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Aquasonic Brush Monster will make brushing your children’s teeth easier!

Getting your children to brush their teeth is not always an easy thing to do! But, there is a way to make it easier and more fun!

Aquasonic Brush Monster is the world’s first augmented reality smart toothbrush for kids that is guaranteed to improve kids brushing habits through technology and making brushing teeth fun! Brush Monsters features a real time motion sensor that tracks how long your child spends brushing each of 16 areas of the mouth. It provides you a brushing report on how they brushed and needed areas of improvement. This is a great way to set healthy habits for a lifetime! The included Brush Monsters app gamifies brushing teeth so your kids will look forward to their next brushing challenge. They earn rewards and points to make them look forward to their next brushing adventure! Price: $39.95

You can purchase here.

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. Images were also provided.

Things You May Not Know About Children of Alcoholic Parents

Growing up in an alcoholic home can be traumatizing for children. Neglect, abuse, mistrust, and becoming addicts in the future are the plight of most kids who grow up seeing their parents indulging in alcohol. However, society may not highlight their plight, and the following are some things such children go through that you may not know.

1)            Mistrust

An alcoholic parent is occupied with their drinking behavior and rarely has time to bother about their kids. They even forget to attend important occasions such as birthdays, graduation, sports events, and school functions in their children’s life. The children of alcoholics experience the absence of their parents in events that matter to them, making them lose trust.

Even when they grow up, they develop trust issues, and they are hard to please. From an early age, they learned how to keep their emotions to themselves. Even as adults, they can never have faith in another person. Expressing themselves becomes complicated, and they tend to have unhealthy character traits and personalities.

2)            Poor Health

Kids whose guardians have an alcohol use disorder are more likely at risk of having ill-health than those from an alcoholic-free household. An alcoholic parent rarely has time to ensure their kid eats the proper meals and engages in physical activities. Some of the health issues that such children develop include sleep problems, inflammatory diseases, malnutrition, and overuse of medicine.

3)            Unruly Behavior

Since an alcoholic parent has no time to train their child on responsible behavior, there is a higher risk of becoming social misfits. Some children even suffer abuse like beating, abandonment, and denial of fundamental rights when they mess up. As a result, they become hardened, and no one can get them to do the right thing.

They will portray rudeness to teachers at school, bullying other children, skipping classes, or escaping from school.

4)            Loneliness

Since society views alcoholics as failures to society, children will be afraid to tell their friends that their parents are alcoholics. If the friends pry too much in their lives, they will cut connections not to expose their family life. A child can withdraw and choose not to talk to her friends and even family members because they feel embarrassed of their parents.

The isolation behavior makes them suffer from anxiety and depression. Worse still, the children may end up committing suicide because they feel no one in the world cares about them.

5)            Poor Performance In School

A child’s concentration in class is dependent on how they relate with their parents. If there is a disconnection in how they relate at home, they will have difficulty listening to the teacher. A pupil in early grades will perform poorly in math, spelling, reading tests, which can harm their overall performance in their entire school years.

6)            Abuse Drugs And Become Addicts

Most people who turn to substance abuse and become addicts have a close connection with alcoholic parents. Since parents are role models, their children perceive what they are doing as normal, and it will not be a wonder to have them develop the same behaviors. It becomes a cycle as they raise kids who will take after them or suffer their fate.

Belle, Aug. 19th Pet of the Week!

Well! It’s Belle! She’s peeping around the corner to see if there’s a shelter volunteer who wants to toss her a toy, which she dearly loves to play with. Or maybe, just maybe, there’s a human who wants to take home a shy but loving 2-year-old husky who was left abandoned at the shelter. Belle is one of many huskies available to adopt at Long Beach Animal Care Services, so if you want one of these big, furry cuddlers, check them out at And remember Belle as well! Adoptions are now conducted through appointment only, so call 562-570-PETS or email to meet Belle. Ask for ID#A655339.

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)