Kids Are Exercising More, and That’s Good for Their Mind

A recent report revealed that children in Southern California are actually among the most active in the country. They engage in more physical activities and they exercise more regularly, resulting in a more active and healthier life in general. The landscape of Southern California may have a lot to do with this fact.

Exercising is not only good for the body; it’s also good for the mind. Since children are still picking up new things and remembering new information, keeping the mind healthy is just as important as maintaining a healthy body. The extra exercise is helping kids become smarter in several ways.

Exercise Helps with Regeneration of Brain Cells

Previous research has shown that physical activities help the brain get more oxygen, which in turn speeds up cell regeneration and allows the brain to function more optimally. The effect is even more prominent in children since they have a faster metabolism and a better cell regeneration rate than adults.

Studies compiled by the University of Cincinnati and its online masters in education program points to improved cardiovascular fitness as the reason why exercise helps with brain regeneration. As the brain receives more oxygen and absorbs more nutrients, it has more resources to develop new cells. These new cells are crucial to maintaining healthy brain functions, especially in children.

Exercise Improves Focus

It is also not a secret that exercising helps children be more focused on the things they do. Physical activities help train children on how to stick to an activity and remain focused on a task. The exercise itself doesn’t have to be overly complicated or rigorous either.

According to studies also compiled by the masters in education program, a simple routine such as bouncing two balls at the same time can help improve coordination skills by a substantial margin. Ten minutes of exercise done on a regular basis is more than enough. Keep in mind that children are more receptive to these stimulations.

It Improves Mental Health

There are two ways regular exercise helps improve children’s mental health. First of all, exercise helps channel any excess energy into doing positive activities. Children who exercise regularly tend to have better behavior, throw fewer tantrums, and can deal with difficult situations. That release of excess energy also helps children maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

At the same time, the nature of most physical activities stimulates the brain to release endorphins, putting children in a happier, calmer state afterward. The hormone helps children live a happier childhood, all without requiring them to submit to a rigorous exercise regime.

These are some of the reasons why regular exercise is good for children, especially for the mind. Kids in Southern California are exercising more and the positive effects can be seen almost immediately.

Some parents are starting to use regular exercise as a way to treat behavioral issues and experts, including those pursuing their masters in education online, are supporting the use of regular exercise this way. You only need to encourage your kids to go out and play more for them to enjoy these benefits.

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