Back-to-School with New Tortilla Popchips!

popchips has launched a new product (a love triangle you won’t regret!)—tortilla popchips.  The new product  hit shelves this month, just in time for back-to-school, with its four new explosive flavors: nacho cheese (a nacho about the rest), ranch (the coolest cream of the crunch), chili limón (chips gone wild. with a twist of limón) and salsa (meet your newest salsa partner). 

A healthier lunchbox alternative, tortilla popchips have 0 grams of trans fat and are made with stoneground corn masa, the same whole grain corn used to make traditional tortillas.  with no fake colors, fake flavors, cholesterol or preservatives, these chips are packed with flavor and have half the fat of regular flavored tortilla chips.  We received a chipment of these tasty chips and loved them! I can’t even pick a favorite!

Need more ideas to inspire your kids to eat healthier? New mother jillian michaels provides her special back-to-school nutrition and health tips below:

It is important to give our kids positive reinforcement– we cannot make food items sound “off limits” or else they will only want to eat it more.  Instead, we have to show them that healthy eating can also be delicious.  it’s all about making smart choices and moderation.

  • ·         there are a lot of snacks out there that seem healthier, but still have hidden ingredients that are anything but.  for example, juice boxes may appear to be the better choice over soda, but they are often still filled with sugar – especially high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors and more making them just as bad.  looking at the calorie content is important, but it is just as crucial to look at all of the ingredients.
  • ·         I can’t stress enough how imperative it is to look at the ingredients list of the foods you are giving your children.  make sure the treat foods they eat are not laden with chemicals and poisons.
  • ·         let’s face it, kids love cookies.  instead of packing the usual unhealthy options with ingredients you can’t pronounce, go for an organic option that has no hydrogenated oils or trans fats and is even more tasty.
  • ·         If the only option at school is regular milk, pack a juice box size carton of either organic milk or coconut or almond milk so that your kids aren’t taking in unnecessary hormones.
  • ·         Salsa made from fresh, whole tomatoes and vegetables is actually a vitamin-packed healthy snack choice.  the trouble is the corn chips.  those things are full of trans-fats and artificial flavors, quickly turning a smart snack choice into a terrible one.  that said, I’m a big fan of the new popchips tortilla chips.  they are naturally delicious, popped, and still packed with flavor that doesn’t include fake flavors or fake colors.
  Yes! We have once again teamed up with Popchips for a giveaway! One winner will win a chipment of the new tortilla popchips!  (We can’t guarantee flavors). Next, go to their facebook page and “like” them, if you haven’t already! Then go to our facebook page and “like” us!  Leave a comment below telling us what you are doing this Labor Day!! Deadline to enter is September 6th, 2012 at 12 pm. One winner will randomly be selected from all entries!  Good luck!
*I received tortilla popchips in Ranch, Nacho Cheese and Salsa flavors to facilitate this review*





  1. This labor day we plan to catch up on projects around or house.

  2. This Labor day we plan to go the the LA county fair.

  3. Heidi Romero says

    This Labor day we will probably still be cleaning up from Hurricane Isaac & enjoying family home together.

  4. sharon rosenthal says

    Going to the Country Music Fest and Chili Cookoof in Camarillo

  5. I’m planning and already starting to enjoy a long relaxing weekend with no formal plans… if I do anything it will be totally unplanned and spur of the moment

  6. We hung out at home, my hubby labored today, so we made him burgers on the grill after work!!

  7. Alicia Taylor says

    We got stuff ready for a myriad of surprises for the kids next week and then stayed up late playing XBox 🙂

  8. Melanie Calcut says

    On Laborday we cleaned the garage.

  9. I was at the beach!!

  10. Went to the beach!

  11. I was in Catalina!

  12. the beach and a family bbq!

  13. Congrats Calijulz!!! A chipment will soon be on its way to you!

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