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Summer Fun at SeaWorld!

My son has a new favorite amusement park! SeaWorld! He was only 2 years old the first time we went there, so he really couldn’t remember and he was much too young for any rides. So, on a nice sunny summer day in August, a couple good friends and my son and I traveled to San Diego to visit SeaWorld. [Read more…]

Exercise with SKIDDERS! Giveaway!

Looking for some really great Women’s Fitness Socks? I love SKIDDERS so I was delighted to receive a couple pairs of their new Fitness Grip Socks. They are great for Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts & Dance. I tried them out and was thrilled with how well they work on wood floors. I love how comfortable they are and that they come in a variety of colors!  [Read more…]

Celebrate “Get Ready for Kindergarten” Month with Quilting Treasures and Dinosaur Train!

Get Ready for Kindergarten Month is celebrated during August to support a happy entry into kindergarten – a life-changing event for parents and children alike!

There are many things that can be done to help prepare children for kindergarten, including working with your child on basic academic skills, such as writing his/her name and reading letters; teaching critical thinking skills by encouraging them to ask “Why” questions; working on arts-and-crafts projects to get your child more comfortable using scissors, markers and other supplies he/she will be working with in kindergarten; and making shopping for school supplies a fun experience by letting your child make some choices of their own, such as the color of his/her backpack or pencil case.   [Read more…]

Back-to-School with New Tortilla Popchips!

popchips has launched a new product (a love triangle you won’t regret!)—tortilla popchips.  The new product  hit shelves this month, just in time for back-to-school, with its four new explosive flavors: nacho cheese (a nacho about the rest), ranch (the coolest cream of the crunch), chili limón (chips gone wild. with a twist of limón) and salsa (meet your newest salsa partner).  [Read more…]

Happy Labor Day! Disney Sponsored Movies

In case you and your family are bored this long weekend, why not catch up on three fantastic films still playing in theatres?


Have a wonderful Labor Day!!