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Happy, Sept. 16th Pet of the Week!

This sweet, 12-year-old Korean Jindo is named Happy, but she’s the stoic and reserved kind of happy. She’s certainly a lot happier than she was when she came to our shelter—she had a mammary mass, and thankfully, it was successfully removed. Happy has come around—she’s still a bit cautious, but if you put no pressure on her, she’ll come right up to you for some treats and cuddles. If you have empathy for a senior and can give her some truly golden years, consider making both Happy and yourself happy! Long Beach Animal Care Services’ adoptions are conducted through appointment only, so call (562) 570-PETS or email to meet Happy. Ask for ID#A592389.

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)

Tips to Improving a Strained Marriage

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

Modern family life is bogged down with a lot of pressure from the fast life and the lack of quality time that families ought to be spending together to create strong bonds. The honeymoon phase is quickly short-lived. Couples now have to face real-life situations and learn how to live with one another, accepting each other’s weaknesses and strengths.  Couples that last the longest manage to stay together for about seven years before starting to lose their connection. It takes a lot of effort to keep the family bonds together, hence the need to begin improving your marriage from the beginning. If you are already in a strained marriage, here are a few tips to improve that marriage.

Learn How to Manage Your Arguments

Arguments will always be there in a marriage. They are inevitable. What you need to do is to learn how to exit an argument or to repair it before it spirals out of control. You can incorporate humor or find a common ground instead of taking hard stances. If you do that, you make your spouse feel respected and appreciated. You also water down the argument and find a win-win situation.

Focus on the Positive Side

Life can be hard, yes, but there are some positives regardless. Couples in strained marriages tend to focus more on the negatives than on the positives. If, as a couple, you could just start focusing your attention on the positive scenarios in your marriage, you will soon notice an improvement in your relationship. You can try and compliment your spouse, or encourage them to improve on their weaknesses instead of always criticizing them. The more positive you are in your marriage, the less it becomes strained.

Improve Your Communication

There are times when couples fall apart due to a lack of quality and consistent communication. Communication in a marriage does not have to always be about the seemingly important things in life. It is those small everyday things that matter. If you can talk about your daily occurrences and encourage one another to take one day at a time, you will be drawn in and have a better and stronger connection.

Accept Some Influence from Your Partner

Every relationship requires some form of balance and accommodation. In most marriages, men are the dominant party and dictate what is to happen in the marriage. Some women may feel drained with such kind of dominance and try seeking their freedom outside the marriage. As a man, you can try to allow some form of democracy and freedom even as you guide your family. It also applies to women who have a dominant character. Just allow your partner’s influence once in a while to make them feel respected and appreciated.

Do Activities Together

Couples that walk together stay longer together. Identify activities you can do together. You can go for morning or evening walks, go visit parks sometimes, go to the gym together and also have as much sex as possible. These activities create strong bonds, enhance communication and enable you to learn about one another since people change with time. You can easily catch an arising conflict and solve it while in such activities. 

Business Headshot Photography Tips for Beginners

Photo by Emmanuel gido on Unsplash

Sometimes it feels like smartphones have replaced professional photography. However, the skill of a professional photographer is always needed for important shots, such as wedding photos and family portraits. If you are a beginner business headshot photographer, these tips will help you produce excellent headshots. 

Take charge of the session.

Most people are nervous about taking headshots because they are expected to pose. Some clients may even warn you that they are not photogenic. Often, they are just uncomfortable, and it is up to you to put them at ease. 

Sitting in front of a camera is a daunting task for many people. Most don’t know whether they should look directly at the camera, and those that do, often wonder if they are doing it right. 

Direct your clients on the best posture. Tell them when they do it right. Remember, a client’s emotions often show in the headshot. So, a little positivity will go a long way. 

Ask the purpose of the headshots.

Your client will request headshot photography for various reasons. Some people may want one to frame and display in their home or office. In some cases, especially for those in the creative industry, the headshot is an important part of their resume. 

Models and actors often include headshots in their job applications because their faces are an asset. 

Knowing your client’s expectations will help you prepare better and even choose the best angle for the headshot. For example, if someone wants a headshot for his online dating profile, he would want one that shows the best facial features and expressions. 

Link the background to the client’s profession

Professional headshots introduce members of the team to the public. Potential clients like knowing who they are dealing with, and headshots give them a glimpse of the people behind the company’s success. 

Once you know the reason behind the request for the headshot photo, you need to ensure the background is suitable. For example, a white background may be suitable for a lawyer’s headshot, while an artist or yoga instructor may prefer a colorful background. 

Suggest the ideal attire for the headshot

Since the focus of the headshot is the client’s face, it is best to avoid distractions. Your clients will appreciate receiving suggestions of the best clothes to wear for the headshot photography. If you are taking a formal headshot, official outfits are ideal. 

If possible, have jackets of different sizes for clients who walk in for a headshot without the proper outfit. If the jacket is not a perfect fit, you could always clip it at the back. 

Try taking headshots at different angles.

Did you know that small changes in a client’s posture can easily influence the quality of the image? A slight tilt in the head or a gentle smile can make a huge difference. You can also take a shot of the client turning at a 45-degree angle from the camera. 

When you take several shots at different angles, the client will have the chance to choose the best headshot. 

Don’t forget to talk to your clients through the session. Reassure them that the images are awesome, even when you know they could be better. This puts them at ease, and you might get them relaxed enough to give you the perfect shot.