual results may vary. For treatment of symptoms associated with cold sores. Product does not treat viral infections. Use as directed

2 Pharmacy Times: Survey of Pharmacists’ OTC Recommendations (1999-2014)


*Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted online within the United States from January 13-15, 2015 among 1,100 adults ages 21-54, by Harris Poll. Respondents for this survey were selected from among those who have agreed to participate in Harris Poll surveys. The data have been weighted to reflect the composition of the adult population. Because the sample is based on those who agreed to participate in the Harris Poll panel, no estimates of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy for a healthy and cold-free summer!


Summer is around the corner and the warm weather is here to stay, so there is no worse time to be bed ridden with a sore throat and the sniffles. But what’s really behind your symptoms: a summer cold or that pesky seasonal allergy?

The two dreaded ailments of summer unfortunately share similar symptoms, so before you go off blaming one or the other, get to know the difference between each symptom. See the infographic above from Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy, you can steer clear of an escalated illness and properly treat what’s causing discomfort.

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Stop the Violence!


The app captures moment-by-moment details through video and audio recording. The recordings are sent real-time to a secured cloud storage area to beaccessed when needed and used as evidence. With the Panic List feature, your phone will send email and text message links of the recording and your GPS location to your trusted emergency contacts. There is also an option to notify the authorities from the STOP-ATTACK app when you need immediate police assistance.
The STOP-ATTACK app can be an essential technological support tool to deter, capture and assist you during a crisis. The application is supported by the user-friendly website. From the members section of the website, you can manage your incident recording, download it, delete it or save it for future reference. STOP-ATTACK is available on IOS and Android mobile devices and costs only $3.99 a year.
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