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Little Gray’s Great Migration By Marta Lindsey Illustrated By Andrea Gabriel


From debut author Marta Lindsey, Little Gray’s Great Migration is inspired by seasons of gray whales “showing off” as they traveled thousands of miles. For Little Gray, the lagoon is a happy place where he can demonstrate his talents for the visitors that  come in boats each day. Mama feeds Little Gray and he has no worries until she announces that they must swim to a new special sea. Reluctantly Little Gray begins the long swim, and only after falling behind does he realize that Mama needs his help to make it to the new sea, and he must persevere.

A wonderful story for children in grades K-4. I love how children can learn about the Gray Whale’s migration. The For Creative Minds section includes: Whale Surfacing, Migration Map and Whale Food.

You can find at Arbordale Publishing.

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Your Next Chapter by Manny Scott Proven Methods Offer Hope To Lost Or Forgotten Kids That They Can Achieve Their Dream Life

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Passionate about youth, Manny Scott spends over six months of the year on the road, talking to educators and inspiring young adults to realize their true potential. His new book, Your Next Chapter: How to Turn the Page and Create the Life of Your Dreams, provides the necessary tools to help anyone begin their journey of transformation from a life with no hope to a life filled with success!

Scott applies the principles in his book to those in schools and jails around the nation who have been labeled ‘unreachable’ and ‘unteachable,’ with remarkable results, and this moving testimonial is evidence of how he saves lives: “Mr. Scott, I spent almost 45 minutes to an hour online looking up how to kill myself … I almost ended my life. When you came and you gave that speech, I was crying inside. Because I knew then and still know now that my life has meaning. I am important and I do deserve to live.”

Kids listen because they know Manny Scott has truly “walked the talk.” By age 14 he had dropped out of school and at 17 he had already lived in 26 places. After his best friend was brutally murdered and sensing that the end of his own life was near, he sat on a park bench one day and contemplated the deep despair and anger in his soul. Then a total stranger sat down beside him and connected with him, and through his encouragement Manny was inspired to create a new life for himself with a totally different outcome. That day, he turned the page and began a new chapter in his life. Today, this successful entrepreneur is recognized as one of our nation’s most effective speakers.

Manny’s remarkable story was featured in part in the 2007 hit movie, Freedom Writers. He has energized and inspired over a million leaders, educators, volunteers and students, and easily connects with any audience – from inner-city youth to business executives.

In 2007, Manny Scott founded Ink International, Inc., an educational consulting team that is preventing thousands of suicides, raising student achievement, and improving teacher effectiveness. He is a Ph.D. student and private pilot. Happily married and a doting father of three, Manny resides in Georgia. For more information, please visit:

I received a copy of this book and recommend it to adults and also teenagers. 
Your Next Chapter: How To Turn The Page And Create The Life Of Your Dreams
Available at Amazon and the author’s website:
ISBN-10: 1500938262
ISBN-13: 978-1500938260

Self Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book to facilitate this post.

Michelle Perry Higgins’ book: “College Poor No More” — 100 financial tips for parents and their high school/college-age children


College Poor No More: 100 $avings Tips for College Students, written by Michelle Perry Higgins is a useful, easy-to-read resource that helps parents and college students stay ahead of the game financially – with great tips on how to budget, cut costs and be frugal.


College Poor No More: 100 $avings Tips for College Students will be coming out this summer (New Year Publishing). It was named #1 on Amazon’s ‘Hot New Releases’ and was also featured on the front page of USA Today. Michelle Perry Higgins is a Wall Street Journal expert panelist and a financial mentor to parents and college students.

I received a copy of this book and found it very helpful! It has really great advice on how a College student can budget.

Find it on

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Belli Celebrate Mom HUGE giveaway


HUGE giveaway that Belli Skincare ( is hosting called “Belli Celebrates Mom”, and they are having their big Grand Prize sweepstakes this Saturday and Sunday for a total value of $2,200!  Don’t miss out!


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Discover the power of Sheevaun Moran’s Epic Life Conference June 4th-7th, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach, CA!

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Sheevaun Moran has helped thousands of people across the nation to tap in to what is holding them back from leading an Epic Life.  It is a three day deep dive workshop where every participant leaves with a unique blueprint, clarity and strategy for their Epic Life.   Sheevaun’s mission is to provide her audience with life changing shifts using hard core tactics that are proven to work.  The goal of the conference is to learn:
  • The 6 simple steps one must take to smash through any obstacle and create an Epic Life.
  • Discover the foundational purpose of life and teach people how to align themselves with that purpose, bringing real satisfaction and success.
  • How to be wildly successful at whatever one sets out to do.
  • Earn more while working less
  • And more!

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With an Epic Life comes the ability to grow and change.  It’s the experience of being alive.  It is not the same for anyone.  Discover what an Epic Life means to you June 4th -7th,  2015 at the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach, CA.  Visit for more information.
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Master Coach, Sheevaun Moran is the founder and creator of Energetic Solutions Inc. ® Success Systems.   She is a highly regarded author, teacher, radio host and entrepreneur.  Sheevaun has helped over 125,000 people to achieve their dreams and has trained thousands to have clarity, calm and vibrant health while building their businesses through aligned consciousness.  For more information on Sheevaun Moran visit
Credit: Sheevaun Moran. No compensation was received to post.