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New Once Upon a Sign Award-Winning Children’s DVD Series Retells Favorite Children’s Tales in American Sign Language (ASL) Coming to DVD June 2, 2015 From DawnSignPress-The Nation's Leader in ASL

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You know the stories well.  You had them read to you dozens of times as a child, your parent’s voice bringing the characters to life.  But what are those timeless tales like when performed by a Deaf cast signing ASL? Amazing, fun and totally engaging for everyone, thanks to DawnSignPress, a company well-known for quality children’s ASL products, and the launch of their new award-winning Once Upon a Sign DVDs available June 2, 2015.


Initial three titles in launch are “The Magic Mirror in American Sign Language” – Winner of Parents’ Choice Approval, “The New Goldilocks and the Three Bears in American Sign Language” and “The New Little Red Riding Hood in American Sign Language. All are endorsed by KIDS FIRST! and have received the Dove Family Foundation Seal of Approval. Suggested retail price is $15.95 for each of the 25-minute DVDs. Once Upon a Sign re-creates classic children’s stories with clever modern themes performed by an all-deaf cast entirely in ASL with voice-over and English subtitles.  Each DVD also features “Fun Signs,” a recap of key signs from the story.


“With the popularity of teaching babies sign language parents may be looking for that next step for their children to learn more signs as they grow older,” says Joe Danis president of DawnSignPress. “Well, look no more! Children, deaf or hearing, will love watching these stories being brought to life in beautiful American Sign Language. and it’s a great way to bring together the deaf and hearing community.”



Once Upon a Sign Launch DVD Titles:


In “Once Upon a Sign: The Magic Mirror” young Alice Cogswell wants to enter the talent show but she’s unsure of herself. After an audition that doesn’t go her way, she gets some magic help. But will this magic help get her to the talent show and help her ASL poetry sparkle?

“Once Upon a Sign: The New Little Red Riding Hood” is set in New York City and takes you on an exciting trip through Central Park. Little Wolf will be up to his old tricks, but will Little Red fall for it, or will the Park Ranger save the day? And how will Grandma react to all the excitement going on?


In “Once Upon a Sign: The New Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” overlooking the scenic California coast a quaint home sits alone. This is the home of the Three Bears, but today, something will change. An unexpected golden-haired visitor awaits them when they return home after a nice, long walk on the beach.


Future Titles in the Once Upon a Sign DVD series include Jack and the Beanstalk, The Stone Soup and Three Little Pigs.  For more information on these and all titles in the series, visit



I received  a copy of The Magic Mirror in American Sign Language and I also reviewed this series for KIDS FIRST!  I highly recommend.

More info: 

Series Title:                      Once Upon a Sign

DVD Titles/ISBN              The Magic Mirror in American Sign Language  978-1-58121-258-7

The New Little Red Riding Hood in American Sign Language 978-1-58121-257

The New Goldilocks ad the Three Bears in American Sign Language:


Release Date:                  June 2, 2015

Category:                          Children, Ages 3-8

SRP:                                   $15.95 each

Length:               Approx. 26 Minutes each


About DawnSignPress

DawnSignPress creates, develops, and publishes quality children’s American Sign Language (ASL) videos and books. After 35 years of pioneering ASL products, DawnSignPress is still on the cutting edge of the educational and social media trends relating to ASL Now, with ASL’s popularity n the mainstream on a steady rise DawnSignPress looks to offer quality ASL to a wider audience. For more information visit

Self Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation to post. I help to approve this series for KIDS FIRST! and also received a free DVD to facilitate this post. I highly recommend.

Barely Lethal – An Unlikely Action-Adventure Comedy



Barely Lethal is an upcoming independent action-comedy film directed by Kyle Newman and written by John D’Arco, starring Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Alba, Sophie Turner and Samuel L. Jackson. The unlikely story revolves around a teenage special ops agent who covets a “normal” adolescence only to discover that “normal” isn’t all its cracked up to be. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Kendyl P. comments, “Barely Lethal is an outstanding movie! …I was on the edge off my seat waiting to see what would happen next!” See her full review below.


Barely Lethal

By Kendyl Powell, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13



Barely Lethal is an action packed comedy.  This film is about a teenage girl named Megan Walsh (Hailee Steinfeld) who is a highly trained special ops assassin taught to fight bad guys at a school called Prescott Scouts for Girls. Megan realizes that she is missing out on being a teenager and decides to fake her own death, enroll herself as an exchange student at a traditional American high school and live with a new family. Megan then realizes that high school is more difficult than she thought. Unfortunately, Megan’s former nemesis Victoria Knox (Jessica Alba) tracks her down and tries to destroy her. It’s up to Megan to defend herself and defend her new family.


The message of this movie is life isn’t always the way it seems. Megan does a lot of research and watches a lot of movies and reads a ton of teen magazines about life as high school student. When she is finally able to attend high school, she realizes it is not at all as she expected. Megan also learns one of her closest friends at Prescott is not really a true friend.

My favorite scene is when Megan is fighting off Victoria Knox. It is an intense yet exciting brawl between the two girls. I was on the edge off my seat waiting to see what would happen next!


My favorite character is Maxwell Hardman (Samuel L. Jackson) who is the leader of the Prescott School for Girls where Megan grew up. He is very caring and acts like a father figure to Megan even when he tries to hide it. Agent Maxwell believes in Megan and proves that he will help her if she is ever in need.


Barely Lethal is an outstanding movie! I highly recommend this film for boys and girls ages 13 to18 and give this movie 5 out of 5 shinning stars!. It opens May 29 in select theaters nationwide so, go check it out.

Credit: KIDS FIRST! Upcoming Attractions.