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SleepPhones The Best Gift will Help Put You to Sleep!


The all-occasion gift: SleepPhones are perfect for everyone who wants and
needs a good night’s sleep-

The average adult in America gets slightly more than six
and one-half hours of sleep a night. Experts say we should be getting from
seven to nine hours and some estimates say that as many as one-third of us
have a very hard time getting the rest we need. So, here’s a real sleeper of a
gift idea: SleepPhones, “pajamas for your ears,” are the ideal gift for anyone
who ever has a difficult time getting to sleep at night. Great for holidays,
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other special occasions.
“It was a real problem for me,” said Dr. Wei-Shin Lai, CEO and inventor of
SleepPhones, the most comfortable, sleep-inducing headband headphones.
“When I was on call at the emergency room, a phone call about a patient in the
middle of the night would keep me up all night long. I invented SleepPhones to
help me get the rest I needed and now you can give them as a gift to anyone
who needs some sleep.”
These remarkable headband headphones make falling asleep easy.
Patented SleepPhones plug directly into virtually any music player, enabling the
user to listen to anything they like, including music favorites or sounds that
utilize binaural beats technology to soothe and calm brainwaves, gently lulling
one to sleep.
SleepPhones provides a number of free downloads with binaural beats
technology for MP3s on its website: There’s a
convenient app for the iPhone, as well.


I received my own SleepPhones to try out and they really do work! They are so comfy and really did help me get a good night’s sleep! I received the SleepPhones Original Soft headphones that sale for $39.95 but they are also available in wireless for $99.95. I also received the SleepPhones Cirrus the Sheep (he’s so cute!) I love that he has a back pocket to store SleepPhones during the day. At night, an MP3 player can also fit inside the back pocket. Cirrus would make a great Easter gift! You may have seen him on Facebook lately!

For more information and to buy SleepPhones (and Cirrus) check out the SleepPhones website!

Self Disclosure: I received free products to facilitate this feature but any opinions expressed are truthful. Photo Credit: SleepPhones.


Spring time fashions with mark.

M1404_GraphicTank     M1404_BrightAboutNowGymBag

I love the Spring time fashions from mark. These two are new favorites of mine! The mark Butterfly Bliss Tank is so “Spring!” It’s comfortable and so stylish! I love this graphic tank! It is available in sizes Small-xxLarge and retails for $20. Made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It is a Must-Have this Spring! Need a bag to hit the gym? mark bright About Now Carry All Tote is just perfect! It is so roomy! It has eight pockets and a matching detachable cosmetic case. I love the bright pink color and the slouchy shape. It’s perfect for taking to the gym and is also the best overnight bag! It retails for $42.

For these products and so many more wonderful products, check out the mark. website.

Self Disclosure: I received free products to facilitate this feature but all opinions expressed are truthful.