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Floogals: Mission Complete – A wonderful way for younger kids to learn about Planet Earth!


Join the Floogals on a mission of discovery as they explore Earth and the funny hoomans who live there! Each day, Captain Fleeker, First Officer Flo and Junior Boomer encounter something that sparks their curiosity, setting in motion the day s research project and triggering an exciting adventure! First, the Floogals have an adventure in which they must learn the difficult task of assembling the Girl Hooman’s jigsaw puzzle. They learn working in a team wins the day! The projects continue with investigating Boy Hooman’s building of a model rocket, learning how to fly a toy helicopter to rescue Boomer, discovering who stole Dad Hooman’s veggies in the garden and so much more! Adventure is everywhere they go. They’re the Floogals! 3, 2, 1, let s go! KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Dariana A. comments, “Floogals are such a great way to get kids hooked on learning. It has an amazing dynamic and a review of everything they learn at the end, so the kids don’t forget.” Samantha M. adds, “This hilarious animated series had me laughing the entire time. Seeing aliens interact with humans is something I’ve never witnessed before, and the obstacles that the Floogals face are incredibly unique.” See their full reviews below.


Floogals: Mission Complete

By Dariana A., KIDS FIRST Film Critics, age 11



Floogals: Mission Complete is a spectacular DVD. It has great animation, a great way to teach kids about day to day things and the Floogals are such a great way to get kids hooked on learning. It has an amazing dynamic and a review of everything they learn at the end, so the kids don’t forget. It also never has a dull moment, so it will keep kids very interested and wanting to watch more.


Floogals is about three little aliens that move into a “hoomans” house. Everyday, they discover something new about Earth and they investigate. While doing that, they teach kids about all those things. There is a wide variety of episodes from teaching kids how mail works, to finding out how seeds grow.


This show has such amazing animation. The Floogals are little animated aliens, but they live in a live action world. It’s so cool to see them pick up objects that aren’t animated and they still look like real objects. Another thing I really like is the personalities of all the Floogals. Take Boomer for example. He relates to kids that are shyer and helps them be more out there just like him. I also love the way each episode is formatted. Every episode starts with the Floogals seeing something they don’t understand. Then, they find funny uses for it and, in the end when they find out what it is, they go over everything they learned. It’s a great tool to help kids remember what they learn. One of my favorite episodes is “Project Mail.” I really like it because, as a kid, I never would have known how mail worked and this would have been really cool for me to watch at a younger age. If I could change one thing about the Floogals, it would be how long Boomer’s name is. On the show they call him Junior-Floogal-Boomer. I think it would be better as just Boomer.


The message of this show is that you should go out and learn something new every day. I give this DVD 4 out of 5 stars for its great animation, awesome plots and incredible characters. I recommend this DVD for ages 3 to 6. This DVD will be released on September 12, 2017 so be sure to check it out.


Floogals: Mission Complete!

By Samantha M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 17




This hilarious animated series had me laughing the entire time. Seeing aliens interact with humans is something I’ve never witnessed before, and the obstacles that the Floogals face are incredibly unique. As soon as I began watching the series, the Floogals have to face a giant cat, which did not fail to make me laugh. With many twists and turns, you will never get bored.
A story is about three aliens from outer space, Captain Fleeker, First Officer Flo and Junior Boomer who  experience many exciting adventures with humans. They must stay hidden, conduct research projects and report back to their space captain about what it’s like to live on earth. The Floogals learn about jigsaw puzzles, mail, a model rocket, a helicopter and so much more! And, if they do a good job with their research, they get badges to wear on their uniforms. Join Fleeker, Flo and Boomer as they learn what it’s like to be a “hooman.”


Rasmus Hardiker, who plays Captain Fleeker, is the lead Floogal. Fleeker always manages to come up with solutions to problems that the Floogals face. For example, when the Floogals ruin a jigsaw puzzle that a little girl built, they have to find a way to rebuild it before she comes back. Hardiker’s voice is very deep, but it’s also very optimistic, which makes his character very relatable. Hugo Harold- Harrison, who plays Boomer, is the funniest character I’ve ever seen. Boomer doesn’t think before he acts, which lands him in difficult situations. Boomer is in charge of watching the cat while the other Floogals rebuild the jigsaw puzzle. Harrison’s voice is filled with fear, which makes it hilarious.


The animation in this show is very realistic. The house that the Floogals live in looks just like mine! Their uniforms are the coolest uniforms I’ve ever seen. I wish I could be a Floogal! My favorite part about this series is its theme song. It is incredibly catchy, so prepare to have it get stuck in your head. I love the ending of each episode, because Fleeker, Flo and Boomer each provide their personal perspective about their daily adventures. It’s great to hear their differing opinions, which makes their friendship work. Fleeker, Flo and Boomer are undoubtedly best friends, and you’ll wish that you could join them on their adventures.
The message of this series is to explore everything that life has to offer and to keep an open mind. The Floogals are nothing like humans, but they learn to love what humans can do. I give this DVD 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to kids ages 4 to 8. With non-stop adventures and many jokes, there is something for everyone to enjoy. This DVD is available on September 12, 2017 so, be sure to look for it.  I can’t wait to watch the second series.



Monster Island – Unique Storyline and Great Animation


When not-so-popular Lucas finds out he is not really a human, but actually a monster, the news changes his whole world!  Embarking on a quest to Monster Island to discover his real roots, Lucas undergoes a journey he will never forget.  He finds himself face to face with more tentacles, fangs and far-out situations than he can shake one of his new wings at. Ultimately Lucas learns that being a freak, isn’t freaky—it means you’re a member of a brand new type of family that you can proudly call your own. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Carla P. comments, “Monster Island is a great film because of its animation and unique storyline. I love how the monsters are animated.” Jolleen M. adds, “This animated film is hilarious and is made with great quality. I love the colorful and detailed animation. The storyline is different from other monster films, which makes it stand out. “ See their full reviews below.

Monster Island

By Carla P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 12


Monster Island is a great film because of its animation and unique storyline. I love how the monsters are animated. I also adore the storyline. It’s something I’ve never seen before.

Monster Island is about a boy named Lucas who’s a monster, but doesn’t know it since his dad hid it from him his whole life. His dad has given him a potion to stop him from turning into a monster by hiding it as an inhaler. When Lucas forgets his inhaler at home to go the biggest party of the year, he turns into a monster which scares everyone. Luckily, his dad comes to the rescue with his inhaler which turns him back into a human. His dad explains what’s happening and where he got his powers from. Turns out, they’re from an island called Calvera. Lucas goes on an adventure to find this island. But will he find it? Watch it to find out!

The animation reminds me of Frankenweenie and Coraline which are some of my favorite Halloween movies. Unlike Frankenweenie and Coraline, Monster Island is all computer animation. However, it looks like claymation. I’m fascinated by the attention to detail. Every monster is unique. There are squid monsters and humongous monsters who tower over people.

I love the characters in this movie. Two of my favorites are the two police officers. I love their banter as they try to catch Lucas, but always fail. I love how the pumpkin monster is the “brains” of their team while the deer head monster is the tough dumb one. They had me cracking up the whole time.

The message of this movie is to accept yourself. Lucas’ uncle tries to become a monster since he never became a monster. He felt left out because all of his family are monsters, but he isn’t. Although his family loves him either way, he still tries to find a way to become a monster through science.

I rate this film 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 6 to 10. You can find this incredible movie online now so, go check it out. Available on YouTube, Google Play, Budi and more.

Monster Island

By Jolleen M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12


This animated film is hilarious and is made with great quality. I love the colorful and detailed animation. The storyline is different from other monster films, which makes it stand out.

The story line is about a boy named Lucas, who doesn’t know that he is a monster. His dad has been keeping the truth from him, until he is ready to handle it. Lucas takes medicine every 24 hours so he doesn’t get “sick.” At least that is what his father told him. But one night he forgets to bring his inhaler with him and he turns into monster form. He is completely shocked, as is everyone around him, for he did not know he had this inside of him. His dad gives him a small explanation, but Lucas, wanting to know more, goes on a journey back to his birthplace. He goes back to Monster Island, to figure out who he really is.

The Director Leopoldo Aguilar has created a very original and interesting film. The style of animation that Art Director Jorge Carrera has created really detailed and realistic, without looking too scary, animation. The animation is so colorful and pleasing to the eye.

The music of this film by Ricardo Solis, really sets the tone for the film and adds suspense, which makes everything interesting. The music can tense you up or just make you feel really happy for no apparent reason. The music is a crucial part of any movie and Solis’s score truly makes this film even better!

My favorite scene is when Lucas turns into his monster form for the first time at a party. I really enjoyed this scene because everything is put into play. The music adds to the suspense, the animation of Lucas  transformation and the zooming in increases the tension. This scene has a lot of key elements that makes it my favorite.

The message of this film is to embrace who you are. Lucas, at first, does not like the idea of being a monster, but he soon realizes that it’s not so bad. Just because you are different doesn’t mean that you are alone. This is a really important lesson to teach kids because, some kids want to fit in and be like everyone else. If they aren’t, they think that they are not good enough. But Lucas shows that no matter what, you are special in your own ways even if you don’t realize it. There is always someone out there who will love you for who you are.

Monster Island is inspirational and just a very interesting film to watch. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for the ages of 4 to 12. Monster Island is available online at YouTube, Google Play and other locations now so, go check it out.




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A new dark force threatens Ponyville, and the Mane 6 – Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity – embark on an unforgettable journey beyond Equestria where they meet new friends and exciting challenges on a quest to use the magic of friendship to save their home.

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NEW! Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Exotic Street Styles Fall Collection! I love these shades! Inspired from street style near and far, embrace color with Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure® Fall Collection.

unnamed (1)    unnamed

Inspired by rich and vibrant colors, the new Complete Salon Manicure™ Fall Collection by Sally Hansen adds the dose of color and vivacity the stylish woman dreams of. The embraces an array of colors seen in exotic fabrics and textiles from around the globe. Middle eastern fabrics and vivid Moroccan prints are trending both on and off the catwalk. Sally Hansen has infused their 6 hot limited edition shades with all the exotic street style flair you need this fall for you to feel completely bold.
Their all-in-one formula with keratin boasts 7 benefits in one bottle — base coat, strength, growth treatment, salon color, topcoat, chip resistance, and gel shine finish. Complete Salon Manicure™ delivers up to 64% stronger nails and up to 10 days of chip-resistant wear.
The vibrant, limited-edition line-up features the following beautiful shades:
Marrakeshed From A Rose Play up your femininity when you don this soft pale blush
Tell My Fuchsia A deep magenta jewel tone to accentuate your bling
Moroccan Roll The rich cherry red brings the pizazz
Tagine Supreme Spice up the everyday with a burnt orange-tinted red
Lan-turn Up Be the ultimate sidewalk siren with this molten metallic chrome
Magic Carpet Get ready for an adventure in a ceramic-inspired light blue cream.
I received samples and I just love these shades! Look for them where Sally Hansen products are sold!
Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure® polishes feature a flawless finish brush that fits perfectly to the nail for a simple, smooth, streak-free application delivering a salon-quality manicure with up to 10 days of chip-resistant wear. The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure® “Fall Collection” is available in July 2017, and will be available at mass market retailers nationwide.
Price: $7.99.
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Multiple little fingers crammed into the nose. Spontaneous, hysterical crying. Projectile spit-up all over the cute new outfit. What does your funniest #fail photo of your child(ren) look like? Share with MAM and they’ll select three winners to win a $100 prepaid card and a $100 pack of MAM goodies! Enter here:


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How Might a Parent Shift Change the Life of You and Your Child?

You can work from 4 P.M. to midnight, from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., or have the type of career that has you working various shifts and schedules as needed by your employer. For most parents, doing whatever it takes to pay the bills can have serious implications on quality of life. Parents who have attended Duquesne University to complete a DNP or FNP have the option of working what’s called a parent shift. This shift is primarily offered to medical professionals who want to work when their children are scheduled to be in school or childcare. Not only is the parent shift proving to be revolutionary in the healthcare field, it’s a shift that is actually working for working parents and employers in equal measure.

What Does a Parent Shift Consist of?

Professionals in the healthcare field who can find parent shifts primarily look for shifts that begin after their children have been dropped off and end in plenty of time to pick them up. These shifts are usually for part-time positions but they do offer a lot of flexibility. Parents who choose these shifts often have spouses who are also working or they live with relatives so that their expenses are shared. A parenting shift might be essential to a new mom or dad getting back into the workforce after taking considerable time off. Lastly, a parent shift is a good option for a parent who simply isn’t going to have the ability to go back to work unless a job that centers around their parenting lifestyle becomes available.

How Prevalent Are Parenting Shifts in the Healthcare Field?

As for right now, it is mainly nurses and online DNP degree holders that are able to find jobs that offer parent shifts. Although some lawyers, chefs, and accountants would probably love to work a parent shift, the medical field is finding that nurses with children are responding really well to the parent shift trend. Other medical professionals find these shifts work well when you have school-aged children. In fact, it seems that parent shifts are offered almost exclusively to medical professionals. Perhaps a few other industries will consider adding parent shifts on a permanent basis in the next several years.

Can You Earn a Decent Income Working a Parent Shift?

Undoubtedly, work hours are limited to nursing professionals working parent shifts. These positions are not really geared toward full-time workers, but hourly earnings can still be impressive. There’s also nothing stopping nurses working parent shifts from working full-time during the weeks that their children are away or simply from changing their schedules when it best suits them.

A parent shift could work for a parent who is not ready to be away from his or her child all night long. Parent shifts are also good for those who don’t want to put their children with a nanny or pay for after school care. If you want to be the primary caretaker for your child and work in the healthcare industry, see if there are parent shifts available with local employers.


Kids Are Exercising More, and That’s Good for Their Mind

A recent report revealed that children in Southern California are actually among the most active in the country. They engage in more physical activities and they exercise more regularly, resulting in a more active and healthier life in general. The landscape of Southern California may have a lot to do with this fact.

Exercising is not only good for the body; it’s also good for the mind. Since children are still picking up new things and remembering new information, keeping the mind healthy is just as important as maintaining a healthy body. The extra exercise is helping kids become smarter in several ways.

Exercise Helps with Regeneration of Brain Cells

Previous research has shown that physical activities help the brain get more oxygen, which in turn speeds up cell regeneration and allows the brain to function more optimally. The effect is even more prominent in children since they have a faster metabolism and a better cell regeneration rate than adults.

Studies compiled by the University of Cincinnati and its online masters in education program points to improved cardiovascular fitness as the reason why exercise helps with brain regeneration. As the brain receives more oxygen and absorbs more nutrients, it has more resources to develop new cells. These new cells are crucial to maintaining healthy brain functions, especially in children.

Exercise Improves Focus

It is also not a secret that exercising helps children be more focused on the things they do. Physical activities help train children on how to stick to an activity and remain focused on a task. The exercise itself doesn’t have to be overly complicated or rigorous either.

According to studies also compiled by the masters in education program, a simple routine such as bouncing two balls at the same time can help improve coordination skills by a substantial margin. Ten minutes of exercise done on a regular basis is more than enough. Keep in mind that children are more receptive to these stimulations.

It Improves Mental Health

There are two ways regular exercise helps improve children’s mental health. First of all, exercise helps channel any excess energy into doing positive activities. Children who exercise regularly tend to have better behavior, throw fewer tantrums, and can deal with difficult situations. That release of excess energy also helps children maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

At the same time, the nature of most physical activities stimulates the brain to release endorphins, putting children in a happier, calmer state afterward. The hormone helps children live a happier childhood, all without requiring them to submit to a rigorous exercise regime.

These are some of the reasons why regular exercise is good for children, especially for the mind. Kids in Southern California are exercising more and the positive effects can be seen almost immediately.

Some parents are starting to use regular exercise as a way to treat behavioral issues and experts, including those pursuing their masters in education online, are supporting the use of regular exercise this way. You only need to encourage your kids to go out and play more for them to enjoy these benefits.